All Destiny 2 Final Shape Exotic Weapons

Several new and returning Destiny 2 Final Shape exotic weapons have been revealed by Bungie, with a lot more planned for the expansion.

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All Destiny 2 Final Shape Exotic Weapons

In 2024, Destiny's decade-long narrative journey is set to reach its climax with the release of The Final Shape expansion. This highly anticipated expansion marks the end of the epic Light and Darkness saga. As Guardians, we will dive deep into the heart of the Traveler, that enigmatic sphere that has loomed over Earth since the very beginning of the game.

Alongside the return of familiar faces from Destiny's storied history, The Final Shape promises to introduce a slew of new and exotic weaponry to our arsenal. Each of these Destiny 2 Final Shape exotics boasts its own set of unique features and strengths, and our guide aims to provide you with valuable insights on how to get these exotics effectively in your ongoing battle against the forces of darkness.

All Destiny 2 Final Shape Exotic Weapons

The Final Shape, Destiny 2's ultimate expansion, promises to introduce a captivating array of new weaponry into the game. Among these Destiny 2 Final Shape exotics are the highly coveted exotics, innovative rocket sidearms, and the nostalgic return of classic exotics from Destiny 1.

Here's a glimpse of some of the exciting Destiny 2 Final Shape Exotics that have been unveiled thus far:

  • Tessellation – Exotic Fusion Rifle
  • Unnamed – Auto Rifle
  • Unnamed – Sidearm
  • Red Death – Exotic Pulse Rifle
  • Dragon’s Breath – Exotic Rocket Launcher
  • Khvostov 7G-0X – Exotic Auto Rifle

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One exceptional addition to our Destiny 2 Final Shape exotics arsenal is the Tessellation, a fusion rifle resembling a pyramid that possesses the remarkable ability to switch between different damage types. This energy-slot weapon, designed to embody the very essence of the universe's creation, seamlessly adapts to your Guardian's current damage type. This adaptability opens up exciting possibilities for potent combinations of strand or stasis loadouts.

But what truly sets the Destiny 2 Tessellation exotic apart is its extraordinary feature that allows you to reload and reshape grenades, channeling their energy into a single, devastating projectile. This fusion rifle introduces a captivating twist to the gameplay, providing Guardians with newfound tactical versatility.

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Destiny 2 Final Shape exotic is called Tessellation.

Longtime Destiny 1 enthusiasts are in for a treat as well and iconic weapons from the past make their return. While Bungie is understandably keeping a tight lid on the details of other Destiny 2 Final Shape exotics, they did tease us with the return of classics. The Dragon's Breath Exotic rocket launcher, the customizable Khvostov Exotic auto rifle, and the infamous Red Death, known for its deadly reputation, are all making a comeback in The Final Shape.

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Destiny 2 Final Shape Weapons

Beyond these exciting Destiny 2 Final Shape exotics, Bungie is also shaking up its approach to weapons by creating arms that go beyond mere damage dealers.

An intriguing example of this new direction is a legendary-class auto rifle set to debut next year. This support weapon is designed to fire healing rounds, offering a lifeline to fellow players amidst the chaos of battle. Additionally, Bungie has tantalizingly hinted at a sidearm capable of launching homing rockets, further expanding the horizons of weapon possibilities.

The Destiny 2 Final Shape expansion also brings forth new weapon sub-families, including the rocket pistols sidearm category. These compact yet formidable sidearms have the unique ability to launch slow-moving rockets, packing a substantial punch and delivering area-of-effect devastation.

Furthermore, a support auto frame is on the horizon, allowing auto rifles not only to kill opponents efficiently but also to switch modes and provide invaluable healing support to allies in the heat of battle. The diversity and innovation embodied by these new weapons promise to inject fresh strategies and an abundance of excitement into Destiny 2's grand finale.

In summary, Destiny 2: The Final Shape Expansion is shaping up to be a monumental conclusion to a decade-long narrative journey. With a rich array of new Exotics, innovative weapon sub-families, and a reimagined approach to weaponry, Guardians are in for an unforgettable and thrilling experience. The battle against the darkness has never been more promising, and the destiny of the universe hangs in the balance as we gear up for this epic showdown.

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