League of Legends Smolder - new dragon ADC, abilities, gameplay, splash art, release date

League of Legends Smolder abilities and in-game model have been revealed, offering players a peek into the new dragon ADC and what the new champion's gameplay might entail.

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League of Legends Smolder - new dragon ADC

Champions have held a significant role in League of Legends since its inception in 2009. In 2023, Riot unveiled a champion roadmap, teasing upcoming characters, including a small dragon champ. As Season 14 approaches, Riot has revealed Smolder, the new dragon ADC, building up excitement among players. While the official release is slated for early Season 14, some new details about Smolder's abilities and appearance have surfaced.

Who is Smolder in LoL?

The new dragon ADC joining the game is named Smolder. He will have the build of a tiny champion and have fire in his breath. He is the most similar to Gnar among champions in terms of design and he belongs to the Royalty. In his trailer, he makes reference to Camavore, however, according to the legend, Camavore has crumbled as of late. Therefore, it's unclear what exact connection the new Dragon ADC has with Camavore.

Riot shared the Smolder splash art, and based on its looks, Smolder is still a hatchling, even if he is a dragon, and judging by his powers, he is a deadly one.

League of Legends Smolder Splash Art

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League of Legends Smolder splash art

Initially, when Riot shared the Smolder splash art, the community showcased excitement, however, a few pointed at the missing dragon features.

After receiving the feedback, the team decided to update the Smolder Splash art. @neolexical said, Hey Guys! We heard your feedback on Smolder's face and are making some adjustments to highlight his dragon features. The splash team is working on some adjustments too!

League of Legends Smolder Abilities

Summoner's Rift depicts the new champion as "spitting fire." 

LoL Smolder Passive – Dragon Practice

Hitting champions with abilities and killing enemies with Super Scorcher Breath grants Smolder a stack of Dragon Practice. Stacks increase the damage to Smolder’s basic abilities.

LoL Smolder Q – Super Scorcher Breath

Smolder belches flames at his enemies. This ability evolves with stacks, gaining the following:

  • 25: Damages all enemies surrounding the target.
  • 125: Sends explosions behind the target that deal 75 percent of this spell’s damage.
  • 225: Burns the target, dealing max health true damage over three seconds. Enemy champions that drop below a total health threshold while burning are killed instantly.

LoL Smolder W – Achooo!

Smolder lets out an adorable flaming sneeze, damaging and slowing enemies hit. Hitting champions causes an additional explosion.

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LoL Smolder E – Flap, Flap, Flap

Smolder takes flight, gaining move speed and ignoring terrain for 1.25 seconds. While flying, Smolder attacks the lowest health enemy.

LoL Smolder R – MMOOOMMMM!

Smolder’s mom breathes fire from above, dealing extra damage and slowing enemies in the center of her fire. Smolder’s mom also heals her son if she hits him.

League of Legends Smolder Gameplay

Smolder is a dragon ADC, so it makes sense that his primary skill is fire. Smolder is a possible go-to champion for the League of Legends bot lane, similar to champions like Miss Fortune and Ashe because he will exhibit the traits of a standard ADC. Even though this is what was expected, it's still interesting to see Smolder in action.

It makes sense that, as a Dragon marksman, he would also have some long-range skills. Here, he is demonstrating the use of fire blasts at a respectable range. In addition, he appears to be soaring above the walls and terrain as he uses short bursts of fire to target the opponents.

Then, he is shown dealing many enemies AoE damage. An intriguing aspect of this situation is that he consistently keeps a safe distance and appears to be flying while the spells are being cast. It's quite comparable to how Syndra can walk freely when hurling her dark spheres.

Then there's this massive fire explosion that resembles Pantheon's ult in many ways. Moreover, similar telegraphs, including distinct markings on the landing location, are used for this attack.

Smolder, however "very easy to play," will force players to concentrate on farming and positioning—two things that are crucial for any ADC champion. The community is excited to see if the new LoL Smolder champion will live on as a timeless classic or if, similar to some other newer characters, he fades into obscurity. 

League of Legends Smolder Release Date

While the official release date for Smolder remains unconfirmed, expectations align for his debut in League of Legends during Season 14. Smolder's expected release lands in Patch 14.2, anticipated for Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Zeri was the last ADC that Riot launched in the game, and she was really special. Now, it will be interesting to see what the new ADC brings to the game.

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