Valorant Deadlock - splash art, abilities, teasers, and more of Agent 23 leaked

As Valorant Deadlock or Agent 23, takes center stage with their face, skills, and thrilling teasers revealed in the most recent leaks, get ready for the ultimate showdown.

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Valorant Deadlock - Agent 23 leaks

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game developed by Riot Games, is gearing up to introduce its 23rd Agent, Deadlock.

Although initially rumored to be codenamed 'Cable,' the leaks and teasers have unveiled the true identity of the upcoming Agent.

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Valorant Deadlock aka Agent 23, including leaked images, information, and teasers provided by Riot Games.

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Valorant Deadlock's face leaked

Just before the official reveal during the Masters Grand Finals, details about Deadlock were leaked, giving fans an early look at the upcoming Agent.

The leaked Valorant Deadlock splash art showcased Agent 23 as a cool Sentinel hailing from Norway. The artwork depicted a young adult donning white attire with vibrant blonde-dyed hair. Additionally, the image featured Deadlock holding a weapon in her hands, although their significance and relation to the Agent remain unknown.

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Valorant Deadlock splash art leaked

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Valorant Deadlock Abilities

Agent 23, also known as Deadlock, will be a female Sentinel with powers that are entirely geared at map control. We also know that the agent would move around a lot more than other people in her position, which could give the gameplay a surprising twist. 

  • Deadlock's Barrier Mesh (E)

Equip a Barrier Mesh disk. FIRE to launch forward. When touching the ground, the disk generates barriers from the point of origin that block the movement of the characters.

  • Deadlock's Sonic Sensor (Q)

Equip a Sonic Sensor. FIRE to deploy. The sensor monitors an area for enemies that make sounds. It causes a concussion in that area if footsteps, gunfire, or significant noise are detected.

  • Deadlock's GravNet (C)

Equip a GravNet grenade. FIRE to launch. ALTERNATIVE FIRE to launch the grenade from below. The GravNet explodes when it hits the ground, forcing enemies caught inside it to crouch and move slowly.

  • Deadlock's Annihilation (X)/Ultimate

Equip a Nanowire Accelerator. FIRE releases a pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy hit. The captured enemy is pulled along a path of nanowires and will die if they reach the end unless freed. The nanowire cocoon is destructible.

The professional players at VCT Tokyo were shown the new agent's trailer to get their initial reactions, and they were all utterly shocked. The pros noted "She's in a tornado" and "Or it's like a coffin" as abilities, while FNS said she looks like a "hard ass" who is prepared to take over. 

Valorant Deadlock Teasers by Riot Games

Riot Games has released a series of teasers on Twitter to provide players with a glimpse into Deadlock's character and abilities.

The first teaser image showcased Deadlock wearing gloves and standing behind a workbench cluttered with tools, including a screwdriver, lenses, a tablet, and documents. Additionally, the table featured a cup of coffee and what appeared to be stroopwafels, leading the community to speculate that Deadlock may hail from Belgium, the Netherlands, or Norway.

In another teaser, a short video depicted Sova exploring an arctic landscape, presumably Deadlock's homeland. This teaser aligned with a background image from the last Valorant Night Market for June 2023, which resembled the captivating northern lights.

This hint has led to speculation that Deadlock may originate from Norway.

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Valorant Deadlock's Abilities and Speculation

Riot Games has officially confirmed that Deadlock will be a Sentinel Agent in Valorant. Anna Donlon, the executive producer of Valorant, teased in a dev diary that Deadlock will have a captivating presence and draw players in for a closer look.

While Riot Games has yet to provide explicit details about Deadlock's abilities, players have been dissecting the teasers to speculate on what they could entail.

One teaser image from a Dev Diary video showcased threads or cables, possibly suggesting the presence of advanced technology similar to Cypher's gadgets.

Another recent teaser described Deadlock as a stylish female with four striking moles on her face and a prosthetic arm, which is expected to enhance her abilities on the battlefield. This aligns with the description of a Sentinel Agent, known for its control-oriented playstyle.

In conclusion, Valorant Deadlock aka Agent 23 is generating excitement among players as they eagerly await the official release of Episode 7 Act 1.

The leaked details and teasers from Riot Games have provided a tantalizing glimpse into Deadlock's character, appearance, and potential abilities. As players prepare for the arrival of Deadlock, anticipation builds for the new strategic possibilities and gameplay experiences this Sentinel Agent will bring to the world of Valorant.

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