Genshin Impact Wriothesley banner - 4-star characters, weapon banner, release date, more

Genshin Impact Wriothesley banner 4-star characters have been revealed by new leaks as the release date of the next 4.1 banner approaches.

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Genshin Impact Wriothesley banner 4-star characters revealed

Genshin Impact has done a great job of keeping gamers interested with a variety of new content, including celebrations, battle pass goodies, and event wishes. Recently, the game broadened its scope by introducing a new region and a cast of playable characters, whose designs genuinely captured the attention of gamers.

The Genshin Impact community is abuzz with anticipation as miHoYo officially announced the arrival of the Genshin Wriothesley banner, alongside a Venti rerun for the second half of the 4.1 banners. The community is buzzing with excitement, especially as the Wriothesley banner's release draws near. Leaks have also provided glimpses of the Genshin Wriothesley banner's 4-star characters, so let's dive into the details.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Banner 4-Star Characters

Recent leaks have shed light on the 4-star characters expected in the second half of the Genshin Impact 4.1 banners. These include

  • Thoma
  • Dori
  • Chongyun

Reddit user InflationOnly3229 uploaded the Bilibili link to the official Genshin Impact account, which features the four-star characters Thoma, Dori, and Chongyun.

4.1 2nd half banner (officially announced)
byu/InflationOnly3229 inGenshin_Impact_Leaks

Thoma (Pyro Polearm):

  • Specializes in providing shields and buffs through his Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • Shields' strength is linked to his HP and they deal Pyro damage upon creation or when damaged.
  • His Burst triggers off-field Pyro reactions and amplifies Normal, Charged, and Plunge Attack damage for the active character. Valuable for Pyro-focused strategies or extra damage.

Dori (Electro Claymore):

  • Empowers Normal Attacks with Electro and inflicts Burgeon damage with Elemental Skill and Burst.
  • Burgeon damage scales with Elemental Mastery and can be further enhanced with specific artifacts or weapons.
  • Functions as a specialized Sub-DPS character, synergizing effectively with Anemo or Geo characters for Swirl or Crystallize reactions.

Chongyun (Cryo Claymore):

  • Deploys an ice field using his Elemental Skill, imbuing melee attacks with Cryo.
  • Elemental Burst deals area-of-effect Cryo damage and boasts a reduced cooldown through his passive talent.
  • Primarily utilized in Frozen or Shatter team setups, capitalizing on Cryo and Hydro, or leveraging Claymore and Geo synergies.

Genshin Impact Wriothesley Weapon Banner

On October 19, the Genshin 4.1 Weapon Banner will undergo rotation, featuring the return of Venti’s weapon and Wriothesley’s signature weapon. Additionally, five other 4-star weapons are slated to receive a significant drop-rate boost.

For those planning to maximize Wriothesley’s potential to level 90 and build a formidable setup before the release of the Genshin Wriothesley banner, here's a checklist of essential materials for Wriothesley:

  • Shivada Lazurite Sliver x1
  • Shivada Lazurite Fragments x9
  • Shivada Lazurite Chunks x9
  • Shivada Lazurite Gemstones x6
  • Unknown Specialty Items (potentially tied to a new 4.1 location) x168
  • Unknown materials linked to an unreleased boss in 4.1 x46
  • Meching Gears x36
  • Mechanical Spur Gears x96
  • Artifices Dynamic Gears x129
  • Teachings of Order x9
  • Guides to Order x63
  • Philosophies of Order x114
  • Primordial Greenblooms x18
  • Crowns of Insight x3
  • Hero's Wit x419
  • Mora x7.1 million
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Genshin Impact 4.1 banners 4-star characters for both phases leaks

That wraps up what we know about the Genshin Impact Wriothesley banner and the second half of the 4.1 weapon banner. Players can look forward to the official release of the Wriothesley banner on October 18, marking an exciting opportunity to add this captivating character to their roster.


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