Honkai Star Rail Argenti - abilities, traces, eidolons, and leaks

Honkai Star Rail Argenti, one of the upcoming characters, is generating quite a buzz in the HoYoverse community, thanks to his intriguing charm and electrifying skills.

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Honkai Star Rail Argenti's abilities, traces, eidolons, and more have been leaked

Over the past few months, dedicated fans on Reddit have been sharing leaks about the highly anticipated Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5, offering a sneak peek into the upcoming content. According to reliable sources, HSR 1.5 banner is set to expand the roster of playable characters, introducing Huohuo, Argenti, and Hanya. 

Huohuo is rumored to be a five-star support banner character, while Hanya is expected to have a four-star rarity. Argenti, on the other hand, is making waves with his ability to replenish Energy and boost CRIT rate, making her a formidable DPS character. These leaks also suggest that his skill set will revolve around dealing Physical damage.

For those eager to learn more about Argenti and whether it's worth saving your Stellar Jades for his banner, our Honkai Star Rail Argenti hub is the place to go.

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UPDATE: 27/08/23

Honkai Star Rail Argenti Official Reveal

Argenti is the second character revealed for Honkai Star Rail 1.5, and he may be the most gorgeous one yet! Save your Stellar Jade for Argenti, who appears to be close by if you require a Physical element user on your squad.

Argenti is referred to be "a classic knight of the Knights of Beauty." He is said to have graceful manners and to follow the Path of Beauty. He most likely was born a nobility as well. Argenti fights while maintaining his form and composure because it is his responsibility to protect the principles of Beauty.

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Honkai Star Rail Argenti Splash Art

Here is his official introduction:

"Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication" Argenti "May this rose convey my heartfelt salutations." A classic knight of the Knights of Beauty. Forthright and candid, this noble and admirable man wanders the cosmos alone, resolutely following the Path of Beauty. Upholding the good name of Beauty is Argenti's duty. To fulfill this responsibility, one's must be pious when one initiates battle, and one must make their opponent yield willingly when one strikes with one's spear.

Adam Michael Gold, who also provides Tail's voice for HuoHuo, performs his voice. 

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 Phase 2 update, which is anticipated on December 13, 2023, is when Argenti is rumored to be released. HoYoverse has not yet officially acknowledged this, however, it is consistent with recent leaks and the updated timetable. On November 22, 2023, three weeks after the 1.5 is released, the new character will be added to the game. Prior to Argenti, it appears that a character event banner will showcase Huohuo, the new healer for Honkai Star Rail.


Who is Argenti in Honkai Star Rail?

As per current leaks, Argenti is a 5-star playable character in Honkai Star Rail, belonging to the Path of The Erudition. He wields the power of the Physical element, one of the seven Types in Honkai Star Rail.

According to leaks, Argenti is one of the Knights of Beauty who revere the beauty of the vanished Aeon Idrila in the world of Honkai Star Rail. This suggests that there was once a Path of Beauty in the Honkai Star Rail universe. However, as many players are aware, their deities can perish or vanish, leaving their followers with uncertainty.

Honkai Star Rail's lore states that the Knights of Beauty adhere to an ancient creed known as the Code of Chivalry. They believe that by refining their body, mind, and spirit, they become worthy of worshipping Idrila. Despite their goddess's absence, these Knights persist in spreading her name throughout the universe. The source of their power, however, remains a mystery.

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Honkai Star Rail Argenti Abilities

Argenti is among the leaked playable characters in Honkai Star Rail, and his complete character kit has been revealed. Based on his kit, it's evident that Argenti will excel as a DPS unit with AoE-based attacks. Additionally, he will function as an energy generator during battles.

HSR Argenti Skill

Argenti's skill, named "Justice Always Prevails," deals Physical DMG to all enemies based on his ATK.

HSR Argenti Ultimate

Argenti's ultimate ability, "Gift of Formless Beauty," consumes energy to deal Physical damage to all enemies based on her ATK. This ability offers the flexibility of consuming either 100% or 200% of the energy cap, with the latter option delivering additional attacks to enemies.

HSR Argenti Talent

Argenti's Talent, called "Neutral Grey," allows him to restore 5 energy and gain 1 stack of "Self-cultivation" when hitting enemies with normal attacks, skills, or ultimate skills. This stack increases Argenti's Critical Rate by a certain percentage and can accumulate up to 10 times.

HSR Argenti Technique

Argenti's Technique, known as "Gaze of Beauty," stuns enemies in a specific area for 8 seconds. Upon entering battle with a stunned enemy, Argenti restores Energy and deals Physical damage to all enemies based on his ATK.

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HSR 1.5 banner will possibly have Argenti, Huohuo, and Hanya.

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Honkai Star Rail Argenti Traces

Argenti possesses the following known Traces based on leaked data:


  • At the start of a round, immediately receive a certain number of [Self-Cultivation] stacks.


  • At the beginning of the battle, Argenti's speed increases for a specified number of rounds.


  • Argenti's attacks deal more damage to enemy targets with HP% less than a certain threshold.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti Eidolons

Argenti has several Eidolons with unique effects:

E1: Fate Of Loyal Servant

Each stack of [Self-Cultivation] increases CRIT DMG.

E2: Snow Somewhere In The Universe

When Argenti's Ultimate eliminates enemy targets, he recovers energy for each enemy killed. This effect has a cooldown period.

E3: Shining Hallucination

This enhances Argenti's Skill and Talent levels.

E4: Beauty Kingdom Standards

At the start of the battle, Argenti receives a certain number of [Self-Cultivation] stacks, increasing the maximum number of Talent stacks.

E5: Vile Death History

This Eidolon boosts Argenti's Ultimate and Basic ATK levels.

E6: "Your" Radiance

When using his Ultimate, Argenti ignores a percentage of the enemy's DEF.

HSR Argenti Light Cone

Like other 5-star characters, Argenti possesses a unique light cone skill. Although his weapon's name remains undisclosed, leaks have provided information about his light cone skill. 

HSR Argenti light cone enhances the wearer's Crit DMG and increases damage based on Max Energy when casting the ultimate ability.

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Leaked images of Argenti and Huohuo's light cones.

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Honkai Star Rail Argenti Release Date

Based on current information, Argenti is not expected to be released before Patch 1.5, which is slated for the summer. However, specific timing details have not been leaked yet.

According to leaked data, Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banners will introduce three new characters, including Argenti, Huohuo, and Hanya. While an official release date remains unconfirmed, it's speculated to be around November 22, 2023. Keep in mind that release dates are subject to change, and it's advisable to rely on official announcements from miHoYo for accurate information. 

The leaks have also unveiled over a dozen upcoming characters, such as Huohuo, Aventurine, and Hanya, emphasizing that Argenti's release may not be immediate.


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