Valorant Kuronami skin bundle - first look, weapon skins, variants, price, release date

The latest sneak peek reveals the Valorant Kuronami skin bundle, featuring weapon skins in four captivating color variants.

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Valorant Kuronami skin bundle

The release of Episode 8 of Valorant is quickly approaching, and a Riot Games update wouldn't be complete without some fresh and exclusive skins for the game. The current skinline, Overdrive skin bundle in the game will be replaced by the Kuronami bundle with the release of the Valorant 8.0 patch. Both casual and expert players have expressed interest in this new set due to its intriguing sound and animation features.

Valorant Kuronami bundle

The Kuronami bundle is set to infuse the game with a fresh aesthetic, bringing a range of weapons including the No Yaiba melee, Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, and Vandal. Each weapon boasts unique animations, sound effects, and an intriguing finisher that transforms enemies into colossal water balls, altering the map's weather. With vibrant shades of purple, white, black, and blue, these skins turn weapons into stunning pieces of art.

Upon first glance, the purple variant of the Kuronami Vandal appears reminiscent of the Reaver Vandal. However, this similarity seems exclusive to the purple option.

The bundle includes skins for the following guns:

  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre
  • Kuronami Melee
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Valorant Kuronami might be Episode 8 Act 1 Launch Bundle

Valorant Kuronami Skin variants

Similar to other skin collections, the Kuronami set comes in various color variations, providing players with exciting choices. Leaked details reveal several color variants for the Valorant Kuronami skins, including

  • Purple
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue

Valorant Kuronami Playercards and Sprays

Additionally, the bundle offers Player Cards and Sprays, maintaining the tradition of including these extras in every skin line.

Valorant Kuronami Bundle Price

For those eyeing this premium set, the Kuronami skin bundle is priced at 9500 VP, translating to roughly $95, depending on regional pricing. Alternatively, individual items like Gunbuddy, Playercard, and Spray are priced at 475 VP, 375 VP, and 325 VP, respectively. When broken down, each Kuronami skin has its VP cost, with the melee skin being the costliest at 5350 VP.

When split down, the price of the Valorant Kuronami skin will be as follows:

  • Kuronami Vandal: 2375 VP
  • Kuronami Marshal: 2375 VP
  • Kuronami Sheriff: 2375 VP
  • Kuronami Spectre: 2375 VP
  • Kuronami Melee: 5350 VP
  • Kuronami Bundle - 9,500 VP

Valorant Kuronami bundle - Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, Vandal, and Melee Animation

The animated features of the Kuronami Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre, Vandal, and Melee are displayed in a leaked video, giving players a sneak peek at these deadly-looking weapons. For fans of Valorant's melee skins, the Kuronami Blade Melee is especially stunning.

Kuronami Vandal

Kuronami Marshal

Kuronami Sheriff

Kuronami Spectre

Kuronami Melee

Valorant Kuronami skin bundle release date

The release date of the Kuronami skin bundle is scheduled to coincide with the premiere of Valorant's Episode 8 Act 1, January 8th. As soon as Episode 8 launches and the game is patched, you should be able to purchase these skins. 

The fact that the precise skins that are part of the Kuronami package, the release date, and the final cost are still unknown adds to the excitement around this upcoming release.

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