COD Mobile Season 7 Theme and Melee Leaked

CoD Mobile Season 7 theme leaked ahead of the release, giving players an idea about the game.

CoD Mobile Season 7
CoD Mobile Season 7

CoD Mobile devs consistently provide fans with new substances for the handheld title and CoD Mobile Season 6 got the same treatment.

Now CoD Mobile Season 7 is close to its release and there are a couple of days left in Season 6 for players to grab as many free rewards as possible by taking part in the challenges. 

And as Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is all set to bring a great deal of new substance to the game and where players will be treated with new weapons, maps, and a heap of free cosmetics, leakers have also been busy with datamining.

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Earlier, leaks recommended that other than the two officially announced CoD Mobile new weapons, another melee is also getting added into the game. And now the recent leaks have revealed the COD Mobile Season 7 theme.

CoD Mobile Season 7 theme
CoD Mobile Season 7 theme has been leaked

CoD Mobile Season 7 Theme Leak

A popular CoD Mobile leaker, Call of Duty Mobile News has revealed the COD Mobile Season 7 theme prior to its official release and it appears as though the devs have opted for a futuristic theme for CoD Mobile Season 7. 

Earlier the leaker revealed the banner for the game that displayed the theme's title as "Elite of the Elite" and the entire outlook gave futuristic vibes. 

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Now the leaker has dropped 4 new images, revealing the entire COD Mobile Season 7 theme.

The images gave players a detailed look at the game and in the very first image players can also spot a weapon that is similar to the DR-H weapon.

COD Mobile Season 7 theme
CoD Mobile Season 7 theme gives a little vibrant vibes

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Besides, the leaks regarding the incredible CoD Mobile Season 7 weapons along with the new CoD Mobile Season 7 character - Reaper Ashura, also have a modern theme. Hence, everything indicates that the upcoming season will have a similar theme that was followed during the anniversary season last year. 

CoD Mobile Season 7 Melee Leak

Recently players were able to unlock the free katana melee that came out a couple of days prior and now there is an affirmation of another melee is coming into the game. 

CoD Mobile Season 7 theme
CoD Mobile Season 7 theme has dropped few hints about the upcoming season

Earlier the CoD Mobile Boxing Gloves was released and during the promotions of CoD Mobile Season 7, the Chinese version of the game teased the new melee weapon. And since the Chinese and Global forms are currently matched up, both the areas will get a similar substance each season. 

The above-mentioned fact affirms that CoD Mobile Season 7 Boxing Gloves are definitely coming to the game. It will be intriguing to perceive how COD Mobile carries out the story and whether the devs will introduce time-travel in the game. 

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