Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 Map - Los Angeles map might be announced at Champions 2023 finals

Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map might be based on Los Angeles, suggests new teasers and leaks from reliable sources.

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Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 Map - Los Angeles map teased

Riot Games is renowned for introducing fresh elements like Agents, maps, and events into its games during major esports tournaments. This tradition continues with Valorant Champions 2023, scheduled to wrap up on August 26.

In a teaser trailer unveiled on August 15, Riot Games dropped hints about the new Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map launch. The teaser features the latest Agent in Valorant, Deadlock, and Cypher, engaged in a discussion about Kingdom, a fictional company from the game's lore. The characters are also seen examining surveillance footage from within the company's compounds.

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Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 Map Teaser

The teaser, posted on August 15, showcases Deadlock and Cypher convening in a security van to review Kingdom Laboratories' activities. As Deadlock approaches the van in the clip, she briefly walks through an urban setting that encompasses iconic elements of Los Angeles, such as palm trees and towering hills dotted with houses.

Upon getting closer, when Cypher briefly displays a map on his screen, the southern part eerily resembles the southern coast of Los Angeles, even capturing a rendition of the Port of Long Beach. The marked location on Cypher's map corresponds to the real-life convergence of the I-5 and I-605 highways in LA.

The parked classic car is glimpsed in the background and the familiar orange illumination strongly points to Los Angeles too. This isn't the first hint, either; the current Episode Seven, Act One battle pass features the Golden Hour player card, resonating with the same sunny ambience, palm trees, and LA-inspired aesthetics. 

Well, Riot has previously used player cards as teasers in the lead-up to map reveals, as witnessed with Pearl and Lotus, so there are high chances that these are Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map teasers too.

Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map leak

Now only teasers, but leaks have also doped info on the Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map. A leaker and data miner named Kingdom Laboratories revealed crucial information about the upcoming Valorant map.

The leaker stumbled upon an in-game card showcasing the backdrop of Los Angeles and also asserted that Riot Games had already hinted at the new map through the in-game cover for Episode 7 Act 2, which featured the "LA" tag. On closer examination, the cover art also reveals glimpses of the new map's background.

Adding to the intrigue, the Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map leak from Kingdom Laboratories aligns with an in-game email where the coordinates point directly to Los Angeles. Notably, Gekko's residence is also in Los Angeles.

Should Klaboratories' predictions hold true, players can anticipate a preview of the new Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map on August 28, 2023. Additionally, the map's codename will likely be confirmed in the wake of the teaser release.

Riot has a track record of teaing forthcoming map releases within the Player Card of the previous battle pass. However, fans of this title will need to wait until Valorant Champions 2023 concludes for more insights into the game's upcoming Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 map. The teaser trailer hints that fans will gain further insights on August 26, the date of the world championship finals set in Los Angeles.

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