Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle - release date, price, skin, more

Apex Legends Loba Edition Bundle has been leaked, along with a few details about the items in the bundle.

Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle
Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle leaked

In Apex Legends, Legend Edition bundles are the most loved cosmetic products as they allow players an opportunity to exhibit who is their favorite character while wearing beautiful skin and coordinating it with interesting cosmetic items. 

Up until this point, Apex Legends has only given Bangalore, Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Mirage, Lifeline, Octane, and Bloodhound Edition bundle, and now as per a new leak, players will get Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle next. 

Not just that, players have also been given a brief look at all the collectible items in the bundle and by the look of it, it's undeniable that Respawn Entertainment was expecting to make a sleek private solider-like theme. 

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UPDATE: 02/11/21

Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle

The devs shared a new Apex Loba edition bundle trailer, revealing the new details and the price that this new edition will cost. Players will be able to get their hands on the Loba edition from November 2.

As per the revealed info, the new Apex Loba edition will cost $19.99 and EA Play members can get this Loba bundle for a discounted rate of $17.99 by using the 1,000 Apex Coins alone that costs about $10, and the items included in the Apex Loba edition are:

  • Legendary Arms Dealer Loba skin
  • Legendary Silver Lining 30-30 Repeater skin
  • Fractal Wolf weapon charm 
  • Legendary Quartermaster Andrade badge  
  • 1,000 Apex Coins 


Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle 

Shrugtal, a prominent Apex Legends leaker showcased the Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle on Twitter on the 15th of September 2021. 

For the individuals who love the Translocating Thief, this upcoming Loba's Arms Dealer skin is worth getting as this all-back 'Arms Dealer' skin comes with a sleek 30-30 Repeater cosmetic that sees Loba carrying a weaponry arsenal on her suit.

Clearly, if the developers were going for a military-style look, then they've totally nailed it with Apex Legends Loba's skin. From the Apex beret to the robot-like torso of the suit, everything about this Apex Loba Edition bundle looks mind-blowing. 

Along with the above-mentioned, players will get a 'Quartermaster Andrade' badge and obviously, a new sleek gun charm. 

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Apex Legends Loba Edition release date and price 

While no concrete information on the Apex Loba Edition release date has been shared at this point, yet leaker Shrugtal has affirmed that it will be accessible in Apex Legends Season 11

And with regards to the Apex Loba Edition bundle price, we can anticipate that Loba's Legend Edition bundle will cost somewhere around $19.99 on the store like the past trends, except for EA Play individuals who can get it for $17.99 (discounted price). 

Although it appears to be quite a while before we get our hands on the much-awaited Apex Legends Loba Edition bundle, yet there's a lot of content to explore in the meanwhile, such as the Apex Legends Evolution Collection

These were the complete details about Apex Legends Loba Edition that have been revealed so far, we'll keep updating this article with more info, so stay connected.

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