Best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP Loadout - attachments, alternatives, more

With the best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP loadout, including the attachments and alternatives, you can really dominate the game.

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Best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP Loadout

If you want to dominate in XDefiant using SMGs, you'll need more than just the default gear. Customizing your loadout can really amp up your weapon's power. Take the Vector .45 ACP, for example. It's a popular SMG, but to make it truly effective, you need the right loadout.

Attachments might not seem like a big deal individually, but when you combine them strategically, they can make a huge difference. So, here's the best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP loadout that'll help you crush your opponents in close combat.

Best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP Loadout

When you're using the Vector .45 ACP, the aim is to make sure the gun is really mobile and can tear through enemies up close. This submachine gun already has great stats to start with. Just putting on a Reflex Optic can really boost its effectiveness.

Here are all the attachments you need to have the best XDefiant Vector .45 ACP loadout.

  • Muzzle: Compensator
  • Front Rail: Superlight Grip
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
  • Stock: Folded Stock

For the optimal Vector .45 ACP configuration in XDefiant, we’ve chosen the Compensator Muzzle as the initial attachment. It significantly enhances vertical recoil control, albeit at the expense of a slight decrease in ADS speed and stability.

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But there’s no need to worry over the ADS reduction, as the Superlight Grip and Fabric Grip will counterbalance it by increasing your movement speed.

We’ve picked the Folded Stock for the stock option to maximize mobility and excel in close-quarters combat. Finally, we’ve opted for the Fast Mag. It not only has a greater capacity than the standard magazine but also boosts reload speed by 40%, and is great when facing off against two opponents simultaneously.

How to unlock XDefiant Vector .45 ACP?

Unlocking the Vector .45 ACP involves dealing damage to enemies using any submachine gun (SMG). Specifically, you need to inflict 10,000 damage with any SMG. This task is part of the Base Challenges that can be accessed from the main menu’s Challenges section.

Once you’ve achieved this, the Vector .45 ACP will be unlocked. To unlock the attachments for the Vector .45 ACP, you’ll need to use this weapon repeatedly in matches and reach weapon level 45.

Best Alternatives for XDefiant Vector .45 ACP

If you’re seeking alternatives to the Vector .45 ACP in XDefiant, there are a couple of excellent choices. The MP5A2 is a well-rounded submachine gun that serves as a solid alternative. It offers a balance of power, accuracy, and mobility, making it a versatile choice for various combat situations.

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Another great option is the MP7. Known for its superior mobility and firepower, the MP7 is one of the XDefiant’s top weapons. It’s particularly effective in close-quarters combat, where its high rate of fire and maneuverability give it an edge.

These alternatives can offer different playstyles and strategies, so you might want to experiment with both to see which one suits your gameplay the best.

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