Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 - skins, cosmetics, rewards, leaks

Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 event will be live in October 2023, however, leaks have already revealed details on new skins, cosmetics, and rewards that will be a part of the event.

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Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 - skins, cosmetics, rewards, leaks

Every passing year, the Fortnitemares event stands out as one of the most highly anticipated occasions in the world of Fortnite. Epic Games consistently demonstrates an uncanny knack for delivering precisely what fans are eager to witness.

Naturally, you might be curious about the plans for the Fortnitemares 2023 event. Is it worth updating your game for this? Absolutely! The update is well worth it, as the event promises a plethora of challenges tailored to the spooky season. In this post, we will discuss all that has been revealed about Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023, including its skins, cosmetics, rewards, and all the exciting details.


UPDATE: 10/10/23

Fortnitemares 2023 Event Announced

With the release of the 26.30 content patch, the brand-new Fortnitemares 2023 event is now here. The three-week event adds a tonne of fresh content to the game, including Kado Thorne as a vampire, who wields a brand-new fabled weapon, as well as several objects like Thorne's Time Machine scattered throughout the island.

As usual, the Fortnitemares event also includes a selection of associated tasks that provide players the opportunity to earn free goodies.


UPDATE: 26/09/23

New Fortnitemares 2023 Skins Leaks

Thanks to the ever-reliable Fortnite leaker, ShiinaBR, we've got a sneak peek at some of the other upcoming skins. One standout is the Orchid Rancor Bundle, featuring a character with striking chalk-white and purple skin, complemented by silver armor and a black headpiece. The whole ensemble gives off a Shimmerdusk monster-hunting vibe, tying in with the Fortnite Crew Pack character for October 2023.

Also, according to @FNBRintel, we might get the following new Halloween skin as part of Fortnitemares 2023.

ShiinaBR also shared a couple of other potential skins for Fortnitemares 2023, though at first glance, they don't seem to align with the Halloween theme.

Kado Thorne, a prominent character in Fortnite, is set to undergo a dramatic transformation for Fortnitemares 2023, according to the keen-eyed user Wensoing. This metamorphosis will see him embrace his vampire side, a stark contrast to his current human appearance despite having a vampire-themed outfit in the Battle Pass of Chapter 4 Season 4. What's more, the leaks suggest that Kado Thorne's vampiric form may even include wings, possibly indicating an ability to take flight. In the Chapter 4 Season 4 trailer, we catch a glimpse of him closing in on Nolan Chance and his crew as they find themselves ensnared in his vault.

New Fortnitemares 2023 Weapons and Quest Leaks

HYPEX, another trustworthy Fortnite leaker, spilled the beans on the upcoming armament just in time for the spooky season. One standout is the Vampire Shotgun, boasting a four-second reload time and firing a single pellet. Its damage stats are as follows:

- Common Rarity: 92 damage (161 headshot)

- Mythic Rarity: 106 damage (186 headshot)

Witch Brooms are also making a comeback, providing players with another means of swift movement or a hasty getaway. Another reliable source, iFireMonkey, shared the fresh red design for the Witch Brooms in Fortnitemares 2023.

With the arrival of Fortnitemares 2023, players can look forward to a fresh set of quests to sink their teeth into. These quests promise a range of challenges, including the hunt for Candy buckets scattered across the map and more. 


Fortntiemares 2023 Start Date

Epic Games is yet to unveil the official start date for the upcoming Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 event, which brings delightful frights to the Fortnite world every year. However, we can make an educated guess based on past events. 

Last year, the Fortnite Fortnitemares event launched on October 18th, 2022, which is 14 days before Halloween. Considering this pattern, it's anticipated that Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 will kick off around October 17th, 2023, and run until November 1st at 2 AM ET.

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Skins and Cosmetics for Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023

Fans are brimming with excitement to uncover the treasures hidden within the upcoming festive skins. With high expectations, fans are hopeful that Epic will once again deliver some remarkable skins. Leaks, in fact, indicate that these expectations might indeed be met.

During the downtime for the update of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, Epic Games inadvertently revealed information related to Fortnitemares 2023. Leakers and data miners have uncovered the NPC spawn file for season 4, containing details about upcoming NPCs set to grace the island in various capacities.

Notably, an upcoming NPC's ID, "LagerEventData_VampireBoss," suggests the presence of a vampire boss on the island. Given that Fortnitemares occurs in October each year, this strongly hints at the creation of this NPC for the occasion. This is, for now, the sole NPC boss discovered in the files.

Apart from this, leaks have additionally revealed the names of upcoming Fortnitemaers 2023 skins and cosmetics.

Fortnitemares 2023 Skins

Swamp Fishstick, Molten Love Ranger, and maybe a scary variation of Meowscles are the Outfits in the discussion. Since the Outfit was intended to be launched in 2021 but was delayed for unclear reasons, it will be good to see Swamp Fishstick for real at last. There is much more that the developers have in store, even if the debut of these three Outfits has generated quite a buzz.

Based on leaks, Love Ranger's NPC hints at a "spooky future" for both him and Fishstick. He cryptically describes themselves as "A murky swamp, and SOMETHING within" and “Wreathed in FLAME."

Considering this, we might anticipate the following as Fortnitemares 2023 Skins:

  • Swamp Fishstick (initially intended for Fortnitemares 2021)
  • Molten Love Ranger
  • A new iteration of Meowscles

Fortnitemares 2023 Cosmetics

Certain items will be making a comeback for Fortnite Halloween 2023, including:

  • Witch Broom
  • Pumpkin Launcher (Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • Zero Point Pretzels
  • Candy Corn
  • Hop Drop
  • Jelly Bean
  • Thermal Taffy
  • Peppermint

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Fortnite Fortnitemares 2023 cosmetics

It's noteworthy that in the 26.00 patch, Witch Brooms & Pumpkin Launchers have been updated with new effects for Fortnitemares 2023. They will be unvaulted alongside Candy items (Thermal Taffy, Hop Drops, etc.).

Furthermore, Fortnitemares 2023 introduces two new augments:

  • Witchy Warrior - 20% faster cooldown on the Witch Broom
  • Trick or Treat - 10 additional health when consuming any Candy

After Reality Augments, the Horde Rush LTM will include the forthcoming Sticky Grenade Launcher. When launched, the explosive will adhere to objects or characters before detonating briefly. The AOE damage will be helpful for controlling crowds or eliminating stronger adversaries.

Last but not least, EvoChrome weaponry will be back in Fortnitemares 2023. They were really well-liked in Chapter 3 Season 4, so the community will be thrilled to see them back. It will be intriguing to see what else Epic Games has in store for the occasion on that note.

As the anticipation builds for the Fortnitemares 2023 event, players can expect an array of engaging and chilling content that will keep them immersed in the Fortnite universe.

Keep checking back for more Fortnite Updates.

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