Report Claims Epic Games Hack - Company says there is “zero evidence”

A ransomware group has claimed Epic Games hack, however, the company has responded, saying there is “zero evidence” to support the ransomware allegations.

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Report Claims Epic Games Hack - Company says there is “zero evidence”

In a recent report by Cyber Daily, the Mogilevich ransomware gang asserted that they successfully hacked Epic Games and took a lot of data. The group issued a statement along with a deadline, demanding an unspecified sum from Epic Games by March 4, 2024, to prevent the potential sale of the compromised data to third parties.

Epic Games promptly responded to these claims, emphasizing that there is currently “zero evidence” to support the ransomware allegations of Epic Games Hack. The company conveyed that they initiated an investigation immediately upon learning of the accusations. The statement from Epic Games reads:

“We are investigating but there is currently zero evidence that these claims are legitimate. Mogilievich has not contacted Epic or provided any proof of the veracity of these allegations. When we saw these allegations, which were a screenshot of a darkweb webpage in a Tweet from a third party, we began investigating within minutes and reached out to Mogilevich for proof. Mogilevich has not responded. The closest thing we have seen to a response is this Tweet, where they allegedly ask for $15k and “proof of funds” to hand over the purported data.”

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The ransomware gang claims that they have access to 189 gigabytes of data after attacking Epic Games' servers, including source code and various other information. The compromised data reportedly extends to personal information, and any potential buyers, including Epic Games, are given until March 4th to get the data. Notably, there is a lack of "proof-of-hack material" as mentioned by Cyber Daily, and the report characterizes the Mogilevich gang as a "relative newcomer."

"Email, passwords, full name, payment information, source code, and many other data" are purportedly included in the hacked data; however, it's unclear if this relates to the personal information of Epic Games clients, staff, or both.

While the Epic Games hack has not been formally confirmed, some fans are drawing parallels to the Insomniac Games leak in December 2023, done by the Rhysida ransomware group. In that incident, over a million files were leaked, unveiling critical information about upcoming games like Wolverine and disclosing future release timelines for Insomniac Games.

If the current Epic Games Hack turns out to be true, the potential magnitude of the threatened data from Epic Games, coupled with the inclusion of personal details, could result in another significant and damaging leak.

Well, the looming deadline for Epic Games to address the situation is just around the corner. If the Mogilevich gang intends to disclose partial information, it is likely to occur soon, raising concerns about the potential aftermath of such a security breach.

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