Wild Rift Akshan, Brand, Nunu & Willump, items, more in Patch Notes 2.4

League of Legends Wild Rift patch 2.4 has been released, presenting a lot of new content, including new items, three new champions, champion bans, and much more. 

Wild Rift patch 2.4
League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 2.4

Wild Rift is en route to turning into the main and the best MOBA on mobile phones, and the devs have been working diligently to present new highlights, features, and enhance the experience to make it far better than it is as of now. 

Not exclusively will Wild Rift patch 2.4 present some astonishing new champions and new items, it additionally incorporates changes to the ranked system and a modest bunch of new features, including champion bans. 

So let's go through each of the new additions and changes made in Wild Rift patch 2.4.

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Wild Rift patch 2.4 - 3 new champions

Three new Wild Rift champions have been introduced in the game, including:

  • Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel 
  • Brand
  • Nunu and Willump 

Wild Rift Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel 

Recently, Akshan joined the League of Legends collection, and now Wild Rift Akshan is pirouetting his direction into the game. 

Portrayed as a marksman, he fits the role impeccably with a decent measure of damage, stealth, a grappling hook to close the distance on adversaries, and the Wild Rift Akshan abilities include the power to decrease a partner's respawn time by avenging their death and acquire bonus gold.

Wild Rift Akshan release date will coincide with the Wild Rift patch 2.4 release.

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Wild Rift Brand, the Burning Vengeance 

Brand is a flat-out threat in League of Legends, and now he is set to make mayhem in Wild Rift by scathing his enemies in the game.

As Wild Rift Brand is a fire mage, Wild Rift Brand abilities include everything from inundating enemies with Piller of Flame and Pyroclasm to Blaze, Sear, and Conflagrate foes.

Wild Rift Brand release date will be somewhere after the Wild Rift patch 2.4 release.

Wild Rift Nunu and Willump 

Nunu and Willump, the notorious jungling duo are also set to enter the world of Wild Rift. Players who love tanky champions will be happy to see the Wild Rift Nunu and Willump being added to the game.

Wild Rift Nunu and Willump abilities are Consume, Snowball Barrage, Absolute Zero, and obviously, Biggest Snowball Ever! which can be devasting in the possession of skilled players. 

It will be intriguing to watch how rapidly they can dominate Wild Rift Nunu and Willump in the mobile game. 

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Wild Rift Nunu and Willump release date will be somewhere after the Wild Rift patch 2.4 release.

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Meta Picks

Other than the additions of these new Wild Rift champions, some of the current Wild Rift meta picks have been changed a bit. 

Lucian is getting hit with the greatest nerfs, while Graves and Fizz are getting some affection to help them scale. 

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - New Items

Wild Rift patch 2.4 is going to add 3 new items to the game. These 3 new Wild Rift items are:

  • Solari Chargeblade 
  • Crystalline Reflector
  • Essence Reaver 

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Wild Rift Solari Chargeblade 

The Wild Rift Solari Chargeblade is a phenomenal item for players who like doling out basic strikes. Basically, Wild Rift Solari Chargeblade gives players a receive to earn a transitory reward to their basic strike each time they cast an ability. 

Wild Rift Crystalline Reflector 

The Wild Rift Crystalline Reflector is a straightforward yet powerful item. Not exclusively does Wild Rift Crystalline Reflector lessens the actual damage, yet it additionally mirrors that damage back onto foes. 

Wild Rift Essence Reaver 

League of Legends players will already be aware of the Essence Reaver. Yet, for the individuals who don't know, Wild Rift Essence Reaver has two impacts: it increments the damage of a player's ability and reestablishes a bit of mana each time a player attacks.

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Wild Rift Brand
Wild Rift Brand is the new champion

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Champion bans and changes to the ranked system

The devs have affirmed that Wild Rift patch 2.4 would acquaint a few changes with how the ranked system functions. Removal of promotion series will be the very first step in it, and now the ranked games are going to have three bans for each team. 

Moreover, players are required to claim six additional Wild Rift champions to play ranked, and a free-to-play champion rotation has additionally been added to the game.

Now let's get into the details of all of these additions and changes in Wild Rift patch 2.4.

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Promotion matches removed

In regards to promotion matches being removed, Wild Rift devs said, "As referenced in our 2.4 Ranked Updates, we will eliminate Promotion Matches from Ranked play. We accept the interference to Wild Rift's ranking experience brought by Promotion Matches presently offsets the advantages they were intended to give."

They further added, "Rather than changing to a Promotion Match subsequent to winning the last game of their present rank, players will quickly climb into the next position and we will keep on checking Ranked after their removal to affirm."

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Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Champion bans 

Wild Rift Bans are coming to Ranked! The last three players on both teams simultaneously ban one champion each and players have high expectations from this change hoping that three bans will offer more significant, cutthroat, and solid drafting encounters for them without adversely affecting the Wild Rist champions variety. 

The devs stated, "Our drawn-out objective is to expand the ban spaces to five for every team and we will screen the performance of three bans intently as we plan for five boycotts in a future fix"

Wild Rift Bans will be accessible in Ranked starting from the 29th of July 2021. 

Wild Rift Nunu and Willump is the new champion

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Wild Pass S2 

The Wild Pass returns for its subsequent excursion. A couple of changes have been made to the Wild Rift Wild Pass as compared to the past version. 

The devs said, "By and large, we're expanding the measure of Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and Poro Energy that players get from buying the pass

  1. This time around, players can acquire sufficient Blue Motes for a complete Wild Rift champion. 
  2. The measure of free rewards will be upgraded for the players while they level up in the game. 
  3. The Wild Rift Wild Pass S2 can be gifted to different players on the player's companion list. 
  4. Furthermore, in spite of these buffs, the cost isn't going to increase. 

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The Wild Rift Wild Pass S2 will be a permanent component in the game, without any downtime between each new pass. So players can enter the game and explore the Rift with Teemo! 

The Wild Rift Wild Pass S2 will be accessible from the 30th of July 2021. 

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Spectator and Replay 

The devs stated, "We've added some better approaches to spectate matches or replay your own! You would now be able to flip between Fog of War for the red & the blue side to understand the two groups' vision on the map."

They added "Also, we've made another HUD that provides a better view of team fights as they are occurring. There is currently a team fight HUD, just as a moderate "no HUD" perspective that can be accessed in spectator mode. 

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - End-of-game screen 

A progression screen has been added to the end-game screen so players can have a superior comprehension of their advancement after each game, and know when they have rewards to claim. 

The devs said, "For Wild Rift 2.4, we'll highlight progress towards Wild Pass, day by day, and challenge missions. We're anticipating adding more system to this page over the long haul, similar to event progression."

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Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Highlights 

Highlights are coming in Wild Rift Patch 2.4 and if players turn on the Highlights recording in their settings, the player's best moments, from multi-kills to dragon steals will be recorded.

These will record the player's screen as they play, so it will catch their contributions to the high moments also. Players can survey and save the recordings into their mobile phones on the end-of-game stats screen.

However, players should keep in mind that turning on Highlights Recording might affect battery use and performance. 

Wild Rift patch 2.4 - Share screen 

The ability to share the Wild Rift achievements to the mobile phone's OS share drawer for simpler access to apps and social networks has been added to the game. 

Tapping the symbol will open up the OS share drawer from which players can choose any application that they wish to post.

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