LoL Tournament of Souls: Soul Fighter 2023 metagame's bounty, rewards, more

Enter the thrilling battle of the League of Legends Tournament of Souls: Soul Fighter 2023 to claim the rewards of the metagame. Learn about the amazing rewards, unique bounties, and intriguing challenges that the realm of souls has to offer. 

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LoL Tournament of Souls: Soul Fighter 2023 metagame

Riot Games is known for its ability to captivate players with exciting events across multiple games, and the upcoming Soul Fighter event is no exception. The event is set to take place in League of Legends, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra, promising a thrilling experience for players in each of these titles.

Similar to the Ruination event, the Soul Fighter event is expected to be a grand affair with plenty of new content for players to enjoy. Riot has a history of releasing numerous champion skins, exciting game modes, and event passes during these events, and the Soul Fighter event is no different.

However, this year, Riot has taken a unique approach by replacing the visual novel-style game with a fighting game-style mode called LoL Tournament of Souls. Let's dive into the details of this new metagame and what players can expect from the event.

LoL Tournament of Souls: A Fighting Game-Style Mode

Tournament of Souls is the newest addition to the event, and it promises an action-packed experience for players. The mode follows the story of Soul Fighter Samira, and players will have the opportunity to battle other Soul Fighter champions. While the mode does contain slight visual novel elements, they are entirely linear and not the primary focus of the gameplay.

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How to Access Tournament of Souls

To access the Tournament of Souls mode, players need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the League of Legends client.
  2. Click on the Home section.
  3. In the top left corner of the home section, click on Tournament of Souls.
  4. Finally, click Launch to enter the mode and begin the battles.

Unlocking Soul Fighter Bounties

To progress in the LoL Tournament of Souls event, players need to unlock Soul Fighter bounties. Here's a breakdown of how to unlock each bounty from levels 1 to 10:

Gwen (Bounty Level 1)

  • Play as Gwen

Lux (Bounty Level 2)

  • Play as Lux
  • Kill someone with her ultimate

Naafiri (Bounty Level 3)

  • Play 2v2v2v2 Arena Game Mode
  • Pick or Ban Naafiri in the mode

Jhin (Bounty Level 4)

  • Play as Jhin
  • Get 4 Kills

Pyke (Bounty Level 5)

  • Play as Pyke
  • Kill someone with his ultimate

Evelynn (Bounty Level 6)

  • Play as Evelynn
  • Charm someone with W and kill them

Sett (Bounty Level 7)

  • Play as Sett
  • Tank 30K Damage

Shaco (Bounty Level 8)

  • Play as Shaco
  • Kill and summon Rift Herald

Viego (Bounty Level 9)

  • Play as Viego
  • Build Banshee’s Veil
  • Drink an Elixir of Iron

Samira (Bounty Level 10)

  • Play as Samira
  • Take Ghost and Ignite Summoner spells
  • Build Phantom Dancer
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League of Legends Soul Fighter 2023 Items and rewards

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LoL Tournament of Souls: Samira's Controls

To emerge victorious in the Tournament of Souls, players will have to fight with style. As Samira, players will have three abilities at their disposal - Q, W, and E.

  • Q – Gun Ability
  • W – 1st/Sword Ability
  • E – 2nd/Sword Ability
  • R – Neutral

Each ability allows Samira to attack with either her gun or her sword. Switching between weapons increases her Style meter, leading to powerful ultimate attacks. However, players need to defeat their opponents quickly, as the battles have a time limit. If time runs out or their HP bar depletes, they'll have to start over.

LoL Tournament of Souls: Samira's Abilities

As you embark on battles in the Tournament of Souls, mastering Samira's abilities is crucial for success. Starting with just one option for each ability, you'll progressively unlock new ways to demolish your opponents. Here's a breakdown of Samira's abilities:

Q (Gun Abilities)

  1. Quickshot: Fire a fast shot dealing 160 damage. When used to change weapons, it fires twice.
  2. Piercing Precision: Unleash 3 piercing shots for a total of 210 damage, breaking shields, and increasing airborne duration.
  3. Deadshot: Inflict a puncturing shot dealing 70 damage and causing bleeding for 160 damage over 4 seconds. If the enemy is already bleeding, the initial shot deals 4x damage.

