All Final Fantasy 16 Characters: Every main, supporting, and dominant characters in FF16

Each Final Fantasy 16 character has a specific role to perform, from the main protagonists who move the plot ahead to the supporting characters that offer depth and intrigue and the dominant figures who determine the fate of the realm.

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All Characters in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16, the latest installment in the renowned Final Fantasy franchise, has recently been released, captivating fans with its new roster of characters and intriguing storyline.

Characters have always been a central element of the Final Fantasy series, and Final Fantasy 16 is no exception. In this article, we will introduce you to the diverse cast of characters you will encounter throughout the game.

From the main protagonist to supporting characters and dominants, each character brings their own unique backstory, skills, and voice actors to the world of Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Main Characters

Characters Name Specialty English Voice Actors
Clive Rosefield He goes by the name "the master of Blade" and serves as the main character in Final Fantasy 16. Clive Rosefield, a well-known figure in the film industry, is voiced by Ben Starr.
Torgal Pet Torgal is a secondary protagonist and Clive Rosefield's devoted friend. Null
Jill Warrick (Child) A prominent female member of the Rolay family. The voice actor for Jill Warrick's younger self is Charlotte McBurney.
Jill Warrick (Adult) Rosefield was raised by her family. She then developed into a proficient swordswoman known as the Dominant of Shiva. The voice actor for Jill Warrick's adult version is Susannah Feilding.
Cidolfus Telamon He is a strong ally of Clive Rosefield and has lighting skills. Cidolfus Telamon's voice actor, Ralph Ineson, is a well-known name in the field.

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Clive Rosfield

Clive Rosfield takes on the role of the main protagonist in Final Fantasy 16. As the firstborn son of the Duke of Rosaria, Clive initially fails to inherit the power of the Phoenix, which is instead passed on to his younger brother, Joshua. However, Clive excels in swordsmanship and becomes his brother's protector, taking up the mantle of the shield.

Joshua Rosfield

Joshua Rosfield, Clive's younger brother, becomes the Dominant of the Phoenix after successfully awakening its power. Joshua's role as the Dominant of the Phoenix plays a crucial part in the storyline of Final Fantasy 16.

Cidolfus Telamon

Cidolfus Telamon, also known as Cid, leads a rebel group within Valisthea. Their objective is to free magic users from enslavement and abuse. Clive Rosfield and Jill Warrick join forces with Cid in his mission.

Jill Warrick

Jill Warrick, the lead female character of Final Fantasy 16, was formerly a princess of the Northern Territories and lived as a hostage with Clive and Joshua. After being rescued by Cidolfus and Clive, she joins their group. Throughout the story, Jill and Clive develop a romantic relationship.


Torgal, a loyal companion, is the only pet companion that Clive has throughout the game. After surviving the rampage of Ifrit, Torgal reunites with Clive and Jill and stays by their side as a trusted companion.

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Final Fantasy 16 Supporting Characters

Characters NameSpecialtyEnglish Voice Actors
Dion LesageDion is adored and revered by his followers as the King of Dragons.Dion has Stewart Clarke as his voice actor.
Hugo KupkaHe is referred to as Earth Eikon's Dominant. He served in the Dhalmekian Republic Army as a soldier.Hugo is voiced by British TV actor Alex Lanipekun.
Benedikta HarmanIn the Waleod Kingdom, she acts as the Royal Attache. She was a spy and a fighter in FF16, and she also carried a golden sword.Nina Yndis, who appeared in Peaky Blinders, provided her voice.
Joshua RosefieldThe second child of Eikon of Fire and the Archduke of Rosario.Joshua's voice actor is Harrison Dickinson.
Barnabus TharmrBarnabus possesses exceptional fighting prowess and the ability to control Eikon of Odin.Barnabus is given voice work by David Menkin.

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Dion Lesage

Dion Lesage is the crown prince of the Empire of Sanbreque and the Dominant of Bahamut, the Eikon of Light. As the commander of the Empire's Dragoon soldiers, Dion aids Clive and Joshua in their assault on Ultima's fortress, Origin.

Barnabas Tharmr

Barnabas Tharmr, the king of Waloed, dominates the entire Ash continent and is the Dominant of Odin, the Eikon of darkness. As a worshipper of Ultima, Barnabas becomes a recurring adversary to Clive throughout the story.


Ultima serves as the main antagonist of Final Fantasy 16. Hailing from the ancient alien civilization of the Fallen, Ultima seeks to bring back the Fallen civilization while destroying Valisthea.

Hugo Kupka

Hugo Kupka, initially a regular soldier, becomes the Dominant of the earth, Eikon Titan, and the political leader of the Dhalmekian Republic. He rises through the ranks of politics after gaining the power of the Dominant.

Benedikta Harman

Benedikta Harman is a close aide to Barnabas Tharmr, serving as the head of intelligence in Waloed. Her fate throughout the story remains unknown.

Final Fantasy 16 Dominants

  • Midadol Telamon
  • Elwin Rosfield
  • Anabella Rosfield
  • Sylvestre Lesage

In conclusion, Final Fantasy 16 characters bring depth and diversity to the game, each with their own unique storylines, abilities, and motivations. From Clive Rosfield, the main protagonist, to supporting characters like Jill Warrick and Cidolfus Telamon, and the dominants who shape the world of Final Fantasy 16, such as Dion Lesage and Barnabas Tharmr, the game offers a rich tapestry of personalities and backgrounds.

As players embark on their journey through Final Fantasy 16, they will have the opportunity to connect with these characters and witness their impact on the captivating world of the game.

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