League of Legends Soul Fighter event - champions skins, trailer, modes, more

In the League of Legends Soul Fighter event, be ready to unleash your inner soul fighter and set out on a journey packed with rhythm, rivalry, and unending thrill.

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League of Legends Soul Fighter event trailer has revealed all the champion skins

Riot Games, the renowned developer behind popular titles such as League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and Legends of Runeterra, is gearing up to host a brand new event called Soul Fighter.

This six-week extravaganza, LoL Soul Fighter event draws inspiration from fighting games and anime tournament arcs, offering players across all Runeterra titles an immersive experience filled with new game modes, skins, gameplay features, and more.

What is League of Legends Soul Fighter? A Tribute to the Fighting Game Genre

Soul Fighter is Riot Games' homage to the fighting game genre, aiming to capture the essence of unique character moments and intense battles found in fighting games and anime. The event promises to deliver exciting content and thrilling gameplay enhancements that resonate with fans of these genres.

For League of Legends enthusiasts, the Soul Fighter event holds particular excitement. Riot Games has revealed that players can anticipate the introduction of brand-new skins, a fresh game mode, the arrival of a new Champion, and much more.

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League of Legends Soul Fighter event trailer

In the other reality where Soul Fighter is set, contestants must prove their mettle in battle by competing in the Tournament of Souls. "We're really excited for the range of different experiences across the League of Legends ecosystem that make up the Soul Fighter event," said Andrei van Roon, head of League Studio, of the occasion.

Players will be able to experience League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift in new ways through Arena, Soul Brawl, and Tag Duel, which we believe will bring something really innovative to the table. When gamers use them, we're excited to hear what they think.

Players can anticipate brand-new cosmetics and game modes in each of the four games to enjoy during the six-week event and afterward.

League of Legends Soul Fighter Skins

One of the most anticipated aspects of the League of Legends Soul Fighter event is the introduction of a new Champion, Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites.

Accompanying Naafiri's arrival are 12 new Soul Fighter skins, including the Ultimate skin for Samira and the Legendary skin for Viego. These skins provide players with a chance to customize their favorite Champions in the game, showcasing the unique Soul Fighter aesthetic.

The list of Soul Fighter skins includes:

  • Soul Fighter Samira (Ultimate)
  • Soul Fighter Viego (Legendary)
  • Soul Fighter Naafiri
  • Soul Fighter Shaco
  • Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Soul Fighter Sett
  • Soul Fighter Lux
  • Soul Fighter Jhin
  • Soul Fighter Gwen
  • Soul Fighter Evelynn
  • Soul Fighter Shaco Prestige
  • Soul Fighter Pyke Prestige

League of Legends Soul Fighter: Arena Game Mode

League of Legends players can immerse themselves in the Soul Fighter event by participating in the all-new Arena game mode. In this mode, four teams, each consisting of two players, engage in rotating combat rounds. As the rounds progress, players unlock unique Augments that enhance their abilities.

The battles take place across four diverse battlefields, each with its own size, terrain density, and theme. Furthermore, Champions from the Soul Fighter universe will occasionally make appearances in matches, either offering assistance or presenting additional challenges for the players.

League of Legends Soul Fighter: Tournament of Souls

Exclusive to League of Legends, the Tournament of Souls is an in-client combo-battler focused on style rating.

Players assume the role of Samira and earn a Reputation by playing games of League. Accumulating Reputation unlocks new opponents and abilities, allowing players to progress through the tournament. The objective is to defeat all ten opponent champions and claim the title of the new champion. After each victory, players can claim rewards and unlock higher difficulty levels, including the Story and Expert modes.

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League of Legends Soul Fighter Release Date

League of Legends players can mark their calendars for Thursday, July 20, as the start date of the Soul Fighter event. The event will run for six weeks, concluding on Monday, August 28.

It's worth noting that the event spans all four Runeterra titles and will be launched simultaneously worldwide. 

Additionally, Riot Games will host the highly anticipated Soul Fighter: Fight Night, a live-streamed event featuring 16 content creators battling it out for the title of Fight Night Champion. This captivating competition will take place in Los Angeles, California, and will be streamed via Twitch on July 17 at 6 p.m. PT.

Well, the Soul Fighter event brings an exciting fusion of fighting games and Riot Games' iconic titles. Whether you're a League of Legends player or an enthusiast of any other Runeterra game, this event offers a unique opportunity to engage in thrilling gameplay, unlock exclusive content, and celebrate the art of combat across various titles.

Prepare to unleash your inner fighter and embark on an unforgettable journey through the Soul Fighter event.

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