GTA 6 Release Date Is 18 February 2025 Claims Leaker

Two new reports suggest that the GTA 6 release date is scheduled within the first three months of 2025, with one source pinpointing a specific date: February 18th, 2025.

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GTA 6 Release Date Is 18 February 2025 Claims Leaker

The wait for the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date has been a lengthy one, with fans eagerly consuming early gameplay leaks that surfaced online last year. However, we finally got a GTA 6 reveal trailer in December 2023, and since then, there have been a ton of speculations and conjectures about the next trailer and release window.

While there is considerable disagreement regarding the next trailer's release date—April or May—there is significant agreement regarding the GTA 6's official release date—sometime in 2025.

GTA 6 Release Date is 18 February 2025 claims a leaker

Discussing GTA 6's release date, an X user @that1detectiv3 recently shared a post. The user cites Reddit user u/JarlOfRivia in this post, who claims that GTA 6 will be released in Q1 2025. It is the same individual that posted a preview of the official GTA 6 video in December, describing every detail correctly.

The game will likely be released in January or February, according to @that1detectiv3, who also said, "Release dates are always volatile, but this plus Jason Schreier's recent report has me convinced the game is releasing early next year."

GTA 6 Release Date, GTA 6, Release Date of GTA 6, grand theft auto 6, grand theft auto 6 release date, GTA 6 Release Date Is 18 February 2025 Claims Leaker

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has previously stated that the game will launch early in the next year. And another leaker, Nuro, went a step further, pinpointing February 18th as the exact GTA 6 release date. Although the leaker Nuro didn't disclose any information about the reveal trailer, he was accurate in predicting that it would be released in December. And now he believes that February 18, which is a Tuesday, is the actual release date of GTA 6

In most cases, Schreier is unquestionably the most trustworthy source, but since JarlOfRivia and Nuro were able to confirm so many elements of the reveal trailer, anything else that they say needs to be taken very carefully. But it is important to note that even though they accurately nailed the GTA 6 reveal info, the leakers' information on the game's release date may not be accurate.

Game release schedules, particularly for titles of GTA 6's magnitude, are subject to change as developers strive for perfection to refine complex systems and expansive game worlds. It's also important to remember that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, its parent company, have no need to release Grand Theft Auto 6 immediately because GTA 5 still brings in a lot of money for the firm and making sure that GTA 6 establishes a new "creative benchmark" for the entertainment sector is the main goal as of now.

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Fortunately, there is currently no source indicating a release date in the latter part of 2025, which is good news. However, it's difficult to predict when the reveal is going to happen because there will undoubtedly be at least two more trailers before the release, and any official announcement of GTA 6 release date will probably come at the end of one of them. 

However, if the speculated release window for early next year holds true, confirmation may come sooner than expected, possibly in the next trailer, which could be just around the corner.

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