The Witcher 4 'Polaris' - latest news, story, setting, release date, more

CD Projekt RED has revealed that The Witcher 4, codenamed, "Polaris" is the next installment in the Witcher series. Here we detail all the information we currently know about the next Witcher game.

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CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 4 is currently codenamed, "Polaris".

Over the past ten years, CD Projekt Red has established itself as one of the best developers available. For years, the studio had been producing The Witcher series for the PC. Now, nearly six years after The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED has said that they are prepared to bring the fantasy role-playing game series back. The Polish developer said that they were developing a new Witcher game using a new engine in a statement posted on their website.

Referred to as ‘Polaris,' the next Witcher game will kickstart a fresh trilogy. While it may not be officially named The Witcher 4 yet, it's the term used for this upcoming project for now. As we await further updates on The Witcher 4, let's dive into all the details revealed about the game so far.

The Witcher 4 Game - Latest News and Announcements

Since the announcement of The Witcher 4, also known as Polaris, in March 2022, fans have eagerly awaited concrete details. However, we're still shrouded in mystery and anticipation.

The Witcher 4: A New Saga Begin Announcement: On March 21, CD Projekt RED surprised fans by revealing their ongoing development of a new Witcher game. The announcement arrived through their social media and official website, stating, "We’re happy to announce that the next installment in The Witcher series of video games is currently in development, kicking off a new saga for the franchise."

The Witcher 4, The Witcher 4 release date, The Witcher 4 story, The Witcher 4 setting, The Witcher 4 platforms, The Witcher Polaris, latest news on The Witcher 4, next witcher game

The Witcher 4 Director Announcement: Moreover, Sebastian Kalemba, the animation director for Cyberpunk 2077, was announced as the game director for The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 Developed on Unreal Engine 5: The studio also disclosed that the new title would not use their REDengine, opting instead for Unreal Engine 5. This shift in the game engine aligns with a "multi-year" partnership deal between the studio and Epic Games.

The Witcher 4 Development Update: Now, in the latest update, CD Projekt Red has revealed a significant shift in focus on "The Witcher 4" following the release of "Phantom Liberty." The studio, previously engrossed in finalizing "Cyberpunk 2077," is now shifting attention to various projects, with "The Witcher 4" being the highlight. With around 330 people working on the game, this number is expected to grow to 400 developers by 2024.

The Witcher 4 Story

Fans have been guessing about the game's plot since its unexpected announcement. It seems doubtful that it will be The Witcher 4 considering how much the developers stressed that it will be a "new saga." Moreover, since Geralt of Rivia's trilogy came to an end with the Wild Hunt, many speculated that Ciri may play the lead in the next Witcher game.

Given that the developers have previously discussed continuing the series, having Ciri as the main protagonist wouldn't be too unbelievable. Lead CD Projekt RED writer Jakub Szamalek hinted at a future game featuring the ashen-haired Witcher in an interview with VG247 in 2020. He said, "I regret we didn’t get to explore Ciri’s past a bit more, but maybe it’s something we’ll get to get back to in the future." Additionally, the promotional image showcasing the School of the Lynx medallion in snow suggests the involvement of the School of the Lynx in the Witcher 4 storyline.

Now that the medallion's creators have verified that it is a lynx, it appears the School of the Lynx will play a part in the narrative.

The Witcher 4, The Witcher 4 release date, The Witcher 4 story, The Witcher 4 setting, The Witcher 4 platforms, The Witcher Polaris, latest news on The Witcher 4, next witcher game

Regarding Geralt, his story seemingly concluded in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine. However, CD Projekt RED hinted at his potential return in later games. Though he probably won't be the primary character, that doesn't mean he won't make a cameo in this upcoming Witcher game.

Executive producer John Mamais stated in 2013, "We are not killing the world and walking away from it, but we will definitely want to make this game the finale in a big way. We might even include Geralt in later games potentially. We just need to talk about it and figure out what we're going to do next."

Well, if it's established that Ciri canonically survived The Witcher 3, then maybe we'll see her take the lead. Perhaps the team will place their plot before Geralt's uses to avoid problems with continuity. After all, Blood Origin is a prequel that takes place 1,000 years before the events of The Witcher, and Netflix is creating a series that is set much before the events of the books.

The Witcher 4 Setting

Apart from the "New Saga", the most intriguing aspect of the announcement was the game's development from scratch using Unreal Engine 5. CD Projekt RED highlighted a close collaboration with Epic Games to optimize the engine for their open-world creation.

Confirming plans from the previous year, the development team confirmed The Witcher 4's foundation on Unreal Engine 5 instead of their own REDengine. This shift presents wider capabilities, tools, and solutions for more detailed, realistic environments with enhanced visual fidelity, enhancing the gaming experience.

However, do note that while this does signal the start of a cooperation with Epic, it does not imply that the game will only be available on the Epic Game Store.

The Witcher 4 Release Date and Platforms

While CD Projekt RED confirmed their work on the next Witcher game, they clarified in a press release that no release date or timeframe is currently available.

A portion of their blog post stated, "At this point, no further details regarding the game — such as a development time frame or release date — are available. Beyond this initial confirmation of a new saga in The Witcher franchise, we have no further details at this time."

However, we can expect that the development is going at a good pace as the Wither 4 release date might be announced shortly as the November 2023 earnings report mentioned a significant expansion in CDPR's workforce for Witcher 4, employing nearly 330 individuals, implying substantial efforts directed towards the game's development.

The Witcher 4 leak

Furthermore, it's hard to say for sure what platforms the upcoming Witcher game will be available on because information is so scarce. At the absolute least, it will probably be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC unless it turns out to be a next-generation exclusive. 

Furthermore, the official Witcher Twitter account confirmed the game's availability across various platforms, dispelling any notions of exclusivity to the Epic Games Store despite the Unreal Engine 5 partnership.

So, that's all the current information available about the next Witcher game.

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