League of Legends Aurora - new Vastayan mage, abilities, splash art, release date, leaks

League of Legends Aurora is reportedly the new Vastayan mage that Riot teased, and new leaks have even revealed a few of her abilities and appearance details.

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League of Legends Aurora - new Vastayan mage

Riot has been teasing its players with the League of Legends' new champion, codenamed Aurora. Now, the developers have officially dropped hints about Aurora in their Public Beta Environment (PBE), creating a wave of excitement among the LoL community. Keep on reading to find all the details about League of Legends Aurora, her appearance, abilities, release date, and more.

Who is League of Legends Aurora?

It is anticipated that League of Legends will welcome a new mage champion made especially for the top lane. The unique part about this is that this mage will be up against the tanks, although normally mages play in the mid-lane.

Riot Games has not yet verified the identity of the new champion, but, Aurora, the new champion, is expected to be a Vastayan Mage Solo Laner from the Freljord. Prior to her first nerf, many predicted she'd be a good top lane option before being switched to midlaning.

New player icons and emotes branded "AURORA" have been introduced to the PBE, suggesting her potential name. In the initial teasers, magical objects such as books, herbs, alchemy stations, and scrolls are shown; this suggests that Aurora is the alchemist-trained Vastayan Mage that Riot Games has already promised. This League of Legends new champion will undoubtedly be more "Disneyesque," but her past could be very interesting.

League of Legends Aurora Appearance

A red-haired woman wearing a fluffy hood is seen angrily scribbling on a notebook in the player icon. This suggests that Aurora is a scientist who possesses an inborn ability to "see what others think is not there."

Moreover, a big witch hat with rabbit ears sticking out is what is said to be on her head. She can see or manipulate ghosts, which may account for the amazing light in her eyes.

Aurora has also been shown in fan art as a "magical bunny girl," possibly joining the ranks of well-known Vastayan champions that resemble animals, like Ahri, Neeko, Rakan, and Xayah.

League of Legends Aurora Abilities

Her identity as the Ice Huntress, her beginnings in the Freljord, and the addition of a new weapon have all been made public thus far. These particulars imply that she could be able to stun or slow down her adversaries. Furthermore, there is conjecture that she could move on the ice, perhaps sliding on it to accelerate.

Although the complete Aurora abilities set is still unclear, she may possess talents related to "exorcist" or "exorcism."

Aurora is anticipated to transform, much like Ahri's Ultimate Spirit Rush, to become a wicked radiant spirit that can speak with the dead and hypnotize opponents on the battlefield. She creates a kaleidoscope display of light and shadow with this metamorphosis, which makes her presence on the battlefield captivating.

She might be a champion like Ashe, Braum, and Anivia from the same area, using elemental magic related to ice.

Her new weapon may be anything from a snowball cannon, which would be more whimsical, to an icicle. Although there is no certainty, these alternatives might make her playtime more enjoyable.

It's interesting to note that Sylas, another League of Legends champion, and Aurora appear to have certain concepts in common. The original idea behind Sylas may have had an impact on Aurora's design. This relationship raises the possibility that Aurora possesses some complex and special skills. The way their stories might converge within the maze-like narrative of the game is very intriguing.

League of Legends Aurora Release Date

Based on the official clues dropped by Riot Games, we can anticipate that Aurora will be released in one of the upcoming patches, likely patch 14.14 or 14.15, which both drop in July.

Before she releases on public servers, she will first be playable on the PBE for at least two weeks, allowing League of Legends players to become familiar with her abilities and Riot to make any necessary adjustments.

Overall, Aurora seems like a fascinating new character for League of Legends, who will bring something special to whichever lane she resides in as a Vastayan Mage from the frosty Freljord. Moreover, she appears to be getting released soon because there are breadcrumb teasers in the official PBE.

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