Rainbow Six Extraction Will Not Have New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Operators will be utilized in Rainbow Six Extraction as the game director Patrik Méthé tells about the team's choice of not adding any new operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators
Rainbow Six Extraction will not have new Operators

The forthcoming arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction is fascinating in numerous ways, and one of the reasons is that it is a co-op first-person shooter game after Left 4 Dead. 

Another factor that makes Rainbow Six Extraction more interesting is its relationship with Rainbow Six Siege, as Rainbow Six Siege Operator protagonist will likewise be playable in Rainbow Six Extraction which was currently affirmed by the Rainbow Six Extraction developers that the game will not include any new Operators of its own. 

Talking with The Loadout, Rainbow Six Extraction game director Patrik Méthé affirmed the restriction. Méthé clarifies that Rainbow Six Extraction will just component Operators that as of now exist in Rainbow Six Siege. 

He expresses that the current Rainbow Six Siege Operators program makes for "a very sizable amount of choices" to "cover every one of the points." However, the meaning of covering every one of the points still remains unclear, yet it's probably intended to suggest that there is nothing that the developers wish to do that would require new Operators. 

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Although Ubisoft at some point did consider adding new Operators. Méthé stated that there were possibilities for new operators to join Rainbow Six Extraction as the team did had "some conversation" yet that they eventually ruled against it. 

The thought of executing existing Rainbow Six Siege Operators into a PvE experience would be the "most ideal approach to add new layers of legend" and to "focus new light on them." as such, Méthé considers this approach to develop the current story and lore from Rainbow Six Siege. 

Other than that, Méthé emphasized that Rainbow Six Extraction will not develop the Rainbow Six Siege canon, formally. Rainbow Six Extraction is another world story that is a non-canon game, that permits Ubisoft to recount Extraction's science fiction story without causing any modifications in the current Rainbow Six Siege story. 

Méthé didn't clarify plenty of advantages of utilizing Rainbow Six Siege Operators. However, utilizing Rainbow Six Siege Operators allows Ubisoft to utilize the game's existing gameplay for Extraction, which drastically trims the design and improvement time required by the developers. 

Picking a predetermined number of Rainbow Six Siege Operators is a great idea and as Méthé depicts, certain Operators were a "characteristic fit for this sort of setting." 

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The team of developers of Rainbow Six Extraction will not replicate Rainbow Six Siege Operators, instead, they will utilize the Siege's Operators to make a few things simpler. Rainbow Six Siege Operators will be upgraded before entering Rainbow Six Extraction. The Operators will be found in a completely extraordinary manner having the operator's abilities extended and altered 

The Rainbow Six Extraction release date is set for the 16th of September 2021. Rainbow Six Extraction will be made available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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