CoD Vanguard Gunsmith, weapon perks, attachments, more leaked

Call of Duty Vanguard Gunsimth along with weapon perks, levels, and attachments have been leaked ahead of the official release.

CoD Vanguard Gunsmith
Call of Duty Vanguard Gunsmith

Every time a new season of CoD title brings an all-new Gunsmith allowing players to modify their loadouts and fine-time particular weapon. And now the recent CoD Vanguard leaks have provided fans with a first look at the forthcoming Vanguard Gunsmith, revealing max weapon levels, perks, attachments, and significantly more. 

And it seems like devs wish to keep Vanguard in line with the previous few games, including a comparative Gunsmith to those included in Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare, and Warzone. 

Almost a month is left for Vanguard's Beta and the fans already have a first glance at the current year's cycle and in view of this early look, huge loads of extra intel have additionally been revealed.

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Let's get to know the details about the leaked Vanguard's Gunsmith, max weapon level, attachments, and much more.

CoD Vanguard Gunsmith 

On the 29th of August 2021, a prominent CoD leaker, TheMW2Ghost provided fans with an image that revealed the first look of Vanguard's new Gunsmith. 

An STG44 Assault Rifle in the Gunsmith was revealed in the picture and this exemplary AR showed up at the beginning level, with simply an Optic, Muzzle, and Stock accessible. 

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Two tabs are featured in the leaked Vanguard's Gunsmith image, one to Customize weapons with different cosmetics products and one for Attachments. The typical weapon stats was likewise showcased in the leaked screenshot in the base left. 

CoD Vanguard Weapons Attachments

The leaked Gunsmith weapon seems to have space for 10 attachments which is maybe the greatest goody from the most recent leak. Players can spot 1/10 attachments equipped at the beginning level in the Vanguard STG Gunsmith picture, with a Spitfire MK.3 Reflector Optic taking up the first slot. 

All things considered, it will be very interesting to see how incredible the weapons may become with 10 attachments all equipped at the same time. However, it would surely be a precarious increment from any semblance of Warzone, which only permits five attachments in correlation. 

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Truth be told, most of the Warzone weapons don't have space for 10 separate sorts of attachments today, as most of the CoD Warzone weapons only give eight or nine categories altogether. 

CoD Vanguard Max Weapon Level

Along with the leak about the upcoming CoD Vanguard Gunsmith weapon, TheMW2Ghost additionally revealed the current max weapon level in Vanguard is 71. 

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This implies players will have the option to advance their Vanguard weapons multiple times, i.e. 70 times altogether, opening special attachments and perks with each level. 

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However, players should keep in mind that the data has been pulled from an early build of Vanguard, yet it is a leak that is subject to change. There are possibilities that things can change while being in progress, with more weapon levels being added or removed.

CoD Vanguard Weapon Raw Stats

CoD Vanguard Weapon Attachments and Perks 

Other than the weapon level and Vanguard Gunsmith weapon, a full rundown of weapon attachments pulled from the Vanguard Alpha was also revealed. Every one of the 71 unlocks highly relate to the STG, however, it is likewise indicating that numerous of them can be accessible across the AR category in general. 

Vanguard Gunsmith
Vanguard Gunsmith leaked earlier

Along with Vanguard weapon attachments, weapon perks were likewise leaked. Going from 'Nerves of Steel' to 'Heavy Hitter', a total of 71 weapon attachments were revealed, however, there's no confirmation on what advantages players might get out of these perks. 

Leaked CoD Vanguard Weapon Attachments and Weapon Perks are:

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All things considered, there is still a very long time for the official CoD Vanguard release that will happen on the 5th of November, so everything here is liable to change. However, the leak has come from a prominent CoD leaker, there are high chances that most of these will make it to the final release.

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