League of Legends Anima Squad 2024 - skins splash art, price, release date, more

League of Legends Anima Squad 2024 skins have been revealed by leaks, and we can expect Riot to drop the splash art soon.

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League of Legends Anima Squad 2024 skins

The League of Legends (LoL) community is thrilled by new leaks about a big surprise coming for the Summer 2024 event. Rumors say that the popular Anima Squad skin line is making a comeback, with several champions getting cool prestige skins. This summer promises to be exciting for LoL fans, as Riot Games prepares for a major event.

Here’s a preview of the champions getting these awesome new LoL Anima Squad 2024 skins.

LoL Anima Squad Skins

The Anima Squad is a special set of skins in League of Legends. These skins are set in a near-future Earth that's in danger.

The Anima Squad is a team of elite fighters who use advanced alien technology, called Primordian tech, to protect the planet from alien invaders known as the Primordians. Each champion in the Anima Squad has a unique style and theme.

The champions with Anima Squad skins include Jinx, Miss Fortune, Riven, Sylas, and Vayne.

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Leaked LoL Anima Squad 2024 Skins

There are new League of Legends Anima Squad 2024 skins expected to be released in the Summer Event 2024. According to leaks, the following champions are expected to receive Anima Squad 2024 skins:

  1. Legendary Seraphine Skin: This skin shows Seraphine as a key member of the Anima Squad, with cool visual and sound effects that highlight her musical talents.
  2. Legendary Aatrox Skin: This skin transforms Aatrox into a primal, raw version called Primordian. It's also rumored to make him the final boss in the PvE game mode.
  3. Yasuo: The Yasuo skin in the Anima Squad collection will likely keep his usual style but add some cool Anima Squad features.
  4. Illaoi: The Illaoi skin will probably mix in her special powers and the spirit she calls on, all in the Anima Squad style.
  5. Yuumi + Prestige: The Yuumi skin is expected to be a fancy Prestige edition, giving Yuumi a more luxurious look that matches the Anima Squad theme.
  6. Leona: The Prestige edition Leona skin will show off her bright and powerful style in a way that fits with the Anima Squad theme.
  7. Aurora (New Mage Champion): It's designed to be played in the top lane. Most mages usually play in the mid lane, but this one will face off against tanks in the top lane.

Well, the Summer 2024 event promises to be a thrilling experience for LoL players. With the return of the Anima Squad skin line and the introduction of a new game mode, players have a lot to look forward to. However, as always, these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt until Riot Games makes an official announcement.

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