Best XDefiant MP5A2 Loadout - attachments, alternatives, more

Our best XDefiant MP5A2 loadout guide will help you find the ideal attachment, alternatives, and ways to unlock the SMG.

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Best XDefiant MP5A2 Loadout

In XDefiant, players can try out many classic weapons and join Ubisoft-themed Factions. One of these weapons is the MP5A2 SMG. The MP5A2 is one of four submachine guns and is a recognizable weapon that has appeared in many video games over the past two decades.

Now, XDefiant’s small maps and quick action make the MP5A2 SMG a great choice for dominating the game. Here’s the best XDefiant MP5A2 loadout, including the attachments to have a better gameplay experience.

Best Xdefiant MP5A2 Loadout Attachments

Here are some of the best XDefiant MP5A2 loadout attachments:

  • Barrel: Lightweight
  • Front Rail: Superlight
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip
  • Stock: Padded

This MP5A2 loadout focuses on mobility and accuracy, making it excellent for close-range fights.

The loadout includes a Lightweight Barrel and Superlight Front Rail, which help you move faster and aim down sights quicker, making it great for close-range battles. We also have the Lightweight Grip and Padded Stock for better recoil control and aiming stability, as well as resistance to flinching and faster movement. Then we have the Quick Mag that gives you more ammo and quicker reloads.

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How to unlock XDefiant MP5A2?

MP5A2 is a popular choice among players due to its versatility and power. The good news is that this weapon is readily available to all players from the very beginning of the game. This means that you won’t need to complete any specific challenges or reach a certain level to unlock the MP5A2.

However, while the MP5A2 is available from the start, its full potential can only be unlocked through gameplay. As you use the MP5A2 in matches, you’ll gain experience points for this weapon. These experience points contribute to your weapon level, which in turn unlocks various attachments that can enhance the performance of your MP5A2.

The process of leveling up your weapon involves engaging in matches and successfully using your MP5A2 against opponents. Each successful hit, kill, or win contributes to your overall weapon experience. And by the time you reach weapon level 45, you will have unlocked all available attachments for the best XDefiant MP5A2 Loadout.

Best Alternatives for Xdefiant MP5A2

If you’re looking for alternatives to the MP5A2 in XDefiant, there are a couple of other Submachine Guns (SMGs) that you might want to consider:

  1. Vector .45 ACP: This SMG is known for its incredibly rapid fire rate and outstanding mobility that can help you move quickly around the map.
  2. MP7: Another alternative to the MP5A2, the MP7 also boasts a rapid-fire rate and excellent mobility. It’s a solid choice for players who prefer a fast-paced playstyle.
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Remember, the best weapon in XDefiant often depends on your personal playstyle and the specific demands of the match you’re in.

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