Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle - weapon skins, price, release date, more

The Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle offers a visually fascinating experience with sleek and attractive weaponry as well as beautifully detailed melee weapons.

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Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle for Ep 7 Act 1 Announced

Valorant players are always on the lookout for new and exciting cosmetic additions to personalize their gameplay experience.

Recently, the Valorant Neo Frontier skin bundle has been leaked, offering a glimpse into its appearance, release date, price, and more. Thanks to the efforts of well-known data miners and official teases, players can now get a sneak peek at what this upcoming bundle has to offer.

Valorant Neo Frontier Skin Bundle

The leaked Valorant Neo Frontier collection, as the name suggests, presents a captivating and seemingly bottomless gaze that can confuse opponents.

The skins in this bundle offer a blend of old-school aesthetics and futuristic elements. At levels 1-2, the skins will feature an old-school look, but as they level up, they will transform into a more futuristic neo-look, similar to what was shown in the trailer.

Each weapon in the bundle will also come with its own unique animation, adding to the overall visual experience.

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Valorant Neo Frontier Weapon Skins

The Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle will feature several weapon skins, allowing players to customize their favorite firearms. The following weapons are confirmed to be part of the bundle:

- Phantom

- Odin

- Marshal

- Sheriff

- Axe Melee

Each weapon skin will have its own distinct design and aesthetic, catering to different playstyles and preferences.

Valorant Neo Frontier Skin Variants

Just like previous skin bundles, the Valorant Neo Frontier collection will offer different color variants to suit individual tastes.

According to the leaks, players can expect the following color combinations for the Neo Frontier skins:

- Purple

- White/Blue

- Orange/Blue

These variants provide players with options to match their preferred style and create a unique visual identity in the game.

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Valorant Neo Frontier Player Cards and Sprays

Alongside the weapon skins, the Valorant Neo Frontier bundle will also include player cards and sprays. These cosmetic items allow players to further personalize their in-game profile and express their individuality.

While specific details about the player cards and sprays are yet to be revealed, players can anticipate a range of designs that align with the Neo Frontier theme.

Valorant Neo Frontier Bunlde Price

Based on the leaked information, the Valorant Neo Frontier bundle is expected to be an Exclusive Edition Tier Skinline. It will consist of five skins, three player cards, and three sprays. 

If the leak is accurate, the total cost of the bundle will be approximately 8700 Valorant Points (VP), which equates to around $87. Individually, each Valorant Neo Frontier skin will be priced at 2175 VP. Here's a breakdown of the expected prices:

- Neo Frontier Phantom - 2,175 VP

- Neo Frontier Odin - 2,175 VP

- Neo Frontier Marshal - 2,175 VP

- Neo Frontier Sheriff - 2,175 VP

- Neo Frontier Axe Melee - 4,350 VP

- Neo Frontier Bundle - 8,700 VP

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Valorant Neo Frontier Bundle Release Date

As with previous bundles, the Valorant Neo Frontier Skin Bundle will likely become available in the Valorant marketplace after the current bundle expires.

According to the given information, the official release date for the Neo Frontier bundle is expected to be June 27th, that is with the release of Ep 7 Act 1. Players can anticipate finding the bundle in the in-game store once the current Valorant bundle has been rotated out.

Valorant Neo Frontier: Sheriff, Axe Animations

Leaks have now shared the fascinating animations of Neo Frontier Axe and Sheriff.

Valorant Neo Frontier Sheriff Animations

Valorant Neo Frontier Axe Animations

Also, the following are the levels of Valo Neo Frontier weapon and melee:


  • Level 1 – Custom Old West model, bullets, and ADS reticle
  • Level 2 – Custom animations and firing audio
  • Level 3 – Custom Sci-fi model change and new ADS reticle, custom Sci-fi animations, custom Sci-fi visual effects, and custom Sci-fi firing/equip/reload/inspect audio
  • Level 4 – Finisher and Killbanner


  • Level 1 – Custom model change (Old West Axe), brand new equip and right-click animations
  • Level 2 – Custom model change (Sci-fi Axe), Sci-fi visual effects, Sci-fi audio

Well, the Valorant players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Neo Frontier Skin Bundle. The combination of old-school aesthetics and futuristic elements, along with unique weapon animations, makes this bundle an appealing option for players seeking to enhance their visual experience in the game.

As the release date draws near, players can prepare to explore the depths of the Neo Frontier and adorn their favorite weapons with these captivating skins.

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