Zamazenta - Weakness, Counters, Moveset, More in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Zamazenta, another Legendary Pokemon has made its appearance in the game, and the trainers can get one using its counters and weakness.

Zamazenta Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go Zamazenta

Legendary Zamazenta from the Galar region has at long last shown up in the game and the Fighting-type will be available in 5-Star Raids.

Currently, the Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3 - Sword & Shield event is going on in the game and another new Galar region most loved Zamazenta Pokemon is joining the game. The Pokemon Go Zamazenta will replace Zacian in the current Raid event. 

Zamazenta, the Fighting-type Legendary is using its Hero of Many Battles form to make the debut, and there are chances that Zamazenta's powered-up Crowned Shield form will be added to the Go Pokedex in the future. 

Trainers only have a week to catch Zamazenta as it will show up in 5-Star Raids only for a week, with Lugia replacing Zamazenta on September 1.

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This Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 3 - Sword & Shield event is the aptest opportunity for trainers to grab Zamazenta, so let's get to know Zamazenta weakness, movesets, counters, and more.

Zamazenta in Pokemon Go - Zamazenta Weakness 

Zamazenta is Fighting-type Pokemon implying the 'mon is weak against Flying, Fairy, and Psychic-types, hence players should carry these types of Pokemon with matching moves. 

This additionally implies that Pokemon Go Zamazenta is strong against Rock, Normal, Steel, Dark, and Ice-type Pokemon, so trainers should remember to keep away from these types of Pokemon. 

Let's have a look at the best Zamazenta movesets and Zamazenta counters to take advantage of Zamazenta Weakness and win in these 5-Star Raids. 

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Pokemon Go Zamazenta moveset

Zamazenta Pokemon is fit for performing 4 different fast and charged moves as a Raid Boss, going from Normal to Dark.

The best Zamazenta moveset are recorded beneath: 

  1. Quick Attack (Normal)
  2. Close Combat (Fighting)
  3. Crunch (Dark)
  4. Snarl (Dark)
  5. Ice Fang (Ice)
  6. Iron Head (Steel)
  7. Metal Claw (Steel)
  8. Moonblast (Fairy)

And among all the mentioned Zamazenta moves, trainers should keep an eye out for Snarl and Crunch moves, as both of these Dark-type moves will annihilate Psychic-type counters. Moreover, Fairy-types can likewise be handled with Metal Claw and Iron Head moves. 

However, there is only one Fighting-type move - the Charged Move Close Combat that Zamazenta can use, so this is an extremely amazing attack and trainers should keep their guards up. 

Pokemon Go Zamazenta counters 

Zamazenta counters

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Zamazenta in Pokemon Go - Instructions to get Zamazenta in Pokemon Go 

Zamazenta Pokemon will be accessible from Thursday, 26th of August 2021, at 10 AM and will be accessible until Wednesday, 1st of September 2021, at 10AM in the 5-Star Raids for the trainers to encounter and catch their favorite Zamazenta

Winning the 5-Star Raid Battles against the Zamazenta is the only way to get Zamazenta Pokemon as after 1st it will be replaced by Lugia. Moreover, trainers will also be given a restricted measure of Premier Balls dependent on the performance in the battle, which can also help the trainers to catch Zamazenta. 

Pokemon Go Zamazenta CP Range 

Zamazenta Pokemon can be gotten at level 20 with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,000 to 2,188 CP. And with the help of weather boost: Cloudy, it very well may be gotten at level 25 with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,625 to 2,735 CP. 

Pokemon Go Zamazenta Raid Boss CP

Zamazenta Pokemon has a Raid Boss CP of 52,195 which implies it's anything but an impressive rival to overcome. Therefore, it's suggested that trainers try to beat Zamazenta with the help of at least 3 or 4 different trainers. 

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Shiny Zamazenta
Shiny Zamazenta in Pokemon Go Sword and Shield

Pokemon Go Zamazenta Crowned form

Zamazenta Crowned form release date has not been announced at this point, however, fans can only hope to get Zamazenta Crowned form debut in Pokemon Go not long from now.

Nonetheless, whenever Zamazenta Crowned form makes its presentation in Pokemon Go, fans will definitely get excited.

So until the debut of Zamazenta Crowned form in Pokemon Go, players can enjoy their game with Zamanzenta in its Hero of Many Battles form.

Zamazenta Pokemon Go - Shiny Zamazenta

Unfortunately, the Shiny Zamazenta is currently inaccessible and up until now, there haven't been any reports about when Shiny Zamazenta could advance toward the game. 

And with the debut of a new pokemon, Niantic has never introduced its shiny variant, hence trainers will have to sight tight to get a Shiny Zamazenta.

However, Shiny Zamazenta did make an appearance in the mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Go Sword and Shield.

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