PS5 Pro GPU Clock Performance Has Been Revealed in Recent Leak

PS5 Pro GPU clock performance will reach the maximum of 36 teraflops, suggests new leaks from Digital Foundry.

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PS5 Pro GPU Clock Performance Has Been Revealed in Recent Leak

There have been no official confirmations from Sony regarding the existence of a supposed PS5 "Pro" version. Still, the rumors are quite on fire. It's well-known that PS5 Pro devkits are already in the hands of developers, which explains why so much information is being leaked, and now some fresh information is provided by Digital Foundry, who goes into great depth regarding the PS5 Pro specifications, which are purportedly taken directly from the PlayStation developer page.

Latest PS5 Pro Specifications Leak

In a recent online video and post, Digital Foundry discusses the latest rumors surrounding Sony's mid-generation refresh, focusing on GPU details, and the basic gist is, that although the PS5 Pro has three times the processing capability of the standard PlayStation 5, in reality, it's probably just a 45% increase due to the RDNA 3 GPU microarchitecture. 

The next console will have 30 Work Group Processors, which will give 33.5 teraflops of performance, according to details on Sony's developer portal. This is in contrast to the base model's 18 WGP, which will only deliver 10,23 teraflops. While this suggests a significant performance boost, Sony indicates in its documents that the new console will only see a 45% GPU performance increase over the base model.

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Digital Foundry concluded that the PlayStation 5 Pro's 33.5 teraflops statistic likely indicates a 2.18GHz clock from its 60 compute units, lower than the base model, by comparing the figures of the Pro model and the base model. The super boost option, which raises GPU frequencies to 2.35 GHz and yields 36 teraflops of performance—though few games will reach that level owing to the system's power ceiling—means that this won't really affect anything.

In addition to having marginally altered clock speeds, the PlayStation 5 Pro GPU will include further upgrades over the original model. With a doubled L1 cache and an increased L0 size from 16KB to 32KB, its new cache structure will support more compute units per shader engine and quicker ray tracing performance. Additionally, the Pro's GPU will support DirectX12 Ultimate features that are not accessible on the base model, like mesh shading support and hardware support for variable rate shading.

Well, the significance of those upgrades also hinges on the PS5 Pro price, but even if it fits the standard PS5's price—which seems unlikely—it's a huge investment for advantages that might be tough to quantify. Also, because of these factors, it is impossible to predict what the PS5 Pro console will be able to do in everyday scenarios, particularly as Sony hasn't yet provided a public PSSR demonstration.

Also, another important factor to highlight here is that the anticipation for the PS5 Pro is primarily tied to GTA 6, but comparisons between the PS5 and PS5 Pro CPUs reveal no significant difference in cross-platform game performance. A game that typically plays at 26 or 27 frames per second may run smoothly at 30 on the Pro, but you won't see a 30 to 60 frame rate increase.

So, the PS5 Pro is primarily—and quite significantly—a graphics enhancement, and it should be seen as such. This means that it's almost guaranteed that GTA 6 is going to be 30FPS on all consoles, including the PS5 Pro, so in my opinion it wouldn’t be justified to buy PS5 Pro solely to play GTA 6 game.

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