PS5 Pro: Release Date, Specifications, AI tech, Price, and rumors in 2024

New PS5 Pro rumors have hinted at the release date, specifications, use of AI tech, and other features of this upcoming PlayStation console.

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PS5 Pro: The new PlayStation 5 Console

Sony's latest rumored addition to the PlayStation series has picked up a lot of hype from the internet. However, the performance of the PS5 Pro, or PS6 maybe, will not be a huge step up from the previous gen consoles. 

For example, it was rumored that the PS5 Pro would feature 8K gaming capabilities, but new updates make it clear that it will only enhance the existing 4K gameplay. The reason for this is that gaming technology has yet to receive much progress since 2020 and this is partially due to inflation - gamers don't have money to invest in pricier products, as the sales figures of the RTX 40 series cards show. But that said, it is rumored that PS5 Pro could be using AI to bump up its interactive facilities and deliver a more immersive gaming experience.

PS5 Pro: Everything we know so far

First, let's break down all that we know so far about the PS5 Pro. PS5 Slim will be launched before PS5 Pro as was confirmed by Sony at the FTC vs. Microsoft court hearings last year. PS5 Pro is to be launched in the holiday season of 2024, maybe in November. 

Some rumors say that PS5 Pro devkits have been sent out to game developers to upgrade their games for the new console. This means that the console is already in the early stages of production. On Amazon, the 2020 PlayStation already refers to the PS5 Standard Edition. It seems as if Sony is preparing a new launch. Lastly, although the promised 8K experience will not be supported, the PS5 Pro will run at 4K with 60 fps and 23 TFLOPs of rendering power which is double that of the PS5's 10.28 TFLOPs.

PS5 Pro, PS5 Pro Release Date, PS5 Pro Specifications, AI tech in PS5 Pro, PS5 Pro rumors, PS5 Pro price, PS5 Pro leaks, playstation 5 pro

PS5 Pro Announcement

According to the most recent reports, Sony may try to convince users to switch from their present PS5s four years after they were released in 2020. 

If the autumn 2024 date is correct at all, some anticipate it to be announced at CES soon, while others don't think it will be until much later, closer to its availability.

According to a reliable source, Tom Henderson, PS5 Pro will have a late Q3 announcement. He says, "I'd be surprised if they were to announce a new console 9-10 months from release if that's the timeline they are still going with. So I'm more inclined to believe a late Q3 announcement."

Specifications of PS5 Pro

The rumored specifications of PS5 Pro are:

  • 8 Zen 4 cores
  • 60 CU
  • 16 GB GDDR6
  • 30 WGP
  • TSMC 5/4nm Process
  • iGPU based on RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5
  • APU with 96 ROPs
  • CPU clocks 3.6 GHz
  • GPU clocks 2.7 GHz
  • 18,000 mt/s memory
  • 23.04 TFLOPs

It's obvious that Project Trinity, the codename of PS5 Pro, has significant improvements over its predecessor. More TFLOPs of rendering power, RDNA 3 graphics processing technology, etc. The latest Ryzen 7000 CPU utilizes all this technology, and rumors have it, the PS5 Pro could sport even newer technology with a Zen 5 CPU and RDNA 3.5 graphics card.

Just like the PS5 Slim, the PS5 Pro will have a detachable Blu-ray player so that people do not have to make an exclusive choice between DVDs and digital downloads.

PS5 Pro release date and price

Sony's lips are sealed regarding the PS5 Pro release date. So we will let the rumors do the talking. Comparing the company's previous launch trends, the holiday season of 2024 seems to be a likely time for PS5 Pro's official debut. The launch could then happen in November 2024.

However, if we listen to what Take-Two Interactive's CEO Strauss Zelnick is saying, all the leaks about the PS5 Pro "aren't that meaningful." If this is so, then all the rumors will crash to the ground when it's out in the open that there will be no PS5 Pro any time soon. Only time will tell.

PS5 Pro, PS5 Pro Release Date, PS5 Pro Specifications, AI tech in PS5 Pro, PS5 Pro rumors, PS5 Pro price, PS5 Pro leaks, playstation 5 pro

When it comes to price, let's first look back for precedents. In 2016, the PS4 Pro launched at $399, the same price as PS4 at its launch in 2013. So it's a plausible theory that the price of PS5 Pro will be the same as PS5 at launch, that is, $499. However, a wrench in things could be the price of the PS5 Slim which is $499 as well. So Sony could hike PS5 Pro's price up or offer a discount on the PS5 Slim.

Use of AI in PS5 Pro's interactive capabilities

In the age of AI, Sony has something up its sleeve as well. This Japanese tech giant has filed a patent recently (US20230405461) for a robust "predictive assistance" that operates AI to gather play patterns and then provide useful feedback and tips. This is to be done through the addition of a neural processing unit (NPU).

Take an example. Say you have tried to beat a boss but sadly, are unable to. Well, AI would analyze this pattern and suggest some hints to you that will make this task easier. This technology is a hugely upgraded version of PS5's Game Help feature which provides Wiki-style tips.

Essentially, the AI gathers telemetry data of the player, constructs a profile around that, and then provides a condition-appropriate response to aid in surmounting what it perceives to be a challenge to the player. Many mentions of cloud servers are found in the patent so it could be that this service won't be built into the PS5 Pro.

But the story doesn't end here. The help provided by the AI will show up on the controller also, and this necessitates the presence of a screen where currently the Dualsense touchpad is located. Possibly, this patent has links to the previous game jump patent by Sony. Another element of the PS5 Pro can be the addition of a dedicated raytracing solution.

Some rumors relayed to the public that the standard edition of PS5 could be upscaled to include the AI capabilities that are said to be part of the PS5 Pro parcel. However, a Reddit post rejects these rumors saying the necessary technology to make this work is not present in the original PS5. However what is possible is a neural-network texture upsampling, much like that featured in God of War: Ragnarok.

Reports suggest that Microsoft also has AI in mind as they work on their next-gen Xbox console.

PS5 Slim launches before PS5 Pro

The PS5 Slim has already been launched and is priced at $500 for the disc edition and $449 for the digital one. It's slimmer than its namesake with a 1 TB SSD and an improved front I/O.

This is all the internet currently has on the highly anticipated PS5 Pro. We urge readers to take most of what they read here with a grain of salt until official confirmation is received.

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