Epic Games Store July 20 Free Games Announced

The roster for the Epic Games Store July 20 Free Games has been revealed, and it's jam-packed with intense games that will keep you occupied for hours.

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Epic Games Store July 20 Free Games

The Epic Games Store's free game offerings showcase a diverse range of genres and gameplay experiences. From the Metroidvania Soulslike game Grime to the train tycoon simulation of Train Valley 2, there is something for everyone. The regular rotation of free games ensures that players always have something new to look forward to.

Whether fans are interested in puzzles, mysteries, MMOs, or other genres, the Epic Games Store delivers a variety of options. And Epic Games Store continues its tradition of offering free games to its users, with the release of a new game on July 13 and a preview of the titles coming on July 20.

This week's free game is Train Valley 2, while next week's offerings, that is Epic Games Store July 20 Free Games include Murder By Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online. Epic Games Store's weekly rotation of free games has become a highlight for many gamers, providing a diverse range of experiences to enjoy.

Epic Games Store July 20 Free Games

Starting on July 20, players can choose from the free games listed below in the Epic Games Store:

  • Murder By Numbers
  • The Elder Scrolls Online

These games will be available from July 20 at 10 am CT until July 27 at the same time.

Murder By Numbers

Murder By Numbers is an indie adventure puzzle game set in Los Angeles in 1996. Players assume the role of Honor Mizrahi, who becomes entangled in a murder mystery after her boss is found dead shortly after her dismissal. Teaming up with SCOUT, a robot, players will investigate a series of murders linked to a dark conspiracy. The game offers a captivating story and engaging puzzle-solving gameplay.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online needs no introduction as it is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game set in the world of Tamriel. Players have the freedom to explore various regions and undertake quests, becoming anything they desire within the game's expansive universe. With its rich lore and vast world, The Elder Scrolls Online offers an immersive MMO experience.

Next Free Games on Epic Games Store - July 13/July 20

To summarize, here is the list of free games available on the Epic Games Store:

  • Train Valley 2: Available until July 20
  • Murder By Numbers: Available from July 20 - July 27
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Available from July 20 - July 27

Train Valley 2

Train Valley 2 is the current free game on the Epic Games Store, and players can claim it until July 20. This game combines elements of trains, tycoon-style gameplay, and puzzle-solving. It offers a unique experience for fans who enjoy train simulations and strategy games. With achievements, DLC add-ons, and more, Train Valley 2 provides a well-rounded gameplay experience.

Well, Epic Games Store continues to provide its users with a selection of free games each month. With Train Valley 2 currently available and the exciting titles of Murder By Numbers and The Elder Scrolls Online coming soon, players have the opportunity to discover and enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences.

Don't miss out on claiming these next Epic Games Store free games and exploring the unique worlds they have to offer.

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