Honkai Star Rail Topaz - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Honkai Star Rail Topaz is certain to leave a lasting impression on players in HoYoverse's immersive universe because of its alluring charm and electrifying skills.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz leaks have revealed new details about her kit

Topaz, an upcoming 5-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail, is generating buzz as leaks suggest she can summon a powerful Warp Trotter to aid her in battles.

Belonging to The Hunt Path, Topaz has the potential to be a formidable Fire character upon her release. If you are interested in learning more about Topaz or deciding whether to save your Stellar Jades for her banner, our Honkai Star Rail Topaz hub provides all the information you need.


UPDATE: 16/08/23

Honkai Star Rail Topaz Official Reveal

HoYoverse has just introduced another sensational 5-Star character, Topaz, who is all set to make her debut in Honkai: Star Rail's much-anticipated update 1.4. And, she's not alone on this cosmic journey; her ever-loyal companion, Numby the Trotter, is right by her side.

Topaz follows the Path of The Hunt and deals Fire Damage. Although her story is yet to be revealed in the game's narrative, eagle-eyed players might spot her shining on the Trend of the Universal Market Light Cone. In the grand galactic theater, she proudly wears the badge of the IPC, the most formidable and expansive corporation in the galaxy. Within this behemoth of an organization, she holds the esteemed title of Senior Manager in the Strategic Investment Department.

Numby, the Warp Trotter, possesses a unique ability that revolves around pinpointing hidden treasures, thus actively contributing to Topaz's mission. Given that Numby is explicitly linked with Topaz as a playable entity, it's safe to expect that Numby will play a pivotal role within Topaz's kit, adding a fascinating dimension to her gameplay.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Splash Art

Here's her official introduction:

"Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication" Topaz & Numby: "Money is a means, not an end. Work should make you happy... That's the most fundamental principle." Topaz, Senior Manager of the Strategic Investment Department in the Interastral Peace Corporation, and leader of the Special Debts Picket Team. Already a member of the "Ten Stonehearts" at a young age, Topaz's core stone is the "topaz of debt retrieval." Her partner, the Warp Trotter "Numby," is also capable of acutely perceiving where "riches" are located. It can even perform jobs involving security, debt collection, and actuarial sciences. Presently they are traversing the cosmos together, chasing down various debts and liabilities that negatively influence the IPC's commercial ventures.

Topaz has been voiced by Sam Slade in English and Yoshino Nanjo in Japanese.

Observing HoYoverse's established pattern of hinting at new characters two patches prior to their grand entrance, it's reasonable to anticipate that Topaz will release in the HSR 1.4 banner. It's a strong bet that she could be positioned as the central character in the second banner of Version 1.4. This aligns with a similar strategy previously employed, where Kafka was introduced after Blade and subsequently embraced the role of the 5-star character for Phase 2 of Version 1.2.


Who is Topaz in Honkai Star Rail?

Topaz, a 5-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail, is a follower of The Hunt Path. While her role in the game's story remains a mystery, her abilities indicate that she is a formidable summoner.

Topaz has the unique capability to summon her loyal companion, the Warp Trotter, to assist her in battles. With her summoning prowess, she promises to be a powerful force on the battlefield.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz abilities

According to a leaked source, Topaz's skill set and abilities have been revealed, giving players a glimpse into her potential playstyle.

HSR Topaz Skill

Topaz casts Attack Mark on a single enemy target. Follow-up attacks against enemies under Attack Mark deal ?% more damage. Only one enemy target can have Attack Mark at a time. When the current enemy target with Attack Mark is defeated, Topaz then casts Attack Mark on a random enemy target on the field.

Zhang Zhang, on the other hand, deals Fire damage equal to ?% of Topaz's ATK to the enemy target. This attack counts as a follow-up attack.

Warp Trotter Skill: The Warp Trotter itself has a special attack that can be performed on a selected enemy.

HSR Topaz Ultimate

Topaz's ultimate enhances the summoned pet, increasing its critical rate for the next 2 attacks, dealing additional Fire damage, and boosting its speed by 100 points for 2 rounds.

HSR Topaz Talent

At the beginning of a battle, summon Zhang Zhang with an initial SPD of ?. When Zhang Zhang attacks or performs a follow-up attack, it deals Fire damage equal to ?% of Topaz's ATK to the enemy target marked with Attack Mark. If there are no enemy targets with Attack Mark, Topaz will cast Attack Mark on a random enemy target.

HSR Topaz Technique

Upon entering battle, Topaz commands Zhang Zhang to join her. Zhang Zhang autonomously locates Basic Treasures and Warp Trotters within a specific range. When Topaz activates her Technique, she regains energy following Zhang Zhang's initial attack.

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Honkai Star Rail Topaz Traces

The following is known about Topaz Traces:

Bank Overdraft

Topaz and Zhang Zhang deal ?% more damage to enemy targets that have Fire Weakness.

Financial Turmoil

When enemy targets under the effect of Attack Mark receive a follow-up attack, Zhang Zhang's turn is brought forward by ?%. This effect can trigger at most once each time an attack is made.

Technical Adjustment

When Zhang Zhang attacks while under the effect of Astonishing Increase, Topaz recovers an additional ? points of energy.

Honkai Star Rail Topaz Eidolons

E1: Incentive Mechanism

After using her Ultimate, Zhang Zhang enters the [Astonishing Increase] state and gains an additional attack.

E2: Steady Growth

When an enemy target under the effect of [Attack Mark] receives a follow-up attack, the effects of [Attack Mark] are strengthened. Follow-up attacks against enemies with Strengthened [Attack Mark] have an increased Crit DMG of ?%. This effect can stack a maximum of ? times.

E3: Catch Big, Release Small

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

E4: Agile Processing

When Zhang Zhang's own turn begins, Topaz's actions are brought forward by ?%.

E5: Need for Inflation

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of 15.

E6: Friendly Takeover

When Zhang Zhang is under the [Astonishing Increase] state, its Fire RES PEN increases by ?%. Under this state, when Topaz uses her skill and Zhang Zhang attacks, there is a ?% base chance to return the skill points.

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What is Topaz release date in Honkai: Star Rail?

Based on current information, Topaz is not expected to be released before Patch 1.3, which is planned for the summer. However, specific timing details have not been leaked yet.

Leaks have also revealed over a dozen upcoming characters, including Argenti, Aventurine, and Guinaifen, suggesting that there is no guarantee of Topaz's release in the near future.

Well, Topaz, an upcoming 5-star Fire character in Honkai Star Rail, is generating excitement with her summoning abilities and potential as a formidable character. As part of The Hunt Path, she showcases the ability to summon the powerful Warp Trotter to aid her in battles. Moreover, the leaked information also reveals traces, talents, and additional Eidolon abilities that further enhance Topaz's potential.

However, the release date for Topaz remains uncertain, as leaks suggest she may not debut before Patch 1.3. Keep an eye out for updates on Topaz and other upcoming characters in Honkai Star Rail.


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