Genshin Impact Furina abilities and in-game role revealed by new 4.2 leaks

Genshin Impact Furina leaks reveal her abilities and suggest that she might serve both as a primary DPS and a sub-DPS unit.

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Genshin Impact Furina abilities and in-game role revealed by new 4.2 leaks

Character leaks have become a common occurrence in Genshin Impact, often generating much excitement for potential additions to the roster long before any official announcements. Neuvillette's kit leaks were no exception, capturing the interest of the Genshin Impact community.

Yet, it seems that Neuvillette won't be the sole character to look forward to in the upcoming update. The Hydro Archon, known as Furina, is next in line for release. Recent leaks indicate that HoYoverse has broken down Genshin Impact Furina's abilities into smaller components, each undergoing individual testing in the closed beta.

UPDATE: Complete Genshin Impact Furina kit leaked

Genshin Impact Furina Abilities Leak

Recent leaks from a closed beta server have shed light on Furina's potential skills and abilities. It appears she can serve both as a primary DPS and a sub-DPS unit. 

Currently, there are two kits under discussion, as described by Uncle 100 and Uncle A. Noteworthy is Uncle Chicken's mention that HoYoverse is testing Furina's kit in distinct fragments, making everything subject to change.

Prominent leakers like Uncle A, Uncle 100, Uncle Chicken, Uncle Regret, and Uncle Ahq have all contributed to these speculations on the Genshin Furina kit. It's crucial to bear in mind that this constitutes a five-part leak, with detailed insights into Furina's Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts provided in the subsequent sections.

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Genshin Furina kit (1)

Uncle 100 was the first to divulge information about the Genshin Furina kit, also known as Focalor. They provided insights into the Hydro Archon's kit, Elemental Skill, Elemental Burst, and Constellation.

  • E: throws out a small animal, [which] is probably the source of off-field damage. (It seems like for every different type of damage-dealing method (NAs, CAs, Q) a different type of coordinated attack will be triggered, there may be 3 types, from what I understand)
  • Q: It provides a damage buff increase, Hydro infusion
  • Constellations
    • C1: On Q immediately gain 150 stacks, the cap is raised to 650 stacks
    • C2: Unlocks hyper carry playstyle (she does still deal considerable damage at C0)
    • C4: improves energy regeneration
    • C6: doubles the rate of gaining stacks, without change to cap

Furina's kit appears to involve the utilization of stacks. At C0, she can accumulate up to 500/650 stacks, which can be obtained by either gaining or losing HP. This affects the Healing Bonus or Elemental DMG Bonus, respectively. 

The Elemental Skill summons a small creature to the field, coordinating attacks with Furina. It's expected to have distinct animations for Normal, Charged Attacks, and her Elemental Burst. Her Elemental Burst is anticipated to provide a DMG increase buff and elemental infusion.

Uncle Regret built upon Uncle 100's leaks, explaining that each stack represents 1% HP and the buffs provided by the Hydro Archon apply to the entire party. On the other hand, Uncle Chicken emphasized that Furina's kit is being tested in fragments, emphasizing that this may not be her final configuration.

genshin impact furina, genshin furina kit, genshin furina abilities, genshin hydro archon kit, genshin furina elemental skill and burst, genshin 4.2 leaks
Genshin Impact Furina might serve both as a primary DPS and a sub-DPS unit.

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Genshin Furina Kit (2)

Uncle A, a reputable leaker, offered further details about Furina's kit, focusing on her Elemental Burst. He hinted that she might lack a healing mechanism, necessitating a reliable team-wide healer.

  • Both Ousia/Pneuma switch states via XX
  • E
  • In Pneuma state:
  • Simultaneously summons 3 small animals (the same as those 3 underwater animals that you can steal skills from), who will deal co-ordinated attacks from off-field, for a duration of X seconds, with the following traits:
    • Automatic target homing, no need for NAs/CAs to trigger co-ordinated attacks, [the 3 animal summons are] a more intelligent version of Oz that can better deal with multi-wave content
    • The 3 animal summons take turns attacking, and each animal triggers different effects when they attack enemies
    • Upon each animal summon attacking, a fixed % of max HP [1] will be deducted from members of the team with an HP value >50%, and this deduction in max HP % will be capped for each round of E
  • In Ousia state:
    • Summons a XX that heals the on-field unit, for a duration of X seconds, this [Ousia] state is not that useful at C0, and is mostly relevant at C2
  • Q
    • Before using her Q, the Hydro Archon will record the HP fluctuations in the whole team, when any teammate has a decrease in max HP value of 1%, then she will gain 1 stack for her own Q, with a cap of 500 stacks
    • After using her Q, the Hydro Archon will immediately clear all current stacks, each stack will provide the on-fielder X% of all elemental damage increase, for a duration of X seconds
    • At the same time, there's a similar [mechanic], where she records the amount of HP% recovered, and using her Q will increase % Healing Bonus for the team.
  • Talent 1: Its mechanics are relevant for an on-field Furina and play off her C2
  • Talent 2: It greatly improves her on-field playstyle
  • C1: When Furina uses her Q, she will immediately gain an additional 150 stacks before clearing her stack count, and the cap will be raised to 650 stacks
  • C2: It greatly improves her on-field playstyle
  • C6: Every gain in stack count is doubled
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Genshin Impact Furina, the Hydro Archon will possibly be released in the v4.2 banner

Points discussed by Uncle A include the potential scaling of Furina's Elemental Burst, her ability to trigger specific energy attacks, and her capacity to target external shields. Uncle A also suggested that Baizhu might be the most suitable dedicated healer for teams featuring Furina.

In addition, Uncle Ahq added insights, noting Furina's compatibility with Hu Tao, potential in Hu Tao team compositions, and the on-field DPS-oriented playstyle supported by her constellations.

Furina's anticipated release in Genshin Impact 4.2 is expected to mark a significant event. Although her exact launch date remains unknown, players can look forward to her debut on either November 8, 2023, in Phase I, or November 29, 2023, in Phase II. Genshin Impact is likely to provide a sneak peek of Furina a few days before the release of version 4.1.


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