Tencent's Project RS - beta test, its requirements, and gameplay details

Tencent's Project RS beta test will begin in November 2023, and we already have an idea about its requirements and gameplay details.

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Tencent's Project RS beta test will begin in November 2023 in North America.

In an unexpected move from Tencent, a company largely associated with mobile gaming like PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile comes a new venture in the world of PC gaming - Project RS. 

Though not much has been revealed about Tencent's Project RS, the developers have now sent out the beta invitation links to the players and content creators, creating some excitement among the fans.


UPDATE: 06/11/23

Small Review of Project RS

Reviewing the “Project RS,” PlayersIGN stated, "Just play-tested a bit of “Project RS,” Tencent’s 4-way team PvP FPS. Really like the movement and reload animations. Snappy and responsive."

They further added, "It's not like any other game mode I've seen in the FPS genre before, which imo can be a bad thing. Being different enough is good, too diff may not be. I admit this is a bit ignorant, but seeing its gunplay/TTK and movement I feel it would've made for a fun Battle Royale. It’s multi-platform. Mobile, PC, maybe console (not sure about the third one)"


UPDATE: 21/10/23

Gameplay Footage of Project RS Leaked

The leaked footage of Tencent's Project RS's gameplay features a bold graffiti-style lobby, an in-game map, and squads of 4 PvP similar to Minecraft: Hypixel Skywars. Also, there are some random spawns, random loot, and more.

Based on the leaks, fans have been comparing Tencent's Project RS to Fortnite.


Tencent's Project RS Beta Test

Closed beta testing for Project RS is on the horizon, with three sessions planned. The first session is scheduled for November 4, running from 03:00 to 06:00 Moscow time. 

Initial system requirements indicate that a GTX 1060 graphics card will be needed to run the game smoothly. Interested players can register for the beta through the provided link.

Tencent's Project RS Beta Test Requirements

In order to register for Tencent's Project RS Beta Test, players will have to complete the following prerequisites outlined by the developers:

  • Participants must be from North America (make sure to indicate your region during registration).
  • A Discord account is mandatory.
  • A Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card and 16GB of RAM (or higher) are required.
  • Availability for three consecutive days: November 4 from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Moscow time, and two days from November 5 to 8, during the same time frame.

While additional sessions are planned before November 8, exact dates have not yet been confirmed.

What do we know about Tencent's Project RS?

Project RS is described by Tencent as a multiplayer PVP shooting game set in a diverse multiverse, built using Unreal Engine 4.

In the world of Project RS, players will get to explore a myriad of ever-changing level landscapes, and team with allies to seize precious resources across various environments, ensuring your team's survival amidst temporal storms. Project RS doesn't just offer an array of weapons but also presents unique universe gear for player selection. These gears will bestow powerful skills upon you. Through creative combinations, players can unleash their own strategic prowess and skills, immersing themselves in endless gaming enjoyment!

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Project RS is a multiplayer PVP shooting game.

Tencent, the Chinese gaming giant, is taking a new approach by featuring its first-person shooter (FPS) game on the Trovo streaming service. This marks a shift in their usual focus on mobile-oriented offerings.

Trovo, seen as a rival to platforms like Twitch, stands out by offering financial rewards to users, particularly in Russia. This sets it apart from its Western counterparts. Now, Tencent is using this platform to promote Project RS, a game that's already catching attention for being different from Tencent's usual mobile-centric games.

As the closed beta approaches, gamers are excited to see what this new venture has in store.

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