Assassin’s Creed Jade release date delayed and AC Red characters & story details leaked

New reports have revealed that the Assassin’s Creed Jade release date has been delayed and an alleged leak has shared details about the Assassin’s Creed Red characters and story.

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Assassin’s Creed Jade release date delayed and AC Red characters and story details leaked

Two major Assassin’s Creed titles are in development at the moment, and while the details on both these titles are limited, new leaks and rumors keep on revealing fresh info about their release and gameplay elements. 

Now, a recent report from Reuters has revealed that Tencent, the world’s largest video game company, has reassigned hundreds of staff from the Assassin’s Creed Jade team to its newly launched party game DreamStar, causing a delay in the release of Assassin’s Creed Jade. Also, another leak has revealed some data on Assassin’s Creed Red's characters and some features. 

Assassin’s Creed Jade Release Date Delayed

When it comes to the release of Tencent and Ubisoft's co-developed open-world mobile game Assassin's Creed Jade, which is set in Ancient China, it appears that fans will have to wait a bit more.

According to the Reuters report, the redeployment of staff has pushed back the release of Assassin’s Creed Jade, an action-adventure game set in ancient China that has been in development for mobile for at least four years. Three anonymous sources familiar with the matter revealed that the game is now expected to launch in 2025 instead of the originally planned release within this year.

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Tencent, which is trying to steer clear of creating Western franchises for mobile because of narrow margins, is undergoing a shift that includes the delay. Tencent prefers to use its own intellectual property to concentrate on creating games like the immensely popular party mobile game Eggy Party from NetEase and the wildly successful Genshin Impact from miHoYo so that it can retain the majority of the profits.

Tencent's chief strategy officer James Mitchell, during an earnings call this week, said, “We're focusing on fewer bigger budget games. Typically, we're seeking to make the biggest bets around games that either iterate on a successful IP... or games that are iterating around proven gameplay success within a niche and taking those to a more mass market.”

In addition to the AC Jade's delay, another leak may have provided info about the Assassin’s Creed Red storyline and disclosed the main characters Naoé and Yasuke's enemies.

Assassin’s Creed Red Characters and Story Details Leaked

Assassin’s Creed Red, also known as Codename Red, was initially revealed at Ubisoft Forward in 2022. While there is currently a lack of information about its release date, leaks continue to surface, shedding more light on the game. 

A Reddit user named Cygus_Lorman alleges that a playtester may have gained early access to the game and is sharing information about the story players can expect. Among other details, the leaker discussed the game's tutorial. Here are the key points revealed:

  • The RPG tutorial is reportedly set in Japan between 1450 and 1470.
  • The male samurai, Yasuke, is taken in by a clan, while the female shinobi, Naoi/Naoe, is already part of a clan, specifically the Iga clan of Ninjas led by Nagato Fujibayashi, her father.
  • Yasuke and Naoé will battle together against the Templars.
  • The reveal teaser, showcasing a ninja outfit in Red, does not feature Naoé but rather a generic ninja assassin.
  • Base building is customizable, although players cannot select color schemes, only shapes and designs.

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Furthermore, it's mentioned that the main characters, Naoé and Yasuke, collaborate to fight their adversaries, the Templars. The reveal teaser also omits Naoé, featuring a generic assassin for the video. Additionally, it's noted that the game's title underwent several changes, and developers aimed to avoid associations with anime.

Well, Ubisoft's latest financial report hinted at Assassin's Creed Jade being released during its upcoming fiscal year, aligning with previous reports suggesting a November 2024 launch. However, with new reports, it remains to be seen if we will actually get the game in 2024 or 2025.

As for Assassin's Creed Red, there is no way to be sure if all this information is true and if the mentioned features can be found in the game. So, it’s best to wait for official confirmation.

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