League of Legends New Ezreal and Seraphine Skins For 2024 Leaked

New Ezreal and Seraphine Skins for 2024 are rumored to be coming in League of Legends.

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League of Legends New Ezreal and Seraphine Skins For 2024 Leaked

Visuals and cosmetics play a big role in League of Legends. Although the champions themselves are engaging and cool-looking, many players also want to show off their wealth by giving their favorite champions new, distinctive looks, which is why skins are available. Right now League of Legends gamers should be preparing for the arrival of Ezreal and Seraphine's new skins as the 2024 season draws near.

Recent leaks have shown that the next updates would include new Seraphine and Ezreal skins. So continue reading to learn more about the skins of our beloved bot laners, about whom we already know a bit.

League of Legends New Ezreal and Seraphine Skins in 2024 Leak

BigBadBear, the well-known leaker, has released some fresh information on his YouTube channel. He began by revealing that, although he has many leaks, they appear to be the most reliable and should still be used with caution.

New League of Legends Ezreal skin in 2024

BigBadBear started out by saying that Ezreal would be receiving a second Prestige skin, which appears to be connected to the Lunar New Year or to be released soon.

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LoL Heartsteel Ezreal Splash Art

Leaks point to an early 2024 release with a skin with a Lunar New Year theme. Interestingly, there won't be another Heartsteel addition because there are no rumors of any other band members getting new skins to go with Ezreal.

New League of Legends Seraphine skin in 2024

The next champion with leaks is Seraphine, who will receive a new skin. BigBadBear made a claim that it might be "Battle __ Seraphine" but he hasn't confirmed anything. For her, this might be an Anima Squad Battle Bunny skin, Battle Queen, or Battle Academia. However, nothing is certain.

LoL New Ezreal and Seraphine Skins Release Date

It is to be noted that the release dates for the new Ezreal and Seraphine skins have not been leaked, and only the champions who will receive skins in 2024 have been disclosed.

As of right now, all that is known is that Seraphine's leaked skin, which begins with the word "Battle," suggests possible connections to Battle Bunny or Battle Academia, and that Ezreal's leaked skin is supposedly a part of the Lunar New Year universe, perhaps launching in early 2024.

BigBadBear revealed that he has a few more leaks, but for the time being, they don't look reliable, so he will return later with further details.

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