Espurr - Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, and More in Pokemon Go

Espurr, one of the fan favorites and the best catlike pokemon in Pokemon Go has a wide range of moves.

Espurr in Pokemon Go

Espurr is a psychic type Pokemon from the Kalos region and is perhaps the best catlike Pokemon in all of Pokemon. Espurr Pokemon is a generation VI pokemon.

Espurr Pokemon joined the collection of the more than 700 pocket beasts accessible in Pokemon Go, which makes numerous players work really hard to get the ideal one and to encounter the Espurr evolution into a Meowstic. 

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Espurr does not appear on the map like other Pokemon so, players need to ensure they take care to raise the purrfect mystic kitty they had always wanted as Espurr evolution into various structures relies upon sexual orientation.

Where to discover Espurr Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The best spot to discover and catch an Espurr is by chasing for hunts. Espurr Pokemon shows up in 1-star raids and generally is simple to bring down contrasted with more grounded Pokemon. 

And since it is so hard to find an Espurr Pokemon, trainers will need to be certain to take down Espurr without fail so they don't waste their chances and resources. 

The most ideal approach to do as such is by using Espurr Weaknesses in fights to guarantee triumph. 

Espurr in Pokemon Go - Espurr Weaknesses

  • Ghost Types - Gengar, Giratina and Hoopa
  • Dark Types -  Yvetal, Tyrantiar, Houndoom, and Darkai
  • Bug Types - Scisor, Pinsir, Genesect, and Beedrill 

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Espurr in Pokemon Go - Espurr Counters


Espurr in Pokemon Go - Espurr Moveset

Fast Moves

  • Scratch - Normal
  • Confusion - Psychic

Charged Moves

  • Psychic - Psychic
  • Energy Ball - Grass
  • Psyshock - Psychic

Espurr in Pokemon Go - Espurr Evolution

Espurr evolution is Meowstic and there are two kinds available in Espurr evolution, one is female Meowstic and the other is male Meowstic. In order to carry out the Espurr evolution into female Meowstic players need to utilize 50 candies and similarly Espurr evolution into male Meowstic will cost 50 candies, making a total of 100 candies. 

Espurr evolution into Meowstic occurs at level 25. The Espurr evolution into male Meowstic will have a large portion of blue shade along with some highlights of white whereas female Meowstic will have a large portion of white shade along with some highlights of blue.

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Players can utilize Rare Candies for this Espurr evolution, however, it's probably better to save those for Pokemon that are more difficult to evolve. 

Espurr in Pokemon Go - Shiny Espurr

Espurr has been accessible in Pokemon Go for some time now and has been part of One-Star Raids, however, its shiny version that is Shiny Espurr has sadly not been added to the game up until this point. 

Up until now, there haven't been any reports about when Shiny Espurr could advance toward the game, yet hypothetically, as with other shinies, a Shiny Espurr can presumably be released in some special event centered around Gen VI or Psychic Pokemon. 

A Spotlight Hour can likewise be the event to release Shiny Espurr, yet those are significantly more hard to foresee. 

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So, fans should wait for Niantic to officially introduce the Shiny Espurr in the game.

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