Linen in New World - Fiber and Hemp Plants Areas

New World, an upcoming multiplayer role-playing game, set to release on the 21st of August 2021 has made a huge impact among its fans.

New World mmo
Hemp and Linen in New World

The players who signed up to get the beta access to play the game before the official New World release date are occupied with investigating the immense Aeternum island of the New World.

Amazon Game's New World sees players venture in the seventeenth century, across Aeternum Island. While investigating the island, you'll need to gather things, for example, Fibers from Hemp plants to be capable of making Linen, which thus permits you to make garments or clothes.

Actually like most MMOs, New World is home to a wide range of assets like Hemp and more. Hemp in New World is a normal material that is required to get Fibers, which are then utilized to make Linen. 

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Although, Hemp can be found all through Aeternum, yet if players are unaware of where to look for the Hemp, then it can be troublesome for some fans. However, need not worry as we have collected all the required information for you.

Let's begin with the very first question, "Where to discover Hemp plants to get Fibers in New World"

Hemp plants in New World to get Fibers

Hemp plants can ordinarily be found in Grasslands and Forests inside the New World, however, there are a couple of other explicit areas where players can discover hemp plants in New World.

Players need to ensure that they have a Sickle before they start harvesting the Hemp. Players can craft hemp in their camp, and when it is equipped, players can simply move toward a Hemp plant and press 'E' to start harvesting the hemp.  

Players can follow the below-mentioned steps to find out where best to discover Hemp plants in New World after entering the game.

  • After loading the game, press 'M' to open up your Map.
  • Press on the 'Resource Locations' button present in a bar on the left half of your screen.
  • A board will spring up that shows all the areas where you can track down a specific resource. 

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Although we'll make certain to update you here with some other new areas, by the time let's go through the best areas where you can find Hemp plants in New World.

  1. At the far west of Windsward - Angler's Bend
  2. In the southeast of Devil's Quarry - Crone's Rest
  3. Upper east of First Light Village - Dayspring Mills
  4. In the southwest of Everfall Hamlet - Olcott Family Farm
  5. Towards the upper east of Monarch's Bluff - Chason Steep

New World fans have likewise assembled an interactive map that shows some areas where Hemp plants in New World can be found, especially towards the Southern sides of the map, so in case you're searching for different areas to look at, you can have a look at the map.

Hemp in New World
Hemp in New World

Now another question that comes into players' minds is " How to get Linen in New World", so let's find an answer to this one too.

Linen in New World 

After harvesting Hemp plants, players will get Fibers that can be used to create various things in New World, especially Linen. 

In order to create a Linen in New World, players need to ensure that they visit a Loom. Looms in New World can ordinarily be found all through the settlements in New World. 

Different measures of Fiber are required to create Various Tiers of Linen in New World, so players need to ensure that they have loaded up a pretty good amount of Fiber prior to going to a Loom.

Linen in New World
Linen in New World can be created in Loom

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These were the complete details about where to discover Hemp plants to get Fiber in New World and How to get Linen in New World. We will keep updating this article with the latest updates, so keep following.

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