Cyndaquil - How To Find and Catch Shiny Cyndaquil

Niantic is celebrating Pokemon Go's 5th-anniversary offering medals, rewards, and much more. The fans will get a golden opportunity to catch their favorite Cyndaquil in the event.

Cyndaquil in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go's fifth-anniversary event is in full swing, and this special anniversary event has bonuses and awards for trainers who appear at the gathering. Trainers have more than seven days to acquire event special Pokemon along with unlocking some great rewards. 

And trainers won't have any desire to pass up the unique event as Niantic is bringing back a few uncommon Pokemon to the game along with bringing Elite Collector medal and other rewards for completing the Fifth-Anniversary Collection.

The challenges in the event can be finished by getting 19 distinct starter Pokemon which incorporates the Generation II fire-type, Cyndaquil. 

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And Niantic has increased the spawn rate of the 19 Pokemon to help the trainers in their mission and get all the Pokemon. However, if trainers wish to boost the spawn rates and catch Cyndaquil, other approaches are also available, saving players' time and energy.

Where to discover Cyndaquil in Pokemon Go

Fortunately, finding Cyndaquil in Pokemon Go is significantly simpler, and Niantic has laid out a portion of the manners in which trainers will get the opportunity to catch and discover Cyndaquil. We have listed down the methods by which you can discover this Cyndaquil.
  • Wild encounters
  • Residential Areas or on Sea Beaches 
  • Utilizing Lure Modules at Pokestops
  • In the bright, warm, and sunny climate 
  • Field Research Task - Getting Power up Pokemon multiple times and utilizing 5 Berries to catch Pokemon. 

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Instructions to discover Cyndaquil in Pokemon Go

Like other fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, there are explicit techniques you can use to enhance your chances of discovering Cyndaquil. Perhaps the best technique is utilizing Lure Modules at Pokestops, which may build your shot at running into this ' mon.

Lure Modules will last for 60 minutes until the 15th of July 2021 and starter Pokemon will show up more frequently. Lure Modules can likewise be bought from the shop for 100 PokeCoins.

Trainers should roam around the map when the conditions or weather is bright and clear near the Sea Beach or Residential Areas to have a decent shot at discovering the Cyndaquil.

Moreover, Field Research Task will definitely give trainers one-of-three Johto starter Pokemon: Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile. However, in the event that trainers don't find Cyndaquil when the Research Task is completed, they should spin other Pokestops and find the Research Task again.

Shiny Cyndaquil
Shiny Cyndaquil

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Encounter with a Flying Balloon Pikachu, 80 PokeBalls, and 3 Rare Candies are awarded on finishing the challenges in the Fifth-Anniversary event. The Fifth-Anniversary Collection must be finished by on 15th of July 2021 by 8 PM if trainers wish to get the Elite Collectors medal. 

Instruction to Find and Catch Cyndaquil Pokemon Go 

Since trainers won't get many opportunities to catch Cyndaquil, so it is essential to be pre-prepared and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Carry plenty of Poke Balls with you.
  2. In Pokemon Go, collect plenty of Pokecoins.
  3. Have a sufficient amount of storage in your Pokemon Storage Box.
  4. Gather plenty of Pokemon Candy to proceed with the event and collect different Pokemon.

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Cyndaquil Evolution - Quilava

Cyndaquil evolution is Quilava and then it evolves into Typhlosion and in order to carry out the Cyndaquil evolution into Quilava players need to utilize 25 candies then Cyndaquil evolution into Typhlosion will cost 100 candies. 

Cyndaquil evolution into Quilava occurs at level 14 and then, at that point advances into Typhlosion at level 36. The Cyndaquil evolution, Quilava will have its flames and gusts of superheated air.

Shiny Cyndaquil

Shiny Cyndaquil was delivered on the 10th of November 2018 on the 11th Community Day of Pokemon Go.

Shiny Pokemon usually have different color tones and are generally very uncommon, however, that is not the case with Shiny Cyndaquil. The overall appearance of Shiny Cyndaquil is similar to the standard Cyndaquil. The only spottable difference in a Shiny Cyndaquil is that it has a brown-colored tinted fur when contrasted with the standard Cyndaquil. 

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The most ideal approach to get a Shiny Cyndaquil is to discover a region with loads of Poke Stops and different players.

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