Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes: agent updates, breeze changes, bug fixes, more

Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes will bring almost 11 agent updates, some fascinating breeze changes, a few behavioral updates, bug fixes, and more.

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Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes

Riot Games has yet to release the official Valorant 7.04 patch notes, however, we have a PBE preview.  The main focus of the Valorant 7.04 patch is the agent changes where Jett, Astra, and Skye have become the primary target and several ultimate abilities receive cost increases for better game balance.

In terms of player behavior updates, the Report UI is improved with added icons and detailed text descriptions. Valorant Patch 7.04 also brings bug fixes, including addressing Sage's Barrier Orb placement between doors, and more.

Furthermore, the Breeze map receives adjustments to enhance gameplay. Keep on reading to find more details on Valorant 7.04 patch notes.

Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes

Valorant 7.04 Patch preview addresses ability combos and ultimates that can overwhelm counterplay, aiming to improve game clarity by reducing their effectiveness, frequency, or duration. Scheduled for release on August 29, this Valorant 7.04 patch features several changes to enhance gameplay dynamics.

Ultimate abilities now require an extra point, focusing on abilities that heavily pressure opponents. Viper’s Pit, Rolling Thunder, Orbital Strike, Lockdown, Seekers, and Blade Storm's costs are all increased. Jett, a relied-upon agent, undergoes significant nerfs to address her evasive tendencies. Tailwind's dash window is reduced, Cloudburst smoke duration and gun re-equipping time are decreased, and Updraft charges are reduced to one. Her Blade Storm ultimate cost is also increased.

Additionally, Breeze returns to the active map pool with substantial changes. A Cave is closed, leaving A Shop as the primary entrance to the A site. A Hall is shut, and one side of the Mid Pillar is closed. Mid doors to A are opened for more space, with minor adjustments to A and B sites. These changes are part of Valorant's continuous effort to balance gameplay and map dynamics for a more engaging experience.

In terms of player behavior updates, the Report UI is improved with added icons and detailed text descriptions, categorized post-game reports, and report info to reduce false reporting. Patch 7.04 also brings bug fixes, including addressing Sage's Barrier Orb placement between doors, body appearance on Fracture's ziplines, voice transmission bug, and correct display of sudden death rounds in overtime.

Valorant 7.04 Patch - Agent Changes


  • Aftershock (C)
    • Ticks reduced from 3 to 2
    • Damage increased from 60 per tick to 80
  • Rolling Thunder (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8⇒9


  • Orbital Strike (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 7⇒8


  • Prowler (C)
    • Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability


  • Mosh Pit (C)
    • The impacted area does 10 damage per second before exploding
  • Wingman (Q)
    • HP reduced 100⇒80
  • Thrash (X)
    • Thrash’s explosion had a little makeover to make it easier to see and understand the area it has affected (on top of being beautiful)


  • Lockdown (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8⇒9


  • Paranoia (Q)
    • No movement velocity imparted when casting


  • Guiding Light (E)
    • Max duration while casting reduced 2.5s ⇒2s
  • Trailblazer (Q)
    • HP reduced 100⇒80
  • Seekers (X)
    • Ultimate Points increased 7 ⇒8
    • Seeker Health decreased 150⇒120


  • Recon Bolt (E)
    • Total number of scans reduced 3⇒2


  • Viper’s Pit (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8⇒9


  • Gravity Well (C)
    • Startup time increased .6⇒1.25
    • Gravity time duration decreased 2.75⇒2.0
  • Nova Pulse (Q)
    • Startup time decreased from 1.25⇒1.0
  • Cosmic Divide (X)
    • Audio now is blocked completely by the wall rather than muffled


  • Tailwind (E)
    • Dash window decreased 12s⇒7.5s
      • At 12s, Jett could often find value in activating her dash without clear intention or making incorrect calls but still have time to find another use for the dash. Shortening this window pushes Jett to be more deliberate with her calls and reduces Tailwind’s power at defensively holding angles, while minimally impacting her ability to proactively use the dash to break onto a site.
    • Activation windup increased 0.75s⇒1s
      • Increasing Tailwind’s windup should promote proactive use by reducing Jett’s ability to activate it reactively when caught off guard or in the middle of a fight and successfully escape.
  • Cloudburst (C)
    • Duration decreased 4.5s⇒2.5s
    • Time to re-equip a gun takes slightly longer after using the ability.
      • We want to reduce some of the persistent safety Jett gets dashing into or escaping with smokes, sharpening Cloudburst to be a fast but powerful tool that forces players to be quick and precise with their decisions.
  • Updraft (Q)
    • Charges decreased 2⇒1
      • With two Updrafts, we’ve seen moments where Jett escapes situations where they’ve been tactically outplayed by throwing enemies off by relying on Updraft’s unpredictable movement. We hope to reduce some of the unhealthy movement extremes Updraft can produce and increase the importance of using it at the right time.
  • Blade Storm (X)
    • Ultimate points increased by 7⇒8
      • Jett’s Ultimate has proven one of the most flexible, reliable, and economically powerful gun replacement Ultimates because of its lack of a timer, reset on kills, and harmony with Jett’s movement. This change should bring Blade Storm up to the same cost as comparable weapon ults, such as the Tour De Force and Showstopper.

Valorant 7.04 Patch - BREEZE

Breeze's scale and size are core to the map's design but we wanted to address rotation times by simplifying where threats could be to make retaking less dangerous. This set of changes aims to add more tradeoffs to A and B site slams that utilize post-plant utility to secure the round while adding more incentive for Attackers to control Mid to exert pressure throughout the map.

  • Adjusted Mid Pillar
    • We closed off one side of Mid Pillar and tightened up Mid Cubby. As a result, Mid should be more comfortable to rotate through with more predictable threats.
  • Adjusted B Site
    • We've adjusted B Site to make enemy positioning more predictable. This should make retake scenarios more manageable.
  • Blocked off A Hall
    • Halls required a lot of attention from Defenders often forcing them to spread thin. By blocking it off we hope this allows Defenders to better focus on where threats will come from while allowing both teams to invest more resources across the rest of the map. Adjusted Mid Doors
    • We expect there to be more fights in Mid and around Doors so we've adjusted this area to be more spacious and added a new stack of boxes as additional cover.
  • Closed A Cave and adjusted A Shop
    • Cave added a lot of pressure to post-plant situations and the split approach to A made it difficult for Defenders to contest the space. These changes aim to make the main approach to A feel more neutral and less strong for post-plant.
  • Adjusted A Pyramids and added signage for callouts
    • We added a small platform at the bottom of each pyramid to make utility a bit easier to land around them. Also, we added signage to help differentiate callouts for the two pyramids.


Report UI Improvements

  • We've increased readability by adding icons and showing detailed text descriptions when hovering over each of the newly added icons.
  • We categorized the list of post-game reports into groups to help break down decision-making from high-level categories to subcategories.
  • We've added report info in order to reduce false reporting.

Valorant 7.04 Patch - BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue where Sage's Barrier Orb (C) can break when being placed in between doors such as C Garage on Haven.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug where being killed on Fracture's ziplines would make your Agent's body appear in Spawn.

Player Behavior

  • Fixed a bug where pushing the play button on your keyboard caused voice to transmit despite having different keybinds set or none at all.


  • If a match goes into overtime and results in sudden death, the end-of-game timeline now displays the sudden death round correctly.
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