Valorant Team Deathmatch mode - new features and maps coming with Episode 7 Act 1

On June 27, 2023, Valorant Team Deathmatch game mode will debut along with Episode 7 Act 1. It releases immediately following the Night Market of the present Act and brings in three new maps with several new features.

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Valorant Team Deathmatch mode has been officially announced

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, is set to introduce a new game mode called Team Deathmatch (TDM) in Episode 7 Act 1.

This addition aims to provide players with a refreshing experience beyond the popular Competitive mode. TDM offers a more casual and fast-paced gameplay option that allows players to focus on fragging rather than the tactical aspects of the game.

In this article, we will explore how Valorant's Team Deathmatch works, including its unique features, and take a closer look at the new maps designed specifically for this mode.

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Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode - How it works?

  • Valorant TDM Basics

Valorant Team Deathmatch follows the traditional format of dividing players into two teams. The objective is simple: the first team to reach 100 kills wins the match and earns up to 1000 XP.

This mode provides a break from the intense strategy and coordination required in Competitive play, allowing players to engage in non-stop action.

  • Valorant TDM Respawn Mechanics

In Valorant TDM, players experience a short respawn time of only 1.5 seconds. This quick respawn ensures that players can jump back into the action swiftly after being eliminated, maintaining the fast-paced nature of the game mode.

  • Valorant TDM Unique Stages and Weapon Loadouts

To add variety and excitement to the gameplay, Riot Games has incorporated four different stages into Valorant TDM.

Each stage offers a distinct weapon loadout, ensuring that players experience different styles of gameplay as the match progresses. At the beginning of each stage or while in the Spawn Room, players have the opportunity to choose their loadout. Upgrades to the loadout's lethality are automatically provided with each new stage.

  • Valorant TDM Weapon Spawners and Orbs

To enhance the ability-based aspect of Valorant, TDM introduces Weapon Spawners, Orbs, and other features. Weapon Spawners are strategically placed throughout the map and offer various weapons that are specific to each stage. Players must race to these locations to secure the more powerful weapons before their opponents.

Orbs, such as Recovery and Ultimate Orbs, also play a significant role in Valorant TDM. Recovery Orbs, found in specific sections of each map, grant a buff that restores Health and Shield over a period of 6 seconds. Ultimate Orbs, which spawn periodically in certain map areas, contribute to the charging of players' Ultimate abilities. Collecting these orbs or achieving kills increases the percentage of Ultimate ability charged.

  • Valorant TDM Ability Mechanics and Spawn Room

In TDM, abilities are fully stacked but have cooldowns to prevent excessive chaos. Different abilities require varying amounts of time to recharge. Players must strategically utilize their abilities to gain an advantage over their opponents.

When players die, they respawn in the safety of their team's Spawn Room. Upon respawning, players receive a temporary buff that provides damage and ability immunity for 15 seconds. After this period, players start taking damage if they remain in the Spawn Room, encouraging quick movement back into the battlefield.

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Now that we know, what Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode, actually has in store for us, let's head over to know about the maps coming in Valorant TDM.

Valorant Team Deathmatch Maps

With the introduction of Valorant Team Deathmatch Mode, three new maps will be available in Valorant. These maps, already hinted at in the "Execute R.V.N.G. Program" teaser, are alternative versions of popular existing maps: Ascent, Bind, and Split.

The maps coming with Valorant TDM include:

Valorant Piazza

Valorant Kasbah

Valorant District

Referred to as Piazza, Kasbah, and District respectively, these Valorant TDM maps have been optimized specifically for Team Deathmatch gameplay. While they retain some similarities to their original counterparts, they offer unique features and adjustments to suit the fast-paced nature of TDM.

Overall, we can say Valorant's Episode 7 Act 1 brings an exciting addition to the game with the introduction of Team Deathmatch mode, which offers players a break from the intensity of Competitive play and focuses on pure fragging and fast-paced action.

With unique features like distinct stages, weapon loadouts, Weapon Spawners, Orbs, and ability mechanics, TDM provides a refreshing experience for both casual and dedicated players. Additionally, the new TDM maps, Piazza, Kasbah, and District, offer optimized environments tailored specifically for this game mode.

Whether players seek a temporary diversion or a more relaxed gaming experience, Valorant's Team Deathmatch is sure to deliver non-stop excitement and intense battles.

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