All 4 Phases of League of Legends Briar's Teasers Leaked

League of Legends Briar, the upcoming hangry jungler champion will be released soon, however, leaks have already showcased all 4 phases of teasers before the official reveal.

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All 4 Phases of League of Legends Briar's Teasers Leaked

The League of Legends community is always abuzz with excitement whenever Riot Games introduces a new champion to the game's already extensive roster. This thrilling moment is just around the corner with the imminent arrival of League of Legends Briar, the "hangry" jungler.

The anticipation for Briar's debut has already reached a fever pitch, especially following the apparent leak of her splash art, including some controversial footwear, on August 23rd. While Riot's developers haven't officially confirmed the leaks, it's quite likely that they hold the truth.

Now, all that remains is the official unveiling of Briar. However, the teasers have already started to drop. A teaser menu has been introduced to the client, promising four phases of teaser videos. After the release of the Phase 2 teaser, SkinSpotlights has compiled all the phases into a video. Let's take a look at each of the LoL Briar teasers below.

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League of Legends Briar's Teasers

League of Legends Briar is a 2,000-year-old vampire who, according to Riot's teasers, has been imprisoned in a castle for an extended period.

We have officially gotten two phases of Briar teasers, and the rest have been leaked by SkinSpotlights.

LoL Briar Teaser 1: This phase showcases a hallway leading to a dungeon. It allows you to explore the surroundings and hear Briar's whistling. This one was a relatively minor teaser.

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The first teaser of LoL Briar

LoL Briar Teaser 2: In this phase, the camera is positioned in front of the door, enabling interaction with objects. You can observe Briar whistling and pacing back and forth within her confinement. She occasionally communicates through a device attached to her neck. There are references to hunger and a sense of restlessness.

LoL Briar Teaser 3: The third phase is the most substantial, offering a wealth of audio cues. It also provides a close-up view of Briar's appearance. She engages in frequent movements, akin to exercise, and occasionally approaches the door's window. The teaser carries a creepy vibe, with Briar referencing proximity and avoidance of consumption.

LoL Briar Teaser 4: This phase showcases Briar's escape from her imprisonment, followed by a broken door. A simple yet impactful conclusion to the teaser sequence.

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It is to be noted that all of the phases are interactive, as SkinSpotlights notes at the beginning of the clip. Also, since the experience is not entirely captured in the video, it is best to try it out with the client.

Overall, the teaser sequence demonstrates Riot's dedicated effort to build anticipation for the next hangry jungler champion. The interactive nature of the LoL Briar teasers adds a nice touch, despite the unfortunate leak. Overall, it serves as a fantastic introduction to the champion before all the details are fully disclosed.

What is the League of Legends Briar release date?

The 165th League champion, Briar, is expected to hit live servers on Wednesday, September 27th. This takes into account her time in the League testing realms and Riot's tendency to build hype around their newly crafted characters before their official release.

This schedule aligns seamlessly with the 2023 World Championship update, specifically League Patch 13.19. Even if she doesn't arrive precisely with the patch release, the wait is likely to be short. In case any significant issues arise during the testing phase, Briar's release might be slightly postponed to LoL Patch 13.20 (October 11th) or LoL Patch 13.21 (October 25th).

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