Bloodborne 2 - Release Date, News, and Rumors

FromSoftware has been having some fantastic luck this previous decade, and everybody is aware of the popularity of the Dark Souls series and the number of new establishments it has impacted. 

Bloodborne 2
Bloodborne 2

While different studios were occupied with imitating the Dark Souls and had next to zero accomplishment in further developing it, FromSoftware did that without anyone else. 

The games, Bloodborne and Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice were both highlighted a lot more on portability as compared to Souls titles, making them much exciting high-hazard/high-reward encounters. 

Presently, in 2021, while many are anxiously expecting the arrival of FromSoftware's most recent forthcoming game, Elden Ring, a ton of players are still waiting to get some Bloodborne 2 news, a possible sequel of a current loved IP, Bloodborne.

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Bloodborne 2 Release Date

Something that gave Bloodborne fans a glimmer of hope was a modest bunch of easter eggs highlighted in FromSoftware's PSVR game, Deracine. Many perceived the idea that these were an affirmation that a "Bloodborne 2″ was ready to go. 

Notwithstanding, Hidetaka Miyazaki was fast enough to dissipate those reports by ensuring that the mentioned easter eggs were not an indication of Bloodborne 2 being underway. 

Maybe, FromSoftware is at present concentrating on Elden Ring, which is by all accounts taking care of business to turn into the "most aspiring FromSoftware game" yet, and is set to deliver in January 2022. 

Presently, while there is no authority affirmation of any sequel of Bloodborne yet, there is a greater amount of possibility that we will undoubtedly see another Bloodborne game that is Bloodborne 2 eventually.

Bloodborne 2 Teaser Trailer 

For some time, many were almost convinced that the first Sekiro teaser was pointing towards a sequel of Bloodborne. Shockingly for everyone, during the E3 2018 event, the "Shadows Die Twice" teaser was uncovered to allude to an altogether new Souls-like game. 

It's easy to tell why fans were certain that this teaser trailer was in some way associated with Bloodborne: 

  1. The general creativity used in the teaser was like that of the first Bloodborne teaser. 
  2. The subjects of death, birth, and resurrection are fundamental in the storyline of Bloodborne. 
  3. Moreover, there was the puzzling system that vigorously looked like another sort of stunt weapon. However, with the disclosing of Sekiro, it was uncovered that it was the hero's prosthetic arm, despite the fact that it at last wound up being like a stunt weapon by its own doing. 
  4. Additionally, Oriental societies previously existed inside the "Soulsborne" macroverse. Most eminently, there was Yamamura in The Old Hunters DLC that prodded Sekiro, like how Marvelous Chester prodded Bloodborne in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for the first Dark Souls. 

Bloodborne 2 Coming Soon - All the possibilities

One of the reasons that Bloodborne 2 will be released is that there is a ton of affection for Bloodborne, both among the fans and the actual engineers. Miyazaki has likewise expressed that the choice concerning whether a sequel of Bloodborne will be made was not his, implying that the destiny of this IP eventually rests with Sony, the owner of this IP.

Obviously, exclusive games have been one of PlayStation's essential qualities for quite a while, and racking one of their most popular exclusive IPs wouldn't be an exceptionally reasonable step on Sony's part. 

And since the revolution of new and interesting has formally begun with both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X hitting the racks, it would be a great time to release the much-loved Bloodborne 2. 

Also, taking into account how Microsoft is venturing up its game this time around, it would be to Sony's greatest advantage to utilize its IPs like Bloodborne 2, if the organization wants to setup up in the market.

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All things considered, we're hopeful that we will in reality see another Bloodborne game sooner or later. Moreover, since Miyazaki has effectively communicated his interest in fostering another Bloodborne game, we could see Bloodborne 2 drop after Elden Ring is delivered one year from now. 

Bloodborne 2 - Conclusion

Toward the day's end, this is all theory, and we can't be certain that a Bloodborne 2 will at any point really come around. The IP's fame, the incredible interest in the sequel of Bloodborne among the fans, and the developer's eagerness to deal with it, all give us confidence in the release of Bloodborne 2. In any case, as we've referenced over, the choice at last lies with Sony. 

Something that is likewise important is that FromSoftware's first "Souls" game, Demon's Souls has now been revamped for the PlayStation 5. Once more, this doesn't really mean anything with regards to Bloodborne, yet it is highly probable to get Bloodborne 2. 

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At last, let's be hopeful and just sit back to see the Bloodborne 2 release happen soon. And this article will be updated whenever any new Bloodborne 2 news comes up, so make sure to keep following.

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