Genshin Impact Furina and Charlotte Splash Arts leaked

New Genshin Impact 4.2 leaks have unveiled the captivating Charlotte and Furina splash art ahead of the official reveals.

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Genshin Impact Furina and Charlotte Splash Arts leaked

Following the recent 4.1 update livestream by HoYoverse, which unveiled the new Fontaine area and other features, discussions about post-4.1 content have been circulating, especially concerning various characters. This article focuses on the highly anticipated Furina and Charlotte splash arts, both set to make their debut in the upcoming 4.2 update.

For devoted Genshin Impact fans looking to stay ahead of the game, being in the know is essential. This piece aims to provide insights into the latest 4.2 update, reveal Furina and Charlotte's splash art, and shed light on what's on the horizon.


UPDATE: 25/09/23

Genshin Impact Furina and Charlotte Splash Arts Revealed

The official Twitter account of Genshin Impact has now revealed the Furina and Charlotte Splash Arts.

Furina has been defined as a character who has been much loved by the people of Fontaine from the moment she became the Hydro Archon.

On the other hand, Charlotte has been known as someone who stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to her seemingly boundless reserve of energy and perseverance.


Genshin Impact Furina and Charlotte's Splash Art Leak

Recent leaks from reliable data miners have granted the community a sneak peek at Furina and Charlotte's splash art. Both of these characters are poised for introduction in the upcoming Genshin 4.2 banner.

Genshin Furina's Splash Art

As seen in the exquisite Furina splash art, she is a beautiful figure. From the glimpses of her model, we observe Furina as a moderately tall woman with cascading white hair, ending in a gentle blue gradient. She dons a vibrant cobalt blue outfit, reflecting her role as the Archon of Hydro, complemented by accents in black and white. Even her hair follows this color scheme, creating a harmonious visual impression.

Furina's name has been making rounds due to her significant role in Fontaine. While we caught a glimpse of her in the official Overture teaser, no official word has been given about her availability in the game, with only leaks hinting at her debut in the Genshin 4.2 banners. Details about her weapon are yet to be revealed by HoYoverse, but reliable leaks suggest Furina will likely wield a Hydro Sword.

Genshin Charlotte's Splash Art

Next is Charlotte. We've previously encountered her in version 3.7 as an NPC. Charlotte is an endearing character with pink hair and fair skin. Her outfit is a unique blend of maroon, black, and white, featuring a white shirt. The dominant colors in her attire are black and red, complemented by white accents. She can be seen with a camera in hand and a stylish hat.

As she is believed to be the new character from Fontaine, Genshin Charlotte's model has created quite a buzz in the community. Many fans have already expressed their admiration for her, even creating fan art in her honor.

What do we know about the Genshin 4.2 characters: Furina and Charlotte?

Furina is anticipated to be a 5-star Hydro Sword character, positioning her as a top-tier contender in her element. Conversely, Charlotte is expected to be a 4-star Cryo Catalyst user.

Sources suggest that Furina's kit and abilities involve both Pneuma and Ousia alignments, allowing her to switch between them. Depending on which state is active, her Elemental Skill will yield different effects. In the Pneuma state, her skill summons three creatures and inflicts damage on enemies based on the actions of the active unit.

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Genshin Impact Furina, the Hydro Archon will possibly be released in the v4.2 banner

In contrast, Furina's Elemental Skill in the Ousia state will summon an entity that provides healing for the on-field unit. Furthermore, her Elemental Burst has one version, sapping HP from the entire party while enhancing their damage output. Additionally, she has a stacking mechanic that caps at 500 at C0. Depending on the number of stacks, the potency of her buff amplifies.

While details about Charlotte's abilities remain under wraps, a recent leak from Uncle SH implies that the Steambird is reported to be a 4-star unit with a party-wide healing skill, a relatively rare ability. However, her healing efficacy seems to be moderate. In exchange, her skill's duration appears to be substantial. The leaker also suggests she'll be a favorable option for free-to-play players.

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Genshin Impact Charlotte model is being compared to Charlotte from Honkai Impact 3rd

For those captivated by these 4.2 characters, there's ample time to accumulate Primogems as version 4.2 will go live in November 2023 and Genshin Impact will host another Livestream event before that.

However, as with any leaks, it's prudent to approach these details about Genshin Impact's 4.2 update with caution until HoYoverse provides official confirmation. It's still relatively early, and considering this information as definitive may be premature.


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