Honkai Star Rail Huohuo - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo is one of the upcoming characters in the HSR 1.5 banner as revealed by HoYoverse, and leaks have revealed her entire kit, exciting the fans even more.

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Details on HSR Huohuo's abilities, traces, and eidolons have been leaked

With the approach of Version 1.4's Special Program, Honkai: Star Rail is poised to unveil new characters, a customary tradition for each Special Program release. This typically includes the introduction of two five-star characters and one four-star unit. Leaks have previously hinted at the five-star character Argenti, five-star Huohuo, and four-star unit Hanya as the banner characters for HSR 1.5.

Now adding to the anticipation, Honkai: Star Rail has officially revealed the first of its new five-star characters slated for the HSR 1.5 banner - the Foxian Judge-in-training Huohuo. For those eager to delve deeper into Huohuo's kit and abilities and decide whether she's worth saving your Stellar Jades for, our Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo hub is the place to be.

Who is Huohuo in Honkai Star Rail?

The recent update on the Twitter account of Honkai: Star Rail introduced Huohuo as the inaugural member of Version 1.5's exclusive lineup, acquainting players with this petite Foxian. Huohuo is portrayed as a Judge-in-training affiliated with the Ten-Lords Commission of the Xianzhou Luofu, entrusted with the task of apprehending and neutralizing perilous spirits.

Although her complete capabilities remain a mystery, Huohuo's teaser image hints at her role as a Wind character in the Abundance Path, suggesting she might take on a healing role in team setups. As the first Wind element character in this healing-oriented path and the fifth Wind character overall, Huohuo follows in the footsteps of Tingyun and Yukong as the third playable member of the Xianzhou Luofu's Foxian race.

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Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Splash Art has been officially revealed

Her official introduction reads:

A pitiable and helpless Foxian girl who is also a Ten-Lords Commission Judge-in-training, who fears ghosts but must catch them.

Due to having a heliobus named Tail sealed in her tail by the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission, she became a "cursed one" who attracts inhuman beings.

She fears demons and heliobi, but contrarily is tasked with their capture and entrusted with the heavy task of eradicating vile spirits.

Though she believes herself lacking in ability, she is unable to muster the courage to resign and continues onward despite walking in a valley of her own fear.

Huohuo is also set to have two voice actors, one for herself and another for the Heliobus spirit named "Tail" confined within her tail, and the Huhuo English voice actors include Courtney Lin and Adam Michael Gold. Her release is anticipated alongside the launch of Version 1.5, expected around November 22nd.

Given HoYoverse's established character introduction pattern, it's reasonable to anticipate that Huohuo will debut in the HSR 1.5 banner. There's a strong likelihood she might take center stage as the central character in the first banner of Version 1.5, similar to Kafka's progression after Blade in Version 1.2.

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Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Abilities

Huohuo is among the leaked playable characters in Honkai: Star Rail, and her complete character kit has been unveiled. As a Wind Abundance character, her unique abilities encompass buffs and healing over multiple turns, positioning her as a valuable asset in any team.

HSR Huohuo Normal Attack 

Deals ?% of Huohou's ATK as Wind DMG to a target enemy.

HSR Huohuo Skill – Soul Talisman: Life-saving Protection

Restores HP to a single ally based on ?% + ? of Huohuo's ATK and ?% + ? of Huohuo's ATK for the rest of the party members.

HSR Huohuo Ultimate – Tail: Exorcising Ghosts and Summoning Spirits

Restores Energy for all party members except for Huohuo herself based on ?% of their Energy cost, and increases all party members' ATK by ?% for ? turns.

HSR Huohuo Talent – Attachment: Qi Channels Open to the Heavens

After casting a Skill, Huohuo obtains the Lives of the Sacrifice effect.

When Huohuo has Lives of the Sacrifice, all party members will restore HP based on Huohuo's ATK at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns. After casting Ultimate, Huohuo obtains the Spiritual Experience effect. When Huohuo has Spiritual Experience, all party members will restore Energy based on ?% of their Energy cost at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns.

HSR Huohuo Technique – Fierce Demon: Oppressing and Subduing Evil Spirits

Huohuo intimidates the surrounding enemies, causing them to fall into the Psionic Dispersion state. Enemies affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect will flee away to the opposite direction from Huohuo for ? seconds. When an enemy affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect joins the battle, they have a ?% chance of getting a ?% ATK reduction for ? turns.

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HSR 1.5 banner will possibly have Argenti, Huohuo, and Hanya.

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Honkai Star Rail Traces

The following are Topaz Traces based on leaked data:

Trace 1: 

  • If there is a character from the Erudition path in the team, HuoHuo's Energy Regeneration Rate is increased by ?%.

Trace 2: 

  • Casting HuoHuo's Ultimate increases HuoHuo's own ATK by an additional ?%.

Trace 3: 

  • At the start of a battle, immediately restore ? energy.

Honkai Star Rail Huohuo Light Cone

Like previous characters, Huohuo has a signature light cone skill. Even though her weapon's name hasn't been revealed yet, leaks have revealed details regarding her light cone ability.

Increase energy regeneration of wearer by ?%, and restore ?% of Max HP when casting skills. When the wearer provides healing to an ally, the ally ATK will increase by ?%. This effect will last for ? turns.

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Leaked images of Argenti and Huohuo's light cones.

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What is Huohuo Release Date in Honkai Star Rail?

Huohuo is expected to debut in the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update, tentatively slated for November 22, 2023. 

This date is currently uncertain, but it matches the updated timetable as it is. Three new characters, Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya, will be introduced in the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banners, according to leaked information, and Huohuo is rumored to be the first offering in the upcoming major upgrade. 

However, there's a chance she might surprise players with an earlier appearance in Wave 2 of the 1.5 update, anticipated around December 13.


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