New Ana Skin in Overwatch League

Ana Overwatch League skin was recently released as part of a new tournament leg. And this new Ana skin isn't having an incredible sprinkle as the earlier months' Overwatch League skins.

New Ana Skin in Overwatch League

Fans have generally expected another skin each month along with another tournament leg, as the Overwatch League keeps on progressing and bringing new skins.

The delightful MM-Mei skin for the fan most loved DPS was released in May, with June Joust dropping the monstrously well-known Ange de la Mort skin for French expert sharpshooter, Widowmaker. 

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And with perfect timing for July's Summer Showdown, another sharpshooter and Egyptian symbol, Ana is getting the new Haroeris Overwatch League cosmetic, however, fans truly aren't excited by this new Ana skin. 

Ana Overwatch Skin

Despite the way that the healer, Ana is praised and loved by a huge number of players across the Overwatch universe, this Ana Overwatch skin truly hasn't excited a portion of the game's fanbase. 

And as each character that has gotten a skin before along with getting an in-game prize, many were expecting a Lucio skin. Most of the players accepted Lucio will get the Summer Showdown OWL skin as Lucio was the statue available for anyone.

Ana Overwatch Skin - Fans Reaction

A dissatisfied fan expressed his disappointment in a tweet questioning the pattern of releasing the skins, however, some fans did back up the idea of releasing new Ana skin.

In regards to the design, the Ana Overwatch skin additionally hasn't pleased plenty of players. On a Reddit string devoted to the skin, a client posted: "It's not excessively acceptable. It simply looks burdensome and abnormal." 

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Another disappointed fan calls the skin "terrible," taking note of that "it shares an excessive number of likenesses to her default skin and different skins she must be amazing. Moreover, it simply isn't aesthetically satisfying." 

Repeating this, another user notes that "there are a couple of components that show some splendor, for example, Ana's hair on the back or her weapon, yet by and large, it's a wreck." 

So will the fans be interested in purchasing this Ana Overwatch skin, will be interesting to see. And we're certain to see it in-game in any case as it'll be fascinating to perceive how that shocking brilliant protective layer of Ana Overwatch skin gets the light of the desert sun. 

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It will be intriguing to see which next legend gets a skin straightaway as the next Overwatch League skin will drop during the Countdown Cup leg.

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