Minecraft: Best Villager Trades for Emerald Farming in 2023

Become a master trader in Minecraft with the best villager trades for emerald farming in 2023! Maximize your resources and build an empire in the world of blocks and adventures.

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Minecraft: Best Villager Trades for Emerald Farming in 2023

Minecraft, a game known for its limitless creativity and challenges, also presents players with the hurdle of acquiring rare resources like emeralds. However, savvy players have discovered that Minecraft villager trades can be an incredible source of collecting emeralds.

In this guide, we will explore the best Minecraft villager trades for emerald farming in 2023 and how to optimize your interactions with them.

Minecraft Villager Trades

Villagers in Minecraft come with different professions, each offering unique trades to players. Two types of Minecraft villager trades are particularly relevant for emerald acquisition: Emerald trades and "loot" trades.

Minecraft Emerald trades allow players to obtain emeralds easily without having to mine for them in mountain biomes. On the other hand, "loot" trades enable players to use emeralds and other items to purchase various valuable objects from villagers.

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Best Minecraft Villager Trades for Emerald Farming in 2023

To maximize your emerald acquisition, it's essential to identify the most efficient trades with villagers. Here is the best Minecraft villager trades for emerald farming in 2023 to consider:

Emeralds for Sticks

Craftable sticks, along with the additional sticks from fully cutting a tree, become valuable trading items after discounted trades. Novice-level fletchers offer this trade, making it one of the best Minecraft villagers trades for emerald farming.

Emeralds for Books

While this trade involves several extra steps, it becomes highly efficient with discounted trades. By zombifying and curing librarians to get discounted trades, you can purchase a bookshelf for just one emerald from them. Breaking the bookshelf yields three books, which can be traded back with the same apprentice-level librarian for one emerald per book. This method allows for swift emerald acquisition, making it an advantageous choice in Minecraft Survival mode.

Emeralds for Potato

Potatoes, commonly found in snowy, plains, and taiga biome villages, can be traded with farmer villagers for emeralds. This straightforward trade requires minimal effort and provides a steady source of emeralds.

Emeralds for Rotten Flesh

For players frequently dealing with zombies or operating mob towers, rotten flesh can accumulate rapidly. Trading this otherwise disposable item with a cleric yields emeralds. However, it is advisable to use the zombification and cure method on clerics to reduce the trade cost.

Emeralds for Iron Ingots

Despite requiring mining and smelting of iron ores, this trade can be beneficial for players who have excess iron ingots from iron farms. Apprentice-level toolsmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorers offer the best Minecraft villager trades for emerald farming in 2023, providing a way to convert surplus iron into emeralds.

Emeralds for Wheat

Exchanging wheat for emeralds with a farmer villager is the most efficient trade for emeralds in Minecraft. Wheat seeds can be easily obtained by punching grass, and farmer villagers are present in most villages, making this trade highly accessible.

Emeralds for Paper

Creating an automatic sugar cane farm allows players to amass plenty of paper easily. Novice-level cartographers and librarians accept paper as a trade, providing a convenient way to obtain emeralds.

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Mastering Minecraft Villager Trades

To make the most of villager trading, it's essential to understand the professions and corresponding trades. Here is a breakdown of some key villagers in Minecraft and the items they want in exchange for emeralds:

  • Cartographer: Paper, Glass Pane, Compass
  • Farmer: Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Beetroot, Pumpkin, Melon
  • Fisherman: String, Coal
  • Fletcher: Sticks, String, Flint, Feather, Tripwire Hook
  • Librarian: Books, Paper, Ink Sac, Book and Quill
  • Shepherd: Wool, Dye
  • Stone Mason: Diorite, Clay, Granite, Andesite, Nether Quartz
  • Weaponsmith: Coal, Flint, Iron Ingot, Diamond

Well, being a Librarian is the wisest option for the best Minecraft villager trades for emerald farming in 2023, and here we will detail how to craft a Librarian villager and how to craft books and papers.

Crafting a Librarian Villager

Creating a librarian villager is simple:

  1. Find a villager with no job.
  2. Craft a lectern using one bookshelf and four wooden slabs.
  3. Place the lectern near the villager and let them interact with it.

Crafting Paper and Books

To make a book:

  1. Combine three pieces of paper and one piece of leather on the crafting table.
  2. Craft paper from three sugar canes placed horizontally in the middle row.
  3. Craft leather from four rabbit hides.

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And that is all that we have for Best Minecraft villager trades for emerald farming in 2023.

With these trades and strategies, players can efficiently farm emeralds using villagers as valuable trading partners in Minecraft. So, venture into the world of villagers and embark on a prosperous journey of emerald farming.

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