W (Sword Abilities)

  1. Sky Scraper: Perform an upward slash dealing 230 damage, sending the enemy airborne.
  2. Back Atcha: Spin twice, blocking all damage and status effects while reflecting a maximum of 500 damage back to an opponent for 1 second. If Samira blocks 300 damage or more, she gains one additional style point.
  3. Blade Drain: Execute two slices dealing 175 damage, healing a total of 250. If the enemy is wounded, the healing amount is doubled.

E (Sword Abilities)

  1. Severe Strike: Stab forward for 265 damage, inflicting the wounded effect for 4 seconds. If the enemy is already bleeding, this ability refreshes the bleed duration.
  2. Twilight Rush: Dash forward for 100 damage, breaking shields, and place a sticky bomb that explodes for 130 damage after 2 seconds, damaging all enemies in the vicinity. Following with a gun ability detonates the grenade early, causing a critical strike.
  3. Style on ’Em: Slash rapidly, dealing 230 damage, and gain one additional style point. If the enemy is airborne, this ability deals 50% bonus damage.

R (Neutral)

  1. Chaotic Daybreak: Increase crit chance from 25% to 75% for 10 seconds and unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.
  2. Immortal Inferno: Unleash a torrent of shots for 550 damage, healing a total of 500.

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LoL Tournament of Souls: Status Effects

Throughout the battles in the Tournament of Souls, you and your opponents can inflict various status effects that can turn the tide of battle. Each status effect alters the flow of combat in unique ways, and being aware of them can give you an edge in the fights. Here's a quick reference list of the status effects:

  • Airborne: Knocked into the sky and unable to use abilities for a set time.
  • Resist: Take reduced incoming damage.
  • Stealthed: Invulnerable to most incoming damage, except damage over time.
  • Crit Up: Increased critical hit chance.
  • Unstoppable: Abilities cannot be interrupted.
  • Bleeding: Taking damage over time.
  • Stunned: Cannot attack or take any actions.
  • Siphoned: A portion of health is stolen and can only be recovered by dealing damage. If stolen health is not recovered in time, Samira takes damage equal to the amount of stolen health, and the debuff ends.
  • Wounded: Healing is reduced.
  • FATAL: Marked for death—will be executed the next time they are damaged by an Ultimate ability.

Custom-tailoring your loadout and combos to work around enemy status effects will give you a better chance at victory.

LoL Tournament of Souls: Reputation and Rewards

As you engage in 1v1 brawls in the Tournament of Souls, gaining Reputation is crucial for progression. Defeating an opponent will reward you with a Reputation, allowing you to move on to the next challenger. Completing missions in the Soul Fighter Event is a straightforward way to increase your Reputation.

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LoL Soul Fighter Samira Skin Splash Art

The event offers two modes: Story Mode and Expert Mode, each with unique rewards. Here's a breakdown of the rewards you can earn in each mode:

Story Mode

ChampionReputation RequiredRewards
Soul Fighter God’s Eye Icon

Q – Piercing Precision
Lux830 Event Shop Tokens
E – Twilight Rush
Naafiri12W – Back Atcha
Jhin16W – Blade Drain
Pyke2030 Event Shop Tokens
Q – Deadshot
Evelynn24E – Style on ‘Em
Sett28R – Immortal Inferno
Shaco3230 Event Shop Tokens
??? (Secret Champion)40Random SF Champion Shard:
Gwen, Lux, Naafiri, Jhin, Pyke, Evelynn, Sett, Shaco, Viego, Samira

Expert Mode

Champion Reputation
Gwen45Soul Fighter Gwen Combat Icon
Lux50Soul Fighter Lux Combat Icon
Naafiri55Soul Fighter Naafiri Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens
Jhin60Soul Fighter Jhin Combat Icon
Pyke65Soul Fighter Pyke Combat Icon
Evelynn70Soul Fighter Evelynn Combat Icon
Super Stylish Emote
Sett75Soul Fighter Sett Combat Icon
Shaco80Soul Fighter Shaco Combat Icon
30 Event Shop Tokens
Viego85Soul Fighter Viego Combat Icon
???90Soul Fighter Samira Combat Icon
SF Lobby Banner Skin

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Well, the Soul Fighter event promises to be a thrilling experience for players across multiple Riot games. With the Tournament of Souls bringing a unique fighting game-style mode, players can expect action-packed battles and exciting rewards. Whether it's unlocking Soul Fighter bounties, showcasing stylish combos, or earning Reputation, there's plenty to keep players engaged throughout the event.

So gear up and get ready to embark on an epic journey with the League of Legends Tournament of Souls!

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