Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin release date and appearance leaked

Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin will be given for free in the HSR 1.4 update,  probably around October 10th, according to new leaks.

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Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin release date and appearance leaked

March 7th holds a significant role as one of the first characters in Honkai: Star Rail, making her an ideal choice for newcomers seeking robust support. She belongs to the Preservation character category, which means her playstyle predominantly centers on defensive capabilities, enabling her to consistently shield her allies. This attribute aligns perfectly with the support role in Honkai: Star Rail, making March 7th a valuable asset.

March 7th has garnered a loyal following among players, mainly due to her cheerful personality and remarkable design. Now, it seems that the developers at HoYoverse are gearing up to offer a special March 7th skin, and the best part is that it will come at no cost to the players. In the following sections, we will delve into more details about this leaked Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin.

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Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin leak

A glimpse of the upcoming free Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin has surfaced in a tweet by user hsr_stuff2, also known as Inimahsr2. 

As per the leak, this complete render of March 7th's new skin is expected to debut in the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update, probably around October 10th. The outfit is aptly named "Today’s Outfit," and its in-game description reads, "She looked at herself in the mirror and carefully scrutinized every detail of the outfit."

Previously, there were leaks circulating about this Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin, but certain finer points, such as how players could obtain it, remained shrouded in mystery. Thankfully, Iniamhsr2 has confirmed that this outfit will be accessible to all players for free during the version 1.4 update period.

This marks a significant milestone as the first alternate outfit for a character in Honkai Star Rail, and it is expected to be made obtainable through an in-game event. Players can anticipate a series of challenges and objectives they must conquer to unlock this coveted attire.

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March 7th in Honkai Star Rail is both a beautiful and powerful character

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Honkai Star Rail March 7th skin appearance

The new HSR March 7th skin will reportedly have a short blue dress, shoes, and a tiara. While the new skin does introduce a few noticeable changes like new shoes and a tiara, the overall design remains fairly similar. 

Some fans have observed this and expressed their opinions. A portion of the community has remarked that the outfit appears somewhat bland and doesn't deviate significantly from her original attire, though it's worth noting that this sentiment isn't unanimous.

While many fans complain that the skin is too close to her everyday clothing, others applaud HoYoverse for keeping her over-theme.

Despite rumors hinting at a five-star rarity for this HSR March 7th skin, recent information debunks this claim. Some fans are hopeful that March 7th's new attire might offer a deeper dive into her backstory. Currently, she remains a mysterious character, and many players speculate that she might have ties to a royal family that worships the Aeon of Preservation, one of the seven available paths in the game.

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It's important to acknowledge that the information provided here comes from unofficial sources, particularly users Dimbreath, CroiX, and Waffel. As with any unofficial information, there is a possibility of changes or updates in the future. 

Players can expect additional details about the new HSR March 7th outfit to be confirmed as the release date of the 1.4 update draws nearer, likely in the last week of version 1.3.


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