League of Legends 2023 Skins: New Skinlines and Leaks

Curious about the upcoming LoL 2023 skins? Discover the latest skin lines and leaks for the future League of Legends 2023 skins.

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League of Legends 2023 Skins: New Skinlines and Leaks

As League of Legends Season 13 unfolds with various jungle changes, meta shifts, and mid-season updates, players have also been treated to a plethora of skins for their favorite champions. From one-off skins to entirely new skin lines and prestigious cosmetics, Riot Games has been keeping players on their toes with exciting releases.

Additionally, there have been several leaks hinting at upcoming skin lines. Let's delve into the leaked information and upcoming League of Legends 2023 skins that players can expect in the upcoming patches.

Upcoming LoL 2023 skins: Winterblessed 2023 Skins

Riot is gearing up to release a new winter-themed skin line in League of Legends. While the specific theme isn't confirmed, it might be the return of the Winterblessed line or the RoI line from a leaked survey. 

Although Riot hasn't confirmed which champions will get these Winterblessed 2023 skins, Camille is rumored to receive a prestige skin in this theme. Additionally, Hwei's debut skin might be winter-themed. These skins will be accompanied by an event pass. 

The official release for these winter skins is scheduled for patch 13.24 on December 6, 2023, but they'll be available for testing on the PBE starting November 20.

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Upcoming LoL 2023 skins: Prestige Skins

Riot Games has also disclosed a list of champions slated to receive prestige skins as part of the upcoming LoL 2023 skin lines. Alongside the champions, leaked dates have potentially revealed the timeline for their releases.

Here are the champions and their rumored LoL Prestige skin release dates:

  • Pyke and Shaco Prestige (Soul Fighter Skins) - July 2023
  • Sona Prestige - August 2023 (Acquirable via Mythic Essence)
  • Renata Glasc - September 2023 (Acquirable via Mythic Essence)
  • Akali - October/November 2023 (Acquirable via Worlds 2023 Pass Tokens)
  • Yone - October/November 2023 (Acquirable via Worlds 2023 Pass Tokens)
  • Camille - December 2023 (Acquirable by December Event Pass Tokens)

While the leaks on upcoming League of Legends 2023 skins have sparked excitement among the player base, it's essential to remember that some concepts may not materialize into actual skins. Riot often teases ideas that might not come to fruition, so players should take these leaks with a grain of salt.

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Upcoming LoL 2023 skins: Concept Art Leaks

Accompanying the upcoming LoL 2023 skins leaks are some concept art images that BigBadBear has revealed. These images showcase potential skin lines that Riot may explore in the future.

Here are the leaked concept art skin lines:

  1. Mini Micro Medics: This concept features a new version of medical-themed skins, similar to Nurse Akali and Surgeon Shen from the past. The skin line may add a fresh twist to the traditional medical theme.
  2. Eternal Tapestry: With an Imperial theme, this skin line showcases preview skins resembling knights and princesses. Demacian champions and Azir could be fitting additions if the skin line comes to fruition.
  3. Elfwood Valley: Following the success of Faerie Court, this skin line proposes an enchanting theme set in Elfwood Valley. The concept could bring new possibilities for champions and skins within this mystical realm.
  4. Spinning Out: A winter-themed concept featuring skins based on ice skating. This delightful idea resonates with players, making it a popular choice among the leaked concepts.
  5. Spy Family: Inspired by the anime Spy X Family, this skin line suggests skins inspired by espionage and intrigue. The concept could be a hit with the player base if executed well.
  6. Porcelain: Riot Brightmoon has teased the return of the Porcelain skin line, although the exact timing remains uncertain. Fans eagerly await its reappearance in League of Legends.

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Every League of Legends Season 13 Skins Released So Far

Season 13 has already introduced players to a multitude of skins across various skin lines. Here's a rundown of the skins released in LoL Season 13:

LoL Season 13 Skin LinePatchChampions
MythmakerPatch 13.1Irelia, Galio, Garen, Zyra, Sivir, Prestige Sivir
LunarPatch 13.1bThresh, Ashe, Qiyana, Kha’Zix, Malphite
PorcelainPatch 13.2Prestige Lissandra
Heartache/HeartthrobPatch 13.3Amumu, Vi, Caitlyn
AstronautPatch 13.4Fizz, Ivern, Kennen, Singed, Xerath
Broken CovenantPatch 13.5Cho’Gath, Miss Fortune, Nocturne, Rakan, Riven, Vladimir, Xayah, Prestige Miss Fortune
Faerie CourtPatch 13.6Karma, Katerina, Seraphine, Fiora, Kalista, Ezreal, Milio, Prestige Katarina
AshenPatch 13.6Shen
Cats/DogsPatch 13.7Kindred, Nidalee, Yuumi, Kled
Dawnbringer/NightbringerPatch 13.8Renekton, Vayne, Jarvan IV, Nasus
InkshadowPatch 13.9Aurelion Sol, Kai’Sa, Master Yi, Udyr, Volibear, Yasuo, Yone, Prestige Yasuo
Snow MoonPatch 13.10Ahri, Morgana, Varus
DRX World ChampionshipPatch 13.11Aatrox, Maokai, Kindred, Akali, Caitlyn, Ashe
Shan Hai ScrollsPatch 13.12Lillia, Tahm Kench, Bard, Kog'Maw
Elderwood and Star GuardianPatch 13.13Wukong, Karthus/ Orianna, Seraphine, Senna
Soul FighterPatch 13.14Samira, Sett, Naafiri, Lux, Pyke, Pyke Prestige Edition
Soul FighterPatch 13.15Gwen, Viego, Evelynn, Jhin, Shaco, Shaco Prestige Edition
Immortal JourneyPatch 13.16Soraka, Shyvana, Zed, Zeri, Kayle, Sona, Sona Prestige Edition
Cosmic 2023Patch 13.17Nautilus, Bel’Veth, Nunu and Willump, and Sion
Street Demon and Crystalis Motus TaliyahPatch 13.18Brand, Rengar, Neeko, Zyra, Briar, and Dr. Mundo
La IlusiĆ³nPatch 13.19Renata Glasc, Ziggs, Qiyana, Draven, Nidalee, Gnar, and Renata Glasc Prestige Edition
Coven 2023 and Old God MordekaiserPatch 13.20Nami, Akali, Elise, Nilah, Syndra, and Akali Prestige Edition
Cafe Cuties 2023Patch 13.21Jinx, Lulu, Poppy, and Rumble
Heartsteel and Breakout True Damage EkkoPatch 13.22Ezreal, Yone, Kayn, K'Sante, Sett, Aphelios, and Yone Prestige Edition
Bee 2023Patch 13.23Velkoz, Blitzcrank, and Veigar
League of Legends Winterblessed 2023Patch 13.24Annie, Camille, Hecarim, Hwei, Lucian, Senna (Legendary), Sylas, Thresh, and Camille Prestige Edition

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As we continue through Season 13, the excitement for upcoming LoL 2023 skins and potential new skin lines grows. However, it's crucial to remember that not all leaked concepts may come to life, and Riot Games often keeps surprises in store for the player base.

Until official announcements are made, players can keep an eye out for any teasers and updates from Riot about the skins to come in Season 13 and beyond. Happy skin hunting in the Summoner's Rift!

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