League of Legends Dragon ADC champion - teaser, abilities, release date, leaks

League of Legends Dragon ADC champion is rumored to make an appearance in patch 14.2, and fans are abuzz with anticipation for this new LoL champion.

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League of Legends Dragon ADC champion

A new champion who is expected to cause a stir in League of Legends is getting ready to be introduced. Via a development log, Riot Games shared details about upcoming champions and one of these highly anticipated characters is a dragon that is envisioned as an ADC and will add a unique touch to the gameplay. 

While the release of Hwei, the Visionary, happened only a short while ago, fans were surprised by hints of this new ADC character—a unique addition with connections to dragons. Although the specifics regarding its identity, whether a full dragon or a hybrid, remain shrouded in mystery, here we have covered all that we know about this upcoming League of Legends Dragon ADC champion.

League of Legends Dragon ADC champion

Insights from Riot's initial roadmap paint a picture of this upcoming LoL dragon ADC as an endearing creature with royal lineage, possessing the extraordinary ability to breathe fire. The rift will be visited by a lovely tiny creature once the mystery egg hatches. 

This champion, like champions like Aurelion Sol or Shyvana, begins as an adorable baby dragon and gets stronger and mightier with each level, indicating a weak to strong early to late game. The champion's fire-breathing technique will also change as it progresses through the game. While teased as a ranged marksman, the exact lane for this champion's final destination is still under discussion.

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LoL Dragon ADC champion teaser

The development team has revealed via recent tweets that the item in the teaser image is a newborn dragon. However, don't let the phrases deceive you, dragons are not minuscule even as infants. The young one's ability to breathe fire can still terrify enemies.

Also, according to a tease from Riot's roadmap, "He walks around with a swagger given only by an heir of royalty." Now because the champion is a member of a royal dynasty, some fans think he may be related to Jarvan IV. Some even speculate that since the champion is a baby dragon, it could be the child of J4 and Shyvana. 

League of Legends Dragon ADC Champion Release Date

Leaked information within the gaming community points toward the potential debut of the Dragon ADC champion in patch 14.2, expected to join live servers on January 24, 2024.

First, on January 9, 2024, the eagerly awaited Dragon ADC champion would make his debut on the PBE (Public Beta Environment). Players should take advantage of this excellent chance to try his spells, new items, and counters. Then, on January 24, 2024, the ADC Dragon would enter the LoL live server following a period of testing and community feedback.

League of Legends Dragon ADC Champion Abilities

Although the upcoming LoL Dragon ADC champion's abilities are yet unknown, the idea of fire-breathing hints at a diversion from the conventional weapons that are typically associated with all the ADCs in the game.

Given that the champion is described as a hyper ADC and marksman, we can make a comparison to other champions such as Kog'maw. As a result, things like skill shots, range-boosting abilities, and on-hit passives might potentially be seen.

In the roadmap, the phrase "There is something lurking not too far in the distance, always watching" was quoted. This sparked a flurry of hypotheses among the speculators. One of them implies that one of the LoL Dragon ADC champion abilities—possibly the Ultimate Ability—might summon a guardian to assist our young champion in his adventures.

However, it's essential to remember that all information regarding the upcoming ADC Dragon Champion in League of Legends is currently based on leaks and community speculation. Although leaks have been reliable in the past, nothing has been officially confirmed by Riot Games.

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