Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games Announced

Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games have been announced and the lineup includes GigaBash and Predecessor.

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Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games

Epic Games Store users can anticipate new free games dropping every Thursday at 10 am CT, although there are exceptions to this pattern. Occasionally, the store switches its weekly free game giveaways with daily free games. Moreover, Epic Games Store often unveils mystery game promotions, especially in December, although similar events sometimes happen in spring. While it's uncertain whether the Epic Games Store's free mystery game promotion will return in December 2023, users can still snag new weekly free games in the meantime.

Whether you enjoy fast-paced action games that blend MOBA and FPS gameplay, or multiplayer arena brawlers, there is something for everyone. Epic Games Store remains committed to providing free games to its users, introducing two new games on November 30 and teasing upcoming Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games.

For December 2023, the Epic Games Store has confirmed GigaBash and Predecessor as the two free games available for users to add to their digital libraries starting December 7.

Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games

Here's the lineup of Epic Games Store December 7 Free Games:

  • GigaBash (December 7 - December 14)
  • Predecessor (December 7 - December 14)

These games will be available from December 7 at 10 am CT until December 14 at the same time.


GigaBash blends the incredible scope of vintage kaiju films with the mayhem and inventiveness of games like Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and War of Monsters. Here players take on the role of a raging Titan or a mecha that is hunting down Titans; summon up lightning from the sky, wield a radio tower as a baton, or roll an entire district—along with his opponents—into one enormous snowball. If you cause enough damage, you'll transform into the terrifyingly massive S-Class, your ultimate form.

Despite mixed reviews upon its original release, kaiju enthusiasts might find it worthwhile, especially since it's free on the Epic Games Store


With its fast-paced action gameplay that blends first-person shooter and MOBA elements, Predecessor puts you at the center of the action through smart decision-making, third-person control, and immersive action. There is a hero for everyone with over 30 characters available and more constantly added to the roster. From robotic cage fighters to noble archers, the heroes of Predecessor travel great distances to display their skills.

While it has garnered a mix of reviews, those in the market for a new hero shooter game might find it worth a try.

Next Epic Games Store Free Games

Normally, when GigaBash and Predecessor join the Epic Games Store free games roster, it hints at the titles replacing them the following week. However, those new titles will be revealed on December 7th.

Currently, the Epic Games Store Free Games include Jitsu Squad and Mighty Fight Federation, both available until December 7 at 10:00 am CT. After this period, they'll be swapped out for GigaBash and Predecessor in the Epic Games Store free games lineup.

Make sure not to miss claiming these upcoming Epic Games Store free games and exploring the interesting and unique worlds they offer.

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