Deoxys Pokemon Go - Defense forme, Weakness, and More

Deoxys Defense Forme is, at last, getting back to 5-Star Raids, almost after two years of staying away from Pokemon GO.

deoxys pokemon go
Deoxys Pokemon Go - Defense Forme

Niantic guaranteed that the Season of Discovery would be an interesting event for Trainers, and they've remained consistent with their promise with some staggering Pokemon such as Regigigas and Mewtwo showing up in 5-Star Raids up until this point. 

Perhaps the most intriguing addition right now is the arrival of Deoxys in its Defense Forme. 

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Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys in Defense Forme

Deoxys Pokemon Go, an incredible Mythical Pokemon is notable to be perhaps the best warrior in both the Great League and Master League. And trainers will certainly be eager to add this PvP star to their group. 

However, catching the Deoxys Pokemon in its Defense Forme will not be simple for the trainers, yet need not worry as we have collected all the required information for you to grab your favorite Deoxys Pokemon.

Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys Weakness in Defense Forme 

Deoxys Pokemon Go Defense Forme is a Psychic-type, which means it's frail against Ghost-type, Dark-type, and Bug-type moves. Trainers should concentrate on hitting Deoxys Pokemon hard with their most powerful Pokemon that fall in the above-mentioned move type category. 

Let's have a look at the best Deoxys movesets and Deoxys counters to take advantage of Deoxys Weakness.

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Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys Moveset in Defense Forme

Deoxys Pokemon in Defense Forme is fit for performing 5 different moves, going from Psychic to Fighting to Electric and Rock-type. These are recorded beneath: 

  1. Zen Headbutt (Fast) 
  2. Thunderbolt (Charged) 
  3. Rock Slide (Charged) 
  4. Psycho Boost (Charged) 
  5. Counter (Fast) 
Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys Counters in Defense Forme

Deoxys Counters

Deoxys Pokemon Go - Instructions to get Deoxys Pokemon in Defense Forme

Deoxys Pokemon Defense Forme will be accessible from Thursday, 1st of July 2021, at 8 PM and will be accessible until Friday, 16th of July 2021, at 10AM for the trainers to encounter and catch their favorite Deoxys.

Winning the 5-Star Raid Battles against the Deoxys is the only way to get Deoxys Pokemon.

Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys in Defense Forme CP Range 

Deoxys Pokemon in its Defense Forme can be gotten with a CP somewhere in the range of 1,228 and 1,299. And with the help of weather boos: Windy, it very well may be gotten with a CP somewhere in the range of 1,535 and 1,624. 

Deoxys Pokemon Go - Deoxys in Defense Forme Raid Boss

Deoxys Pokemon in its Defense Forme has a Boss CP of 36,170 which implies it's anything but an impressive rival to overcome and will show up only in 5-Star Raids.

Therefore, it's suggested that trainers try to take it on with the help of at least 4 or 5 different Trainers. 

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Deoxys Pokemon Go - Shiny Deoxys

Shiny Deoxys
Shiny Deoxys is still missing in Pokemon Go

Sadly, Shiny Deoxys of Deoxys Pokemon in its Defense Forme is inaccessible right now in Pokemon Go. 

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Shiny varieties of Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, be it Shiny Deoxys or any other Pokemon, regularly get added during a special occasion, so probably we'll need to stand by for some more time to see the Shiny Deoxys of Deoxys Pokemon in its Defense Forme.

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