Valorant Sunset - Episode 7 map, release date, name, layout, leaks, more

Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 map aka Valorant Sunset map layout and locations have been revealed officially.

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Valorant Sunset - Episode 7 map

If you've been eagerly anticipating a sneak peek at the upcoming addition to Valorant's diverse map collection, your search might just come to an end, as Riot Games' popular first-person shooter seems to be heading towards the sandy shores of Los Angeles.

While Valorant initially debuted with three distinct maps during its beta phase, Riot Games has consistently introduced new ones with each subsequent chapter, except for Episode 4, which saw no additional maps.

As of now, there are nine playable maps in the game, with Lotus being the most recent inclusion through the 6.00 update. And now, thanks to ValorLeaks, the curtain has been lifted on the game's tenth official map – Valorant Sunset. According to both past and new information, this map is named Sunset and is situated in Gekko's hometown.

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UPDATE: 26/08/23

Valorant Sunset Map Officially Announced 

The highly anticipated unveiling of the next VALORANT map, Sunset, has finally taken place, confirming earlier speculations that Riot Games was crafting a map located in their very own Los Angeles, California. 

The map creators openly acknowledge encountering distinct challenges during the creation of Sunset, but the endeavor was infused with a deep fondness for the city that the development team calls its own.

Sunset stands as a two-site map with a primary emphasis on rapidly securing mid-control and leveraging distinct cover possibilities to surprise opponents. The map is adorned with captivating elements inspired by Los Angeles, such as the presence of food trucks, and a skate park reminiscent of the iconic Channel Park in San Pedro.

Also, the map contains instantly recognizable art deco and mission-style architectural styles, a vintage cinema, genuine graffiti murals handcrafted by local artists, and even the well-known 'golden hour' ambiance that bathes the city in warm light.


Valorant Sunset Map Leak

With the insights provided by ValorLeaks, we can now catch our first glimpse of the Sunset map. At first glance, its color scheme might bear a resemblance to Ascent. However, upon closer examination, a plethora of differences in terms of map design and layout becomes apparent.

The map showcases an array of buildings constructed in the classic Mission Revival architectural style typical of sunny Los Angeles.

Sunset is supposed to find its location in the heart of Los Angeles, California. This addition will mark Valorant's second map set in the United States. Though ValorLeaks omitted to specify whether the new map would find its place on Alpha or Omega Earth, considering the patterns observed in the previous two maps, it's reasonably safe to deduce that Sunset too belongs to Omega Earth.

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Leaked image of Valorant Sunset Map

The map also features several distinctive landmarks. Notably, a theater with a prominent "sunset" sign adorns its exterior, alongside a damaged edifice held aloft by an enigmatic force. Moving closer to the map's periphery reveals a basketball court, a network of levels and stairways, and an abundance of angles requiring detailed examination.

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Valorant Sunset Map Structure and Layout

As per the insights brought to light by ValorLeaks, the Sunset map will encompass two sites. Furthermore, the map won't introduce any unique features like teleporters or one-way zip lines.

The Valorant community had already speculated about the upcoming map's location, prompted by the Golden Hour player card's release. This card showcased a novel setting featuring palm trees and homes styled in the Mission Revival fashion. Riot has consistently teased forthcoming content through the battle pass player cards, and it seems this tradition will persist.

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Valorant Ep 7 Act 2 Map - Los Angeles map teased

These speculations gained a kind of confirmation through a trailer where Cypher and Deadlock discussed Kingdom Laboratories' ongoing activities. During their conversation, Cypher briefly projected a map on his monitors. Subsequent comparisons by internet detectives revealed a striking similarity to an area just outside Los Angeles, near Long Beach.

The most recent trio of maps—Lotus, Pearl, and Fracture—elicited predominantly negative feedback upon their initial introduction. Consequently, the Valorant community hopes that Riot Games will buck this trend and deliver a map that resonates positively with them.

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Valorant Sunset Map Release Date

Thankfully, the wait for Sunset's official confirmation won't be prolonged. This new Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 map's unveiling is scheduled during the 2023 Valorant Champions pre-show, preceding the grand finals on August 26. 

Then after the announcement, Valorant's tenth official map, Sunset, will make its debut with the Episode 7 Act 2 update, scheduled to go live on August 29, 2023.

Well, the excitement surrounding the new Valorant Sunset - Episode 7 map is high, and the game is also continuously undergoing evolution and enhancements.

